5 Of The Best TAG Heuer Carrera Watches

Nov 17, 2018
5 Of The Best TAG Heuer Carrera Watches

The story of Techniques d’Avant Garde (TAG) Heuer’s journey began in the late 1800s when great fashion maestro and well-known watch manufacturer Edouard Heuer founded the Swiss luxury watch company.


In 1963, his great-grandson, Jack William Edouard Heuer, introduced the Carrera collection and captured the spirit of TAG Heuer for the next 50 years. Inspired by motor racing, the collection boasts of impressive pieces for sports. It is expected to continue its journey forward by bringing state-of-the-art functions in sports timekeeping.


Now, the TAG Heuer Carrera is the most-coveted wristwatch collection amongst the bravest car drivers and sporty fellows for its precision and design.


images of five best TAG Heuer Carrera watches infographics


What makes TAG Heuer Carrera so special?

Leonardo DiCaprio is a fan of TAG Heuer’s Carrera Chronograph. Likewise, Brad Pitt has also worn one of the Carrera models on his wrist in a few events. In fact, many of Hollywood’s elites seem to favour the Swiss brand. The likes of Matt Damon and Uma Thurman have also been seen wearing a piece from TAG Heuer.


Apart from over 150 years of greatness and more than 170 stores worldwide, the brand is popular based on 2 simple factors:


Firstly, TAG Heuer cemented its position as one of the best makers of amazing sport luxury watches. First designed back in 1963, the Carrera became one of the watchmaker’s most beloved creations. In fact, it broke the traditional watchmaking process back then!


Secondly, TAG Heuer ensures quality production, precise movements, and utmost comfort for the wearer with every piece that they design and release.

The Advent of Carrera


front view of TAG Heuer Carrera black dial watch


The word “Carrera” means “road” or “race”. The Carrera collection from TAG Heuer takes its name from the Mexican Carrera Panamericana race.


The TAG Heuer Carrera hit the market in 1963 with impressive sport chronograph watches. Currently, it has been 55 years since the beginning of the iconic Carrera. Moreover, it happens to be one of the most recognised iconic timepiece collections which has set a benchmark in chronograph watches.

Basic Features

The Carrera models are always waterproof and anti-magnetic. Additionally, the markers on the dial are always well-spaced to improve readability.


Over the years, the Carrera range incorporated the Calibre 16’s Valjoux movement, automatic movements, Calibre 360, and different dials, along with date variations, into their timepieces. Today, this range is both TAG Heuer’s proud past and bright future.


The TAG Heuer Carrera collection stays as the head in luxury sports timepieces for racing and other sports.

5 Things You Need To Know About TAG Heuer Carrera


front view of TAG Heuer Ref. CAR2A1Z.FT6050 watch

1. The TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph is the symbol of the company’s legendary heritage in the history of motorsports. Watchmakers at TAG Heuer created it with racing fans and drivers in mind.

2. The Carrera series was first launched in 1963 with the advent of the 60s classic motor-racing inspired chronograph. Altogether, until 2013, ten generations of Carrera have been identified.

3. There are 6 distinctive TAG Heuer models that are Carrera-related but not quite Carreras.

  • The TAG Heuer Carrera 12 Dato (commonly called Carrera 12 Dato),
  • TAG Heuer Skipper which uses the Carrera’s base,
  • a Carrera-based tribute to Ferrari called the Heuer Monza/ Modena,
  • Heuer 510.508 which features 70s Carrera’s case,
  • an upscale version of the Carrera aptly called the TAG Heuer Grand Carrera,
  • TAG Heuer Mikrotimer which uses the Carrera’s lugs and opens.


4. In 2018, TAG Heuer won one of the top awards in the Red Dot Design Award as recognition for their product design.


The award was for TAG Heuer’s Connected Modular 45 Luxury Kit which was released in July 2017. The TAG Heuer Luxury Kit unveils an exclusive presentation kit. It contains the Heuer-02 Tourbillion module and the TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45.


This is a superior and precise watch powered by Intel Atom, a super processor, and operated on Android Wear. Along with that, the watch also comes with connectivity functions such as Bluetooth, music, Wi-Fi, GPS, and so much more.


5. To celebrate the 55th anniversary of TAG Heuer Carrera, TAG Heuer Carrera Tête de Vipère is the first-ever chronograph from the brand to earn the “Tête de Vipère” stamp of excellence. The watch features HEUER 02T Calibre. The striking dial comes in rhodium-plated accents while the steel sapphire case creates a masculine timepiece altogether.


The TAG Heuer Carrera Tête de Vipère Chronograph Tourbillion Chronometer is a limited edition piece. With only 155 pieces produced, it retails for AU$26,750.

5 of the Most Iconic TAG Heuer Carrera Watches

Carrera Calibre 16


front view of TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 16 Ref. CV2A1R.FC6235 watch
Photo From TAG Heuer


The TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 16 Chronograph comes with either a blue or black ceramic bezel. The chronograph hands are a bright red colour. Along with a power reserve of 42 hours, the watch also features an impressive self-winding mechanism and chronograph movement. The avant-garde styled watch is presented on a 43 mm wide case made of Grade 2 Titanium.

Carrera Calibre 1887


front view of TAG Heuer Calibre 1887 Ref. CAR2A10.BA0799 watch
Photo From TAG Heuer


Keeping the technicalities aside, the Carrera Calibre 1887 is the smartest Carrera and also happens to be Leonardo DiCaprio’s most favorite timepiece. In fact, he has worn the watch’s newer version — with the comfortable brown alligator strap and rose gold hours — in almost every event he has attended.

Carrera Calibre 6 Chronometer


front view of TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 6 Chronometer Ref. WV5111.FC6350 watch
Photo From TAG Heuer


The Carrera Calibre 6 Chronometer is a vintage-inspired luxury timepiece with the stardust dial, featuring Jack Heuer 80 Carrera‘s dial options. It comes with a COSC Certified chronometer, making it quite a great timepiece for athletes.

Calibre 36 Flyback Chronograph


front view of TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 36 Flyback Chronograph watches
Photo from thoughts.onthedash.com

The Calibre 36 Flyback Chronograph features a case made of titanium. It uses the 60s chronograph with the 63s Carrera’s case design and the layout of Heuer’s 60s classic stopwatch designs. Altogether, the Calibre 36 Flyback is a blend of a classic and modern watch.


Inspired by the Haute Horlogerie Carrera Mikrograph, the watch comes with a superior power reserve of over 50 hours. In fact, football legend Cristiano Ronaldo was even seen wearing this timepiece.

Calibre 16 Day-Date Manuel Fangio


front view of TAG Heuer Calibre 16 Day-Date Manuel Fangio watch
Photo From TAG Heuer


Juan Manuel Fangio is the inspiration behind the first Carrera. Thus, TAG Heuer released the Calibre 16 Day-Date Manuel Fangio in honour of this great F1 (Formula 1 ) driver. The stainless steel case comes with a fixed black tachymetre bezel, a screw-in case-back, twin pushers flanking the Tag Heuer crown, and a sapphire crystal glass.

Final Words

The watches from the TAG Heuer Carrera collection have stood the test of time. Its watches remain valuable and beloved to this day. The brains behind the brand have worked tirelessly to provide only the best for racing fans and sporty gents. Aside from the five mentioned above, which other timepieces from the collection do you admire?

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