An In-Depth Review of the Iconic Rolex Bluesy Ref. 126613

Dec 28, 2021
An In-Depth Review of the Iconic Rolex Bluesy Ref. 126613

When it comes to watches, Rolex is known for making some of the most iconic timepieces in history. For example, Sean Connery’s Submariner in the James Bond franchise, Christian Bale’s Datejust in American Psycho, and Alec Baldwin’s Day-Date President in Glengarry Glen Ross. It is almost as if every Rolex piece is a superstar of its own.


The first blue Rolex Submariner, the Submariner Date Ref. 116613LB, immediately made waves upon its initial release with its luxurious, memorable design. It was quickly nicknamed the Rolex Bluesy and rose to become one of the most popular, talked-about dive models in the watch community. In 2020, the brand followed up with a new and improved version of the Rolex Bluesy: the Submariner Date Ref. 126613LB.


Equipped with cutting-edge innovation and continuing the tradition of blue Submariners, the Submariner Date Ref. 126613LB is the newest darling of the Rolex catalog. For today’s article, we will be reviewing this modern Bluesy. We shall be taking a close look at everything it has to offer, including its specifications, price, and the improvements that it comes with compared to the Submariner Date Ref. 116613LB. Without further ado, let us get to know this gorgeous Rolex Bluesy Ref. 126613LB piece. 

The Rolex Bluesy Submariner Date Ref. 126613LB

front view of Rolex Bluesy Submariner Date Ref. 126613LB watch
Image By: The Watch Company

Two-Tone Oystersteel Case

Let’s start off with the Rolex Submariner Date Ref. 126613LB’s case dimensions. This Rolex Bluesy measures 41mm in diameter and 12.7mm in thickness. This diameter is a millimetre larger than the Rolex Submariner Date Ref. 116613LB. That said, it is still a fairly standard size and can fit easily on wrists of all sizes. End to end, the Rolex Bluesy also has a lug-to-lug measurement of 48.1mm and a lug width of 21mm. These proportions are quite similar to other Submariner models, so anyone who has ever worn a Submariner piece before will have no problem sporting the Rolex Bluesy.  


As with most Rolex watches, the Bluesy’s exterior is primarily crafted from Oystersteel, which is the brand’s patented 904L stainless steel blend. Apart from being extremely sturdy, this kind of steel is also highly resistant to scratches, impacts, and multiple types of corrosion. The use of Oystersteel gives the Rolex Bluesy durability that is virtually unmatched in the industry.  The surface of the Rolex Bluesy’s case is finely polished on every side and its lug hoods are satin-finished, giving the entire watch a remarkable sheen quality and an exceptionally sleek look.


This two-tone gold and silver watch also features a unidirectional rotating bezel and a screw-down crown, both made entirely from luxurious yellow gold. The bezel has a blue ceramic insert marked with an elapsed time scale in matching gold and its edges have a bottle cap-like groove. This provides wearers with a better grip so they can turn the bezel more easily, even when wearing dive suits. Perched at the 12 o’clock position of the bezel is a luminous pip that glows bright blue in the dark, allowing for improved visibility. The bezel has 120 clicks in total and does not have any form of back play, so divers can be sure that they are tracking time accurately when underwater.


Moving on to the yellow gold crown, it is protected by slight Oystersteel crown guards that are shorter than the crown itself, ensuring that you can still grasp and turn the crown with ease. The top of the crown is also delicately printed with Rolex’s iconic crown emblem. In addition, it is equipped with the brand’s Triplock triple waterproofness system. This, together with the watch’s solid Oystersteel screw-down caseback, gives the Rolex Bluesy an impressive water resistance capacity of 300m, or 1000ft. With this depth rating, you could easily bring the Rolex Bluesy on your next scuba diving adventure with absolutely no worries.

Royal Blue Metallic Sunburst Dial 

case and dial of Rolex Bluesy Submariner Date Ref. 126613LB watch
Image By: Rolex

The watch face of the Rolex Bluesy features a gorgeous royal blue metallic sunburst finish, which goes perfectly with the gleaming blue bezel. It bears the signature Submariner design that we all know and love, with geometric indices and broad Mercedes hands all outlined in gold. A magnified date display can also be found in place of the 3 o’clock marker. 


Written above and below the watch hands is the brand’s signature, along with its Submariner title, depth rating, and Superlative Chronometer certification. Unlike the previous version of the Rolex Bluesy, these details are printed in white instead of gold. While this colour change does not necessarily affect legibility, some wearers do prefer the contrast of the white texts against the royal blue backdrop. The hands and indices of the Rolex Bluesy are also applied with the brand’s patented Chromalight, ensuring optimal clarity when reading the watch face, both above and below water.

Sapphire Crystal and Cyclops Lens

Protecting the lustrous dial from above is a layer of scratch-resistant sapphire glass. As most watch enthusiasts know, sapphire glass is coveted by watchmakers across the industry for its impressive scratch resistance and clean look. With a mineral hardness rating of “9” on the Mohs scale, the sapphire crystal of the Rolex Bluesy is so tough, it can only be scratched by diamond.


