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Have you ever thought about a watch which has got an integrated flight computer in itself? Because Breitling has and that is exactly what they deal in. Since this is their forte Breitling came up with the Navitimer which the pilots think of to be the most useful aviation watch for it does just what it claims. Since we are speaking of Breitling Navitimer – why don’t we take a look into the journey which has made it what it is today?

Amonsgt the best timepieces by Breitling is none other than the Navitimer watches. With the looks that it has got to flash, Breitling Navitimer is undeniably the best watch that has been exclusively designed to help the pilots and most people ought to have if aviation is something that excites them.

New Breitling Navitimer Watches

History of Breitling Navitimer Watches

The Breitling winged-B logo is most people’s go to because of how it has evolved. Since the very start, the brand had a clear vision that it is going to be dedicated to the pilots. Thus, in the year 1884, Leon Breitling – a trained watchmaker – moved to Saint-Imier to create the first chronograph and catch the world by a surprise by this innovation. The same year is considered to be the founding year of Breitling. It was in 1915 that Breitling finally introduced its wrist chronograph – it featured central seconds and a 30-minute counter which would act as a pilot watch to calculate the basic things they are in need of in a flight.

Later in the year 1923, Breitling came up with a time watch which was equipped with a pusher. This transformation was state-of-the-art because of the fact that the old chronographs made use of the crown for the start and reset options. 1934 was astonishing for the watch industry because Leon Breitling's successor Willy came up with an idea of the two pushers chronograph which has been the trend ever since it has been established. Since Willy had big dreams for his company – he thought to take it up a notch. Thereby, he approached a mathematician who would help to further the idea of the Breitling watch serving as a calculation tool and that is exactly when the slide rule bezel came into the picture. The said addition helped in the computation of fuel consumption, climbing speed and average speed.

Forward to the year and we find ourselves being introduced to the Breitling Navitimer, which was the evolutionized form of the Breitling Chronomat, wherein the brand made an attempt to improvise the bezel to make it all the more useful for its pilots. The very first of this Breitling watch line had the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association's (AOPA) emblