25 Best Bulova Watches For Men

Dec 26, 2019
25 Best Bulova Watches For Men

Bulova watches are known for being highly accurate, stylish, and durable. Founded in 1875, Bulova was established in New York. Here, the American watch brand made innovation after innovation in the world of watchmaking.


Bulova watches are known for many horological revolutions. The most notable of which is the Accutron watch, a combination of ‘accurate’ and ‘electronic’. Bulova also introduced the first line of jewelled men’s watches during WWI. 


For over a century now, Bulova has contributed so much to the history of watchmaking. Here are 25 of the best Bulova watches for men available in the market today.

front view of Bulova 96k101 Special Edition Chronograph watch


1. Bulova 96k101 Special Edition Chronograph 

This timepiece is a six-hand chronograph with high-performance quartz technology. The 96k101 Special Edition Chronograph comes in a stainless steel case with a blue and white dial with red details. This accents well with the anti-reflective domed sapphire crystal.


It is complemented with a stainless steel mesh bracelet with fold-over buckle closure. It also comes with removable links for sizing.


This model takes inspiration from Bulova’s 1990 designs, giving it a timeless classy look that complements any wardrobe. 

front view of Bulova 98a186 Special Edition Lunar Pilot Chronograph watch

2. Bulova 98a186 Special Edition Lunar Pilot Chronograph

Bulova releases a new special edition watch to the Archive Series. This L98a186 Lunar Pilot Chronograph timepiece is a 45mm robust watch featuring a six-hand chronograph movement.


The high-performance quartz movement performs with a 262 kHz vibrational frequency. This guarantees accurate timekeeping throughout its lifespan. 


It comes in a stainless steel case that showcases a matte black IP finish. It also features an anti-reflective curved sapphire crystal that prevents scratches. A black leather NATO-style strap with three-piece buckle closure completes the look. 


This piece takes inspiration from the original chronograph on the Apollo 15 mission.

front view of Bulova 98a207 Men's Curv Chronograph watch

3. Bulova 98a207 CURV Chronograph 

Meet the world’s first curved chronograph. The 98a207 CURV Chronograph is one of Bulova watches well-known pieces. It features a high-performance quartz movement with a 262kHz vibrational frequency. 


This five-hand chronograph watch showcases a black IP stainless steel case with a black dial and an exhibition caseback. Its hands and hour markers are in rose gold-tone. Furthermore, this is also one of Bulova’s sleekest models from the CURV collection. 


The black stainless steel bracelet gives it a classy look and has a comfortable fit on the wrist. 


front view of Bulova 96a205 Curv Chronograph watch

4. Bulova 96a205 CURV Chronograph

Bulova introduces its new bracelet styles with its CURV collection. The stainless steel bracelet of this 96a205 CURV chronograph comes with a double-press deployment closure. This allows for a secure and comfortable fit.


This timepiece functions using high-performance quartz technology with a 262 kHz vibrational frequency. This gives the watch the extra edge for constant and accurate timekeeping. A dark blue dial accentuates the silver-tone hands and markers. It is also protected by its curved sapphire glass. 


You can also see its movement, thanks to the see-through exhibition caseback.

front view of Bulova 98a206 Curv Chronograph watch

5. Bulova 98a206 Men’s CURV Chronograph 

The 98a206 CURV chronograph watch features the same high-performance quartz technology in its movement. The 262 kHz vibrational frequency allows for precise and accurate timekeeping all day. 


This model features a five-hand chronograph accented by a dark grey IP stainless steel. The dial is a matching dark grey and has golden-toned accents for its hands and markers. 


The see-through exhibition caseback allows you to view its complicated mechanics. The screw-back case gives this watch a water resistance of 30 metres. 

front view of Bulova 98b313 Precisionist Chronograph watch

6. Bulova 98b313 Precisionist Chronograph 

The 98b313 Precisionist chronograph is one of the brand’s most precise watches when it comes to timekeeping. 


Bulova’s Precisionist collection has precise timing of 1/1000th of a single second. It also comes with a continuous sweep second hand.


The New Champlain style showcases a black IP stainless steel and forged carbon case. It has an eight-hand chronograph function, a black dial, and a calendar function. 


The black and red resin stainless steel bracelet give this Bulova watch an extra edge in style. 

front view of Bulova 98d149 Precisionist watch

7. Bulova 98d149 Precisionist 

The 98d149 Precisionist comes in grey, IP stainless steel with rose gold-toned accents on the case and bracelet. 


The 46.5mm Precisionist watch features 11 individually hand-set diamonds on the dial. It also has a two-toned blackish-grey case and a matching stainless steel bracelet with a fold-over buckle closure.