One issue with sapphire crystals is that they tend to be quite reflective, so you might encounter visual distortions when viewing the watch at certain angles. However, Rolex has easily fixed this issue by adding anti-reflective coatings to the Bluesy’s sapphire crystal. The Rolex Submariner Date Ref. 126613 also has a cyclops lens fitted on the right side of its crystal to give a better view of the dial’s date window.

Rolex Calibre 3235 (Superlative Chronometer)

Underneath the royal blue dial is the Rolex Manufacture Calibre 3235. Held by thirty-one jewels, this self-winding calibre produces a beat frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour (4Hz). This movement is also equipped with a power reserve that, when fully wound, can last an incredible 70 hours.


When wearing this timepiece, the movement’s perpetual rotor allows the Rolex Bluesy to rewind itself through bidirectional motion, so wearers can wind this watch simply by swinging their arms when they walk. The oscillator of the Calibre 3235 also comes with a paramagnetic blue Parachrom hairspring and Paraflex shock absorbers, which ensures that this movement can survive all sorts of damage, from strong magnetic fields to hard impacts. 


With regards to its reliability, the Rolex Calibre 3235 has a fantastic accuracy rating of +2/-2 seconds per day. Apart from being COSC-certified, this movement has also gone through extensive further testing in the brand’s research labs to obtain its Superlative Chronometer rating. This Rolex Calibre 3235 can also be found in other great models from the brand such as the Sea-Dweller and Yacht-Master series.

Oystersteel and Yellow Rolesor Bracelet

side view of Rolex Bluesy Submariner Date Ref. 126613LB watch
Image By: The Watch Company

Rolex pairs the two-tone Submariner Date Ref. 126613 with a matching yellow Rolesor bracelet. This bracelet consists of flat three-piece links, with Oystersteel outer links and yellow gold centre links. As you might expect, the quality of this bracelet is phenomenal. Apart from looking suave and luxurious, this yellow Rolesor bracelet is also very durable and comfortable to wear. When strapped to your wrist, it perfectly complements the overall design of the Rolex Bluesy. It also comes with the Rolex Glidelock system and a signature folding Oysterlock safety clasp, so the Bluesy will stay firmly secured to your wrist even if you are dressed in dive apparel. 


Ordinarily, a Rolex Submariner Date. 126613 sells for approximately $20,000 USD. However, considering its popularity, it can be quite hard to find this Rolex Bluesy piece, even in second-hand markets. If you plan to purchase this model from another country and have it shipped to your area, it can even cost you a few hundred bucks more. Here, on our website, we are currently selling the Rolex Bluesy Submariner Date. 126613 for just $19,478 USD. 

Alternatives to the Rolex Bluesy Submariner

While the Rolex Bluesy is arguably one of the most appealing models in the Submariner series, it is not exactly something that everyone can get their hands on. As with any Rolex watch, one thing that stops wearers from easily purchasing a Rolex Bluesy model is its exorbitant price. If you still want to obtain a fashionable diver’s watch similar to the Rolex Bluesy, here are some highly-capable alternatives that will not cost you too much. 

1. Tudor Pelagos Ref. 25600TB-0001

front view of Tudor Pelagos Ref. 25600TB-0001 watch
Image By: The Watch Company

Aside from being a subsidiary company of Rolex, Tudor is also known for offering exceptional timepieces that are not just on par with the quality of Rolex watches but are also much more affordable. If you are looking for a stand-out diver’s timepiece that does not have the exorbitant price of a Rolex Bluesy, then the Tudor Pelagos Ref. 25600TB-0001 is the perfect luxury dive watch for you.


This Tudor timepiece comes in satin-finished titanium and stainless steel case. Measuring 42mm in diameter and 14.3mm in thickness, this Pelagos piece has a bit more presence on the wrist than the Rolex Bluesy does. However, its lightweight titanium composition ensures that this watch does not feel too heavy to wear around.


Fitted on top of the case is a titanium unidirectional rotating bezel with a graduated matte blue ceramic insert. Unlike the Rolex Bluesy, this watch’s 60-minute elapsed time scale is painted in white instead of gold. The crown on the right side of the case is screwed down, with the signature Tudor rose emblem engraved on its top. Coupled with a sleek, brushed three-link titanium bracelet, this Tudor Pelagos piece boasts a style that is incredibly similar to the standard Rolex Submariner.


Like the Rolex Bluesy, this Tudor watch shows off a glamorous blue dial with luminous geometric indices. Adorned with large luminous snowflake hands, this watch face is protected by a scratch-resistant domed sapphire crystal. Beneath this dial, you can find a Tudor Manufacture Calibre MT5612. The self-winding MT5612 is equipped with a 70-hour power reserve and is certified to meet COSC standards.


