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It was Founded in 1755, by Jean-Marc Vacheron. It is considered as a Swiss luxury watch brand and the clock manufacturer of the same. Owing to the amount of time it has spent in the market – it is often regarded as one of the oldest watch manufacturers in the world.

The history of this watchmaker is so affluent that its existence cannot be questioned on any grounds. The work that it presents is remarkable in a manner that impresses the onlooker as soon as they set their eyes upon it. FiftySix is yet another collection which is impeccable in its design because of its magnificence in terms of its accuracy and precision.

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History of Vacheron Constantin FiftySix Watches

With the innovations that the brand has embodied, the world was bound to appreciate it. The creative minds working at the brand – were capable of devising what the consumers might be in need of or when was it the right time to thrill the fanbase by means of reviving a timepiece. The company owes it to its members. Research and creativity – all at the same time. However, it should not be forgotten that for the members to be a success, the leader must be just as good. Thus, the skills exercised by the leadership positions can never be forgotten.

To commemorate what is gone – watch brands tend to do that in order to allow people to reminisce about their milestone models. Once such model that the brand produced was 6073. A sophisticated timepiece which was ahead of its time but was so widely acclaimed by the community. Thus, as a corollary to this particular timepiece – Vacheron Constantin decided to dedicate an entire collection for the same.

Refined yet relaxed – such are the features of the Vacheron Constantin FiftySix collection which was introduced to the world in the year 2018. With the blend of modernity and history – this collection immediately touches the heart of the people who closely follow Vacheron Constantin.

The watchmaking finesse that was prevalent back in the 1950s has no match. The world has evolved but that time is often thought of due to the aesthetic genius the people were capable of delivering. Why was this particular watch top notch? Because it was amongst the first to become a self-winding watch by Vacheron Constantin. Well, another thing that sets this watch apart from all else is that it was water-resistant – which gives a lot of scope to be discovered pertaining to this watch. It looked like a dress watch; however, with the features, it had been adorned with – it makes for an all-rounder, made to suit everyone's needs.

The Vacheron Constantin FiftySix collection establishes a relationship between the newest additions and 6073. What makes this collection stand out is that it is suitable for all the phases that you face in your life. Since these watches have been brought about in memory of the 6073 automatic calibre – the brand makes sure that the automatic movement has been installed in the complicated models as well which includes the Complete Calendar and the Date-Day versions.

Well, the watch becomes soothing to the eye because of how beautifully it has been crafted. The finishing and the background – all mesmerizing. Flawless, indeed. Speaking of the background – it is transparent and this allows the user to have a look at the captivating movement that the watch has encompassed. However, there are ways in which a comparison can be drawn between the past and the present models. As documented in the past, the model was crafted by making use of the mineral glass; however, in the current times – the watch has evolved to make use of sapphire, which has proven to be a more scratch-proof material.

From what has been understood and observed, it is the first time that the brand has decided to offer a classic collection – which people follow closely – in both gold and steel. The brand decided to equate both the materials at the same standards and has crafted the aesthetics in a fashion which is ineffable.

Our personal favourite from this collection is none other than the Complete Calendar model whose dial has been crafted by making use of the stainless steel metal. Who had thought that the watch industry is going to involve to the extent that it would not only be used for telling the time but it would also be used for getting to know what day of the week it is along with the month and the date? Times do change, right? The two rectangular apertures at the 12 o clock mark allow the user insight into the month and the day it is. While one of the four hands of the watch are positioned at showing what the date is.

The Vacheron Constantin FiftySix incorporates all the attributes that you have been looking for in a watch. Since the watch has been certified by the Hallmark of Geneva – it in itself is an indication that the collection is a masterpiece. Now that you know about the wonderment that has been packed into a case of 40 mm, aren’t you surprised? Well, such are the challenges that the brand wishes to deal with time and time again – to sharpen the excellence that they have sworn to deliver – no matter what sort of a timepiece it is.

Now that you know the timepiece quite closely, what’s keeping you away from it? Go ahead and grab it – because it’s going to remain a classic, forever.

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