Top Five Models For Hamilton Jazzmaster

Nov 21, 2018
Top Five Models For Hamilton Jazzmaster

Jazzmaster is one of the most popular series of Hamilton, alongside with Hamilton Khaki, Ventura and American Classic. Hamilton Jazzmaster is often the choice of business men as it matches any kind of normal suit very well.


The watch is designed to harmonise with innovation and modernity, like what jazz does. That’s also where the Hamilton Jazzmaster got its name from.


Various models are available in the Jazzmaster series. Customers have a wide spectrum to chose from, like Open Heart, Bimatic, Shinline and Face to Face. In addition to that, every model has its own difference such as different dials and belt designs, and functions.


Therefore, Hamilton recommends that people own multiple Jazzmasters. This way, customers can always wear the right wristwatch for the right event or fashion theme.


Now, here are some of the popular models from the Hamilton Jazzmaster collection. (Source)

Hamilton Jazzmaster Viewmatic

front view of Hamilton Jazzmaster Ref. H32515535 watch

The Jazzmaster H32515535 is a simple yet very beautiful wristwatch. The case is made of stainless steel. And, one of the many functions this Jazzmaster Viewmatic watch has is the automatic winding mechanism. In addition, there is a date display at the three o’clock position of the dial.


The black dial has a guilloche pattern. This Hamilton Jazzmaster automatic watch is ideal for anyone who is looking for a simple, manly watch.

Hamilton Jazzmaster Gent

front view of Hamilton Jazzmaster Ref. H32451731 watch

The Jazzmaster Gent H32451731 brings a modern touch to a classic design. With its simple and refined design and its unique features, the Jazzmaster Gent is the perfect wristwatch for anyone who wishes to look a little more elegant and polished than average.


Furthermore, the black stainless steel dial connects beautifully to the black leather strap. You can see the date display at the three o’clock position of the dial. With this, the wearer will know what time and what date it is.

Hamilton Jazzmaster Sea View

front view of Hamilton Jazzmaster Ref. H37451141 watch

The Hamilton Jazzmaster Sea View H37451141 comes with an impressive deep blue dial that associates with the image of the sea. The case and the bracelet use the same material, stainless steel. The deep blue rotating bezel is based on ancient compasses that were used to navigate the sea. These features of this Hamilton dive watch altogether presents the ocean theme.


Also, the Hamilton Sea View uses a quartz movement and is water-resistant up to 100 metres. The date display is at the 6 o’clock position.

Hamilton Jazzmaster Maestro

front view of Hamilton Jazzmaster Ref. H32766513 watch

It’s time for the top model of Jazzmaster, the Hamilton Jazzmaster Maestro H32766513. The word “maestro” means “great musician.” It’s a chronograph watch.


First of all, the Jazzmaster Maestro features metallic lines surrounding the small seconds. Sunlight charges its hour and minute hands so that it can glow in the dark, allowing the wearer to check time 24 hours a day.


Although the Maestro watch is simple in its design, the designing process requires efforts and attention to details. This is where the watch’s true beauty lies. The Jazzmaster Maestro automatic chronograph is a real gem for watch collectors.

Hamilton Jazzmaster Open Heart

front view of Hamilton Jazzmaster Ref. H32565555 watch

With the name Open Heart, it’s no surprise that Jazzmaster Open Heart H32565555 comes as a skeleton watch. Through the dial, you can see the movement or the “heart” of the clock. The back cover is also skeleton.


The watch case and hour and minute hands are golden, whereas the strap is black leather. The combination of gold and black gives it a very elegant look.


This Hamilton skeleton watch is for those who are searching for something different with a personality. Besides, the Hamilton Jazzmaster Open Heart watch also represents honesty. The heart, meaning one’s true feelings, is exposed.

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