The screw-back case protects the mechanisms inside the timepiece. The movement of the watch uses a three-pronged quartz crystal that is eight times greater than your standard quartz watches. 

front view of Bulova 98b312 Precisionist Chronograph watch

8. Bulova 98b312 Precisionist Chronograph 

The 98b312 Precisionist chronograph watch showcases a black IP stainless steel and forged carbon case. It has an eight-hand chronograph function and a black dial with a calendar feature. 


Bulova powers this timepiece with the use of its proprietary three-pronged quartz crystal movement. This has a 262kHz vibrational frequency that is eight times stronger than the standard quartz. 


An FKM rubber and black nylon strap with yellow accents with a double-press deployant closure complete this watch.

front view of Bulova 98b301 Marine Star Chronograph watch

9. Bulova 98b301 Marine Star Chronograph 

This next feature comes from Bulova’s Marine Star collection. The 98B301 Bulova Marine Star Chronograph highlights a six-hand chronograph movement that has an incredible 200m water resistance. 


Its stainless steel case features a rose gold-toned accent and a blue glass insert on a ratcheted rotating bezel. The blue dial features luminous hands and hour markers and a date window at 6 o’clock. 


The timepiece is reinforced by a domed mineral crystal and a screw-back case. A rose gold stainless steel bracelet that comes with a fold-over buckle and a safety bar completes the watch.

front view of Bulova 96b251 Special-Edition Lunar Pilot Chronograph watch

10. Bulova 96b251 Special-Edition Lunar Pilot Chronograph 

During the Apollo 15 mission in August 1971, Bulova watches also made history. One of their pieces that were specially designed for lunar conditions was worn on the moon. 


Now, Bulova watches make history again by unveiling this new special-edition timepiece. The 96b251 Lunar Pilot chronograph runs on an updated and exclusive high-performance quartz movement. It has a frequency of 262 kHz for unparalleled accuracy. This matches perfectly with Bulova’s long history of precision timing.


This timepiece features super-luminous hands and hour markers against a black dial, as well as a sapphire glass crystal with an anti-reflective feature. The 45mm watch also has tachymeter and calendar functions. 


Two interchangeable straps come with this Bulova watch set. One is textured black leather and the other is a black nylon strap with a nubuck leather patch. The 08021971 details on the patch commemorate the date of the mission. 

front view of Bulova 96b272 Men's Marine Star Chronograph watch

11. Bulova 96b272 Men’s Marine Star Chronograph

The 96B272 Bulova Marine Star chronograph is a multi-functional timepiece with exceptional style. Its stainless steel case features a black glass insert on a ratcheted rotating bezel. The black dial accents its hands and markers with a silver-tone. 


This watch is also secured with a domed mineral crystal and a screw-back case. The stainless steel bracelet includes a fold-over buckle closure for a comfortable fit. 


This new six-hand chronograph movement is water-resistant up to 200m in depth. This makes it a great companion while swimming or diving. 

front view of Bulova 97b168 Marine Star Chronograph watch

12. Bulova 97b168 Marine Star Chronograph 

The 97b168 Marine Star Chronograph is the most well-received timepiece from the Marine Star collection. Its blue and gold design pulls off the marine aesthetic easily and pairs well with almost any outfit. 


This Bulova watch has a six-hand chronograph function that includes a calendar feature. Its gold-tone stainless steel case showcases the blue dial with gold-tone accents. 


Unlike other models, this Bulova watch uses a flat mineral glass with its screw-back case. The blue leather and silicone strap with red stitching detail complete the look of the timepiece. 

front view of Bulova 96b287 Marine Star Chronograph watch

13. Bulova 96b287 Marine Star Chronograph 

When you think of Bulova’s Marine Star series, there is no other colour that best suits its collection than blue. 


This 96b287 Marine Star chronograph has a built-in calendar function. The silver stainless steel screw-back case highlights a blue dial with silver-toned hands and hour markers showcased within a flat mineral glass. This is stylishly paired with a blue leather and silicone strap with white stitch detail.


The three-piece buckle closure securely locks the watch in place and gives a comfortable feeling on the wrist. 

front view of Bulova 98b294 Special Grammy Edition Precisionist watch

14. Bulova 98b294 Special Grammy Edition Precisionist 

This Special Grammy Edition Bulova watch is another addition to the Precisionist collection. This timepiece comes in a matte black IP stainless steel case.


The matte black dial highlights gold-toned hour markers and a calendar feature. Additionally, the curved sapphire glass made from an anti-reflective material lets you track time in the day without the glare.


Finally, the black matte silicone strap completes the look.

front view of Bulova 98a177 Classic Automatic watch

15. Bulova 98a177 Classic Automatic 

Coming straight from the Classic collection, the 98a177 Automatic watch features a brand new look. 


This watch sports a rose gold-tone stainless steel case. Its skeletonised black dial also features rose-gold tone accents the black inner dial ring. 


An exhibition caseback allows watch collectors and enthusiasts to examine the movement. This Bulova watch also gets its power from a skeleton automatic movement with a 40-hour power reserve. 

front view of Bulova 98a178 Classic Automatic watch

16. Bulova 98a178 Classic Automatic 

Unlike the previous model, the 98a178 Classic Automatic comes in an all gold-tone apart from the black dial. 


It uses the same IP stainless steel case and a skeleton dial. Running on an automatic, it boasts a 40-hour power reserve. 


The sapphire glass gives off a fine finish that grants this Bulova watch a luxurious look. 

front view of Bulova 96b269 Quartz watch

17. Bulova 96b269 Quartz

This Bulova dress watch features a rectangular stainless steel case. The black dial features a date window at 6 o’clock and silver-toned accents for the hands and hour markers. 


A black embossed crocodile-grain leather strap with a buckle closure completes the look. Additionally, this Bulova watch is also water-resistant up to 30 metres.

front view of Bulova 98a162 Curv Chronograph watch

18. Bulova 98a162 CURV Chronograph 

This five-hand chronograph features a titanium stainless steel case. The dark grey open-worked dial features rose gold-tone accents, giving it a look of elegance and style. 


This timepiece from Bulova’s CURV collection runs on a high-performance quartz movement. This also ensures precise and accurate timekeeping throughout its lifetime. 


The matching black rubber strap completes its classy finish. 

front view of Bulova 98b295 Special Grammy Edition Precisionist watch

19. Bulova 98b295 Special Grammy Edition Precisionist 

This Bulova watch is a special Grammy edition included in the Precisionist watch collection. 


It features a matte black IP stainless steel case with a matching black dial. Moreover, the markings and hands on the watch are accented with a gold-tone, giving off a simple and clean look. 


This Bulova men’s watch also includes a calendar feature with anti-reflective curved sapphire glass. The screw-back case also contains the Grammy E logo on the back. 


To complete the look, a matte black stainless steel bracelet with double-press pairs with the case. Additionally, this timepiece is water-resistant up to 300 metres.

front view of Bulova 98a158 Curv Chronograph watch

20. Bulova 98a158 CURV Chronograph 

This Bulova 98a158 CURV Chronographwatch uses a high-performance quartz movement. It has a 262 kHz vibrational frequency for accurate timekeeping. 


The 45mm five-hand chronograph watch comes in a grey stainless steel case, giving it a clean look. Moreover, The dark grey dial with red accents and curved sapphire glass completes its desirable look. 

front view of Bulova 97a125 Curv Chronograph watch

21. Bulova 97a125 CURV Chronograph 

The 97A125 Bulova watch is an all gold-toned luxury watch. It is powered by the same high-performance quartz movement as other models in the CURV series. It also has the same durable curved sapphire glass and screw-back case.


This timepiece is a must for any watch collector. Its all gold design also pairs well with any formal attire and, at the same time, show one’s success and style. 

front view of Bulova 96b258 Special Edition Lunar Pilot Chronograph watch

22. Bulova 96b258 Special Edition Lunar Pilot Chronograph 

Bulova watches made history during the Apollo 15 mission. This also made the brand decide to make a commemorative piece to always remember it by. 


The 96b258 Special Edition Lunar Pilot Chronograph watch was customed by Bulova engineers to be worn on the moon. It also uses all the latest specs you could ever dream of in a luxury watch, which makes this a must-buy for collectors. 


This Bulova watch comes in an all silver-tone apart from its dial.

front view of Bulova 96b257 Precisionist watch

23. Bulova 96b257 Precisionist

This 96b257 Precisionist combines unparalleled accuracy with great watchmaking mastery. Its continuous-sweep second hand and intricate details give the watch a timeless style.


The timepiece also features a stainless steel screw-back case with a silver-tone finish. Moreover, the blue dial highlights a calendar feature at the 3 o’clock position. 


The Croco-embossed black leather strap pulls together the whole look. 

front view of Bulova 96b158 Precisionist watch

24. Bulova 96b158 Precisionist 

The beautiful multiple-layer swirl pattern and intricate details on the dial are alluring. Moreover, this Bulova 96b158 Precisionist watch is a masterpiece that combines unparalleled accuracy with style. 


Its grey monotone colour scheme also showcases a timeless look. This 42mm dress watch runs on a Japanese quartz movement. 

front view of Bulova 98b104 Marine Star Chronograph watch

25. Bulova 98b104 Marine Star Chronograph 

Our final feature is the Bulova 98B104 Marine Star chronograph. This high-performance timepiece also features a stainless steel case with a black and rose gold finish. The black patterned dial and luminous hands also allow for easy timekeeping even in low light. 


Other features include a calendar function, a screw-back case, and a classic black rubber strap. 


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