5 Best Luxury Watches For Every Wardrobe

Sep 06, 2019
5 Best Luxury Watches For Every Wardrobe

Every man or woman should have at least one luxury watch to sport when wearing something to impress others. Whether you’re in the corporate sector, a pilot, or a sportsman, strapping on a luxury watch shows that you mean what you do that you do it all with style.


Of course, buying a luxury watch is not only about style, but also longevity. You might not splurge on the latest design of outfits, but when it comes to a watch, you’re usually ready to spend a little extra for real luxury and a trendy timepiece.


Luxury watches that form part of your workwear and weekend gear can add a slightly modern touch. Nonetheless, it’s still best to have knowledge of which luxury watch to wear and when.


To be perfectly fashionable, you need to know which categories of watches to add to your wardrobe. You can buy some pretty nice timepieces that suit your style and profession. To know about luxury watch categories, have a look at the list below.

Watch Categories

The basic five categories of luxury watches are the following:

  • Everyday Watches
  • Dress Watches
  • Pilot Watches
  • Dive Watches
  • Military Watches

Everyday Luxury Watches

front view of Rolex Explorer watch

Almost everyone has their own regular routine in life. This probably consists of getting up, going for work, attending meetings, eating out with friends, etc. As such, you need a trusted timepiece that you can wear throughout the day.


The face of an everyday watch should be simple and free from various complications. A prime example of this would be the Rolex Explorer. This watch is simple and incredibly easy to read. Thus, it is a perfect everyday luxury watch.


No matter what age you are and whatever style you prefer, the Rolex Explorer is suitable for everyone. Due to its 904L stainless steel watch case, it is a durable timepiece and can be used daily. Not only that, but its oyster bracelet gives a comfortable feel and looks solid when worn.


This watch’s distinctive black dial gives it a hint of elegance as well as ruggedness. In the latest model of the Explorer, the 3, 6 and 9 numerals are filled with luminescent material that makes this watch easy to read at night as well. Like all other Rolex watches, the Explorer’s dial is designed and manufactured in-house, largely by hand, to ensure perfection and excellent style.


The Rolex Explorer consists of a calibre 3132, a self-winding mechanical movement entirely manufactured by Rolex. It also features Paraflex shock absorbers that offer great resistance to shocks. It is waterproof up to 100m and holds a power reserve of up to 48 hours. Overall, this everyday durable luxury watch is a must for every wardrobe.

Luxury Dress Watches

front view of Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Ref. 81180/000R-9159 watch

Let’s now go to the jewel of your collection: the dress watch.


The Vacheron Constantin Patrimony is one of the best dress watches out there.


Jean-Marc Vacheron founded the Vacheron Constantin company in 1755. As such, it is the oldest Swiss watchmaker in the world.


Inspired by Vacheron Constantin’s 1950s models, the Patrimony radiates elegance with its slender case and unique design. It is a classic dress timepiece with a refreshing heritage aesthetic and an 18k rose gold case. Its brown alligator leather band is what makes it a real dress watch.


This watch is full of appealing features that can entice buyers from whatever denomination. Its pure, uncluttered dial, offers adequate information including hours, minutes, central seconds, and date. After all, these are what buyers want to see after a hectic day of work.


On top of that, this sophisticated piece of design boasts the highest standard of perfection for which Vacheron Constantin is known for with its 30-metre water resistance capability.

Luxury Pilot Watches

front view of Breitling Navitimer Ref. A2432212/C651/101X/A20BA.1 watch

Pilots often work under perilous conditions. Thus, they need a watch that can stand up to the rigours of flying high in the sky. In fact, some airlines require pilots to have special pilot watches that can meet the demands of their job.


Chronographs, tachymeters, and other features in common pilot watches keep aviators safe in the air, but they can also prove useful in everyday life.


When it comes to pilot watches, the Breitling Navitimer is the quintessential model. Its incredible functionality and versatility make it the perfect aviation watch. Moreover, it offers you the ability to time several different metrics with scales around the outside of the dial.


Breitling has done well to achieve a rare synergy of elegance in this watch. The classic style of this pilot watch blends superbly with the unit converter around the rim. As an automatic watch with a 41mm case, it effortlessly exudes the historic appeal expected from a true pilot timepiece.


This watch’s elegant and three-hand dial is rounded off with a date window at the 6 o’clock position. It is powered by Calibre 17, a COSC-certified chronometer. The hour markers, as well as the hour and minute hands, are coated with luminescent material that ensures perfect legibility in any lighting conditions.

Luxury Dive Watches

front view of Seiko Prospex Ref. STBR009 watch

Divers need a timepiece that can resist water up to several metres. In other words, a dive watch.


A dive watch is constructed in such a way that it can continue to function on your wrist while you are underwater. These watches offer high-resistance to water pressure under the sea as well.


If you’re looking for an accurate diver watch, then look no further than the Seiko Prospex. Seiko partnered with PADI, the world’s best scuba diver training organization, to produce this fantastic dive watch. It is water-resistant up to 200-metres and is also one of Seiko’s more affordable and colourful models.


This watch’s 44mm stainless steel exterior surrounded by a Pepsi-coloured dial makes it a perfect for divers. It also distinguishes itself as a watch suitable for large wrists thereby making it strongly appealing to men.


This watch features a 50-hour power reserve, a date display at 3 o’clock, and luminous hands and markers. You can wear this watch while diving or even during informal occasions.

Luxury Military Watches

front view of Hamilton Khaki Aviation Ref. H64645531 watch

Regardless of their ranking, most military men rely on wristwatches for accurate timing and work. They often need to track more than just a general time and date. As such, military watches are a perfect tool for them. One example of a highly useful military watch is the Hamilton Khaki Aviation.


The Hamilton Khaki is a classic-looking luxury watch infused with modern technology and design. This watch has a round-shaped stainless steel case as well as a premium quality brown leather strap with white stitching all over it.


Hamilton Khaki Automatic Men’s Watch is a stylish timepiece with a case measuring 42 mm. It comes with an open case-back, which means its revolutionary Swiss-made automatic movement is highly visible.


This watch has a black analogue dial with luminous silver-tone hands and Hindu-Arabic numeral hour markers. The minute marker moves at 5-minute intervals. A date window is present at the 6 o’clock position while the day of the week display sits at the 12 o’clock position.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Watch

A luxury watch does a lot more than simply tell you about time. It reflects a lot about who you are, as well as your style. Knowing how expensive luxury watches are, you need to ensure that you pick the right watch before making the purchase. Here are the things to consider when buying beautiful luxury watches:


Brand: When it comes to luxury watches, brand name is highly important. Choosing a reliable brand gives you confidence that you’re getting your money’s worth. With this in mind, make sure to buy from well-known luxury brands. Never buy from unknown brands which might be questionable.


Year of Release: When buying the best luxury timepiece, you can check the watch’s year of release. This is an excellent guideline to ensure that you get the best modern luxury watch. Generally, newer models are equipped with improved features.


Warranty: Make sure that your watch covers a good warranty period in case your watch experiences some problems. Make sure to read all the details of the warranty and only then finalize your purchase once you’re satisfied.


Dealer Credibility: If you’re planning to buy the luxury watch from a dealer, make sure he holds a good reputation and credibility. As much as possible, buy from an authorized dealer who sells real luxury watches on a company’s behalf.

Final Thoughts

Luxury watches are designed for people from every walk of life whatever their profession and lifestyle. Whichever type of watch you want, rest assured that there’s always one out there suited for you. So choose the best luxury watch that matches your personality and style.


Finally, never forget what you’ve just read when picking the right luxury watch.


We’re glad that you enjoyed exploring this list. For another insightful read, check out 7 Best Racing Watches Every Car Enthusiast Should Have.

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