Despite having a similar build, the Rolex Bluesy Submariner Date Ref. 126613 does have some advantages over this Tudor Pelagos watch. For one, the Tudor Pelagos does not have the same two-tone look as the Bluesy, which detracts from its stylishness. Additionally, its +6/-4 seconds per day accuracy rate makes the Tudor Calibre MY5612 a tad less precise than the Rolex Calibre 3235. That said, the Tudor Pelagos Ref. 25600TB-0001 makes up for these differences with its more affordable price and superb 500m water resistance capacity. 


You can purchase the Tudor Pelagos Ref. 25600TB-0001 for around $3,790 USD.

2. Certina DS Action Diver Sea Turtle Conservancy Special Edition Ref. C032.807.22.041.10

front view of Certina DS Action Diver Sea Turtle Conservancy Special Edition Ref. C032.807.22.041.10 watch
Image By: Certina

Here is another diver that is not just highly affordable, but also looks quite identical to the Rolex Bluesy. The Certina DS Action Diver Sea Turtle Conservancy Special Edition boasts a sleek, two-tone exterior made of stainless steel, with some gold PVD coatings. This watch has a slim 38mm diameter, which makes it slightly smaller than the Submariner and best suited to small-to-average-sized wrists.


On top of the silver-tone case is a bezel that is made out of gold PVD-coated stainless steel and has a royal blue aluminium insert. Like the Rolex Bluesy, this insert is marked with an elapsed time scale in exquisite gold and has teeth-like edges for a more secure grip. A screw-down caseback and a gold PVD screw-down crown give this Certina DS Action Diver watch a water resistance capacity of 300m, just like the Rolex Bluesy. Along with a three-link stainless steel bracelet with gold-tone centre links, this timepiece truly gives off that classy Bluesy aesthetic.


The likeness does not stop there, either. Topped with an anti-reflective sapphire glass, this Certina watch shows off a royal blue sunburst dial with geometric indices and bold arrow-shaped hands, all outlined with gold tones. The hands and indices have all been coated with Super-LumiNova to ensure optimal readability, whether at night or in deep waters. At 3 o’clock, you can also find a submerged date window. One difference between the Rolex Bluesy and the Certina DS Action Diver Sea Turtle Conservancy Special Edition is that this watch does not have a cyclops lens, so its date aperture looks much smaller.


This watch is driven by the Powermatic 80.111 automatic movement, similar to the ones you can see in various Tissot models. Equipped with a Nivachron hairspring, this Powermatic 80 calibre comes with an extended 80-hour power supply, so this watch can last even longer than the Rolex Bluesy can. 


The Certina DS Action Diver Special Edition fetches an approximate price of $865 USD.

3. Omega Seamaster Diver 300m Co-Axial Master Chronometer Ref.

front view of Omega Seamaster Diver 300m Co-Axial Master Chronometer Ref. watch
Image By: The Watch Company

If there is any watch that could rival the Submariner, it has to be an Omega Seamaster. Coming from Omega’s widely-renowned Seamaster collection, the Omega Seamaster Diver 300m Co-Axial Master Chronometer is a two-toned dive watch that steps up to the nautical plate while delivering style, quality, and reliability.


Paired with a bracelet made of stainless steel and gold, this watch is housed in a 42mm stainless steel case, so it is just one millimetre larger than the Rolex Bluesy. As with the Bluesy, the case of this watch is topped with a gold unidirectional rotating bezel. For its elapsed time scale, this bezel features a blue scratch-resistant ceramic insert with the brand’s Ceragold dive scale counters. The screw-down crown and helium escape valve are also made out of yellow gold and help enhance the overall luxurious aesthetic of this Omega watch. With its screw-down solid steel rear case, this timepiece has a depth rating of 300m.


As with most watches, the star of the Omega Seamaster Diver 300m Co-Axial Master Chronometer is its dial. Showcasing the Seamaster’s emblematic laser-engraved wave design, this dial is furnished with geometric indices outlined with gold and a thick, exclusive gold handset. These hour markers and hands are all carefully applied with lume, so the watch face will be illuminated even in poor lighting conditions. Positioned at 6 o’clock is a rectangular date window with white texts and a blue background that blends well with the dial’s blue backdrop. 


Powering the watch is the Omega Calibre 8800, complete with its co-axial escapement, silicon balance spring, and 55-hour power reserve. This self-winding movement has been approved to meet METAS standards and is even resistant to magnetic fields up to 15,000 Gauss.


You can purchase the Omega Seamaster Diver 300m Co-Axial Master Chronometer for around $7,860 USD. 

Final Thoughts

Exceptional is the word to describe the Rolex Bluesy Submariner Date Ref. 126613. Virtually indestructible, reliable, and effortlessly stylish, it is hard to find fault with this modern luxury diver’s watch. With its sleek design and versatile look, the Rolex Submariner Date. 126613 can be worn to almost any occasion. Whether it is for a dive in the ocean, a casual stroll, or a fancy night out, there is no place where the Rolex Bluesy does not belong.


Featured Image By Rolex

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