Omega Seamaster 300 For The Classy Gentlemen

Sep 16, 2019
Omega Seamaster 300 For The Classy Gentlemen

If you were to walk into a luxury watch store, you would probably be disoriented by the sheer amount of choice. However, if one desires to truly stand out amongst the crowd, one must possess something unique. We’re talking about the Omega Seamaster 300.


This particular watch has made a name for itself. The Omega Seamaster is the most popular James Bond watch. Being the very first family of watches, the Omega Seamaster has seen a lot of development and has a great level of pedigree in both military and showbiz.

The Omega Seamaster 300 Watch

Omega’s Military and Showbiz Background

It is no secret that one of the most battle-hardened military units, the Royal Navy Special Boat Service (SBS) of Great Britain, has almost all its members wearing the Omega Seamaster Professional.


The Omega watches are all engraved and also war-torn, which is an emblem of pride in itself for the squad. However, the attachment goes way back to when Omega actually launched the series.


British pilots and servicemen were all wearing this particular watch during World War II. The famous Tom Hardy movie “Dunkirk” clearly captures this fact. He was wearing this very watch as he takes on the role of a Spitfire pilot.


However, the greatest hit that the world witnessed is the most widely known iteration: the signature blue dial Omega Seamaster. Pierce Brosnan wore it in one of the most iconic James Bond roles we’ve ever seen.


The Omega Seamaster 300 quickly reaches global fame after the movie and is still one of the most popular timepieces in all circles. Lindy Hemming, the Oscar-winning costume designer was responsible for this choice for Pierce Brosnan’s Bond.


She was of the firm belief that this was the most suitable watch and we can clearly see why. And if that isn’t enough, you can simply look at the wrist of Prince William and you will see the same classic blue dial looking back at you!


It also makes sense that a watch with such a pedigree is selected since James Bond has a naval background. The competition to win the crown of the James Bond watch, however, has been quite tough for Omega.


In the beginning, the Rolex Submariner quickly snatched the Bond role in the 50s due to its superiority. This Seamaster watch, therefore, was the perfect comeback for Omega and truly took it to a new level of competition.

The Evolution of Omega Seamaster 300 Over the Years

We all know that the greatest advancements in technology have happened due to wars. The development of the Omega Seamaster 300 also relied on the same factors.


The watch is primarily counted among the dive watches category. Its main highlight, therefore, was its ability to work underwater at depth levels where other watches failed.


Typical watch gaskets failed as the temperature dropped underwater due to their metal body. Omega looked for inspiration in exactly the place they needed to, submarines.


The O-ring gaskets designed for this watch gave it the ability to work at depths as low as 60 meters. And in addition to that, it could withstand temperatures as low as -50 degrees centigrade! To cut the long story short, the watch worked, and it worked like none other did. This gave it an easy seal of approval and explains the exclusive supply of watches Omega provides to SBS.


The Rolex Submariner replaced the original Seamaster as an easy alternative. But Omega got itself back in the game by improving its watch dramatically, both in specs and looks.


The 300-meter water resistance meant it could easily rival Rolex’s Submariner in all technical aspects. And the added advantage of featuring it on Mr. Brosnan’s wrist was exactly the edge that helped grab the fame it has.


The watch was further developed as well with more style and features added. Omega took things to the next level as well by introducing the Planet Ocean which boasts 600-meter water resistance.


However, regardless of this or the fact that the Omega Speedmaster has actually been to the moon, the Omega Seamaster Professional still remains the company’s flagship series.

Present-day Seamaster 300

It has been more than two and a half decades since the classic blue dial Omega Seamaster 300 had its launch. On its silver jubilee in 2018, Omega decided to introduce a complete facelift of the original watch.


They launched an amazing range of 14 different models to choose from. The 80s trend of bi-metal gold and steel body design was also reintroduced through 8 of these watches. The watch is now 41mm from 42mm in diameter and brought in sync with the original 1993 model.

The Technical Part

The current iteration of the Omega Seamaster 300 has all the flash and bang present in it. But the true fans of all Omega watches for men demand perfection in places you can’t even see.


The movement of the watch tops that list and Omega has introduced a brand new movement mechanism. The Master Chronometer Calibre 8800 movement is an in-house system that is a complete game-changer.


The biggest enemy of any watch is magnetic fields. ISO 764 requires all watches to be able to withstand 60 Gauss of magnetic pull. The latest METAS certification acquired by Omega gives this watch a rating of 15,000 Gauss! That’s FIFTEEN THOUSAND in case your eyes don’t believe the number you just read! It is safe to say that the watch can withstand an MRI scanner, and probably deflect a laser beam too?


In simple words, the Omega Seamaster 300 is more than ready to go on your wrist. Let this watch be the tool to take you places you are still wishing to be in. The question that remains is this; are you ready to accept your fate?

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