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Hamilton American Classic Watches

The Hamilton American Classic watch series offers technologically advanced watches having the vintage touch.

They are made to reflect on the Hamilton’s rich history with modern touch. The Hamilton Intra Matic series is an excellent part of the classic watch series which reflects true style for the modern men.

The luxury watch range from Hamilton is the perfect choice for every occasion and the colorful yet elegant hues makes them unique and traditional. The Hamilton watches have been inspired by innovation and development along with style and elegance.

The Hamilton American Classic watch series is adorned with some of the best vintage watches like Ardmore, Boulton, Valiant etc.

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New Hamilton American Classic Watches


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History of Hamilton American Classic Collection Watches

Hamilton watches are a unique combination of classic American style with Swiss watch making technology. The Hamilton American Classic collection offers versatile chronographs and automatic watches which suits your style and makes you different from the crowd. The Hamilton American Classic collection has been designed to suit every style in an unconventional manner and reflect luxury with tradition. Hamilton Watch Company is one of the most prominent watch manufacturers based out of USA which have even conquered the international market with its rich designs and excellent innovations. Hamilton watches have a rich history of great technological enhancement and style evolution and they have come a long way over the years.

Starting the journey:Hamilton was found in 1892 in Lancaster, USA. They started off with the production of pocket watches. Quality and accuracy were given utmost importance right from the beginning. In 1912 the first series of the Hamilton pocket watches was made for the railways so that accidents can be avoided with a common method of timing.

Shift from pocket watches to wrist watches:Hamilton shifted the focus from production of pocket watches to wristwatches in 1914. It also started supplying watches to the U.S. armed forces which increased its reputation in the market.

Setting the foot in Aviation:In 1918 the Hamilton watches reached the aviation department making its mark in the history with excellent quality aeronautical watches. Admiral Richard E. Byrd, the first aviator to reach the North Pole used the Hamilton watch to achieve his aviation milestone. Later in 1927 the Hamilton watches made news by helping pilots in finding the islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Introduction of the Piping Rock Watches: Hamilton introduced the Piping Rock watches in 1928. The engraved version of this series was presented to the New York Yankees after they won the World Series thereby making a mark in the Sports world.

Hamilton in American Airlines: During the 1930s Hamilton watches became the official watch of four major commercial Airlines in America which further enhanced its popularity.

Hamilton in Hollywood: In 1932 the Hamilton watches made their place in the Hollywood after two of the watches- Boulton and Flintridge appeared in ‘Shanghai Express’. A movie named ‘The Frogmen’ made Hamilton Watch Company famous by showing the practical military watches in action.

Creating a mark in the history: In 1942 Hamilton focused majorly on watches for armed forces and was awarded with Army-Navy E award for its excellent watches. Hamilton revolutionized the industry after the introduction of world’s first battery operated watch with impeccable design. During 1962 Hamilton came up with limited edition watch – Altair which created a sensation with its asymmetric design. In 1972 Hamilton came up with the world’s first digital electronic watch with LED display and its cost was more than that of a car at that time.

Later on, Hamilton brought back classic pieces from the 20s and 60s like the Boulton, Ardmore, Ventura and Wilshire which made the trend for classic pieces. These became important part of the Hamilton American Classic collection.

Hamilton watches became Hollywood’s favorite as it appeared in several movies and hosted award functions. Later in 2011 Hamilton developed automatic calibers, H-21, H-31, H-10, H-30, H-40 and several other advanced watches with excellent power reserve.

The Hamilton American Classic collection showcases the true American spirit with Swiss technology and precision. This range completely embodies the Hamilton’s value and contains diverse selection of versatile pieces which can become your signature style. The luxury watches from this collection are specially designed to look perfect on every occasion. Be it a road trip, beach trip, movie night, Friday night or cocktail party, the Hamilton American Classic collection watches embraces the American freedom and style. This series includes the famous heritage men’s luxury watches like Ardmore, Flintridge, Spirit of Liberty, Boulton, PanEurop, Valiant and Bagley. Many of the vintage pieces have been revived to suit the needs of the modern world.

TheHamilton Intra Matic Autois the perfect choice for all watch collectors and enthusiasts as it flaunts the Panda dial from the 60s classic design and the historic font and logo from 1968. It showcases the monochrome magic in an effortless way. The American Classic Intra Matic collection perfectly embraces the modern colors like grey, bourbon, rose gold, coffee, and yellow which reflect modernity and masculinity with Vintage touch.

Also the Hamilton watches offer premium quality and latest Swiss technology adorned with automatic two hand movement with date function and the signature style of the company. This series is the best one from Hamilton American Classic collection. It is an entirely unique creation by the Hamilton Watch Company and the vintage style watches create complete magic. The magnificent design and best technology makes vintage Hamilton watches the perfect choice for modern men.

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