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There are a number of brands that originated in Switzerland, watches that have redefined class and elegance all over again; and then there are names that stood out through history because of the value they added to a collector’s feelings. Vacheron Constantin is one such name that brought the best to the watch market and to the diversity of collections.

Vacheron Constantin, the legacy of Jean-Marc Vacheron - who founded the company as an independent watchmaker. It began in the year 1755 and became an auxiliary of the Richemont group in the year 1996. The name that rose from the streets of Geneva, Switzerland made its mark all the way through history and raised the bar for all the companies that now have a tag of ‘Swiss made’.

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History of Vacheron Constantin Quai de L'ile Watches

Vacheron Constantin Quai de Lile changed the watchmaking business by adding to the traditional design of its mechanical timepieces in the year 1770. Taking the road less travelled or in this case not at all travelled, it made the first horological complications, that is, it introduced features other than the hours and minutes to its design. Then, in a time span of nine years, they hit the market with another first, and that was its engine turned dials. Abraham Vacheron, the son, was the reason the company survived the French Revolution and Jacques-Barthélemy, the grandson was the reason the company was introduced to the market of France and Italy and then to the international market.

Jacques-Barthélemy made partners with François Constantin in 1819 to bring the company in the international market and also as an aide to the lone handling that was becoming harder for him. It later resulted in the name Vacheron & Constantin; and Constantin came up with the company’s slogan, "Do better if possible and that is always possible." With this, Constantin did the marketing for the company.

Another asset that the company was introduced to was Georges-Auguste Leschot, the man who was responsible for the consistency of watch movements in calibres. His pantographic device only added to the detailed designs in the dials and other watch parts of the watches the company made. His administrative skills in the manufacturing operations became the reason for flawless design patterns the company offered. As an inventor and creator, he brought more to the definition of success than Vacheron & Constantin knew.

With time followed a series of heirs, and the death of Vacheron & Constantin eventually lead to the Swiss Richemont group take over in 1996. Being an active associate of the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry FH, the company manufactures 20,000 timepieces per annum in the present day scenario.

With the renowned personalities working in tandem with the company, it was bound to flourish but who knew that they would become one of the oldest watch manufacturers to still remain in business? Since this question has been put out in the open – it is important for us to also acknowledge the fact that these members that were here at the company were constantly brainstorming to bring about novelty which is going to meet the demands of the watch enthusiasts. It is fair to say that the people may not always be open to novelty – as history governs – because companies tend to make watches ahead of their time. But, there is always a particular segment of the society which is open to changes and begins to hold such Vacheron Constantin watches in high regard. Thereby, breathing life into the watches.

Such is the case with Vacheron Constantin and one such model that they manufactured which was ahead of its time is none other than Vacheron Constantin Quai de Lile watch. It is rightly said to be a customized approach towards time because of the genius that is put into making the watch is based on what the customer dictates. It adds a personalized touch to the service that Constantin watches offer. The idea was born in the year 2008 and was something that the brand intended to do since a very long period of time. The watch case is constructed in a very unique manner so as to bring about as many as 700 variations to the watch without having to meddle with the original built but at the same time meeting what the customer desires.

Exclusivity is the core of the design of these Vacheron Constantin Quai de Lile watches. That is why the company runs an acid test and thereby checks whether a watch – or a collection – looks like an entry-level model or not – because the brand wants to stand out in all the conditions that are possible. They would not want a watch to look like one of their own or some model which has been adopted from the work that has been turned in by some other company. All they ensure at the end of the day is a timepiece which is never experienced before.

The cushion-shaped Vacheron Constantin Quai de Lile watches with a leather strap are perfect for all your endeavours – whether they are professional or adventurous. The self-winding movement of the watch in collaboration with the calender sub-dial – which has been cleverly designed – make for a great combination to be boasted. Since watches of the sort make for great investments and account to be Veblen goods – there is no denying that the Vacheron Constantin Quai de Lile watch is priced in that fashion. However, the price is also a result of the precision and accuracy which you will not be able to find elsewhere.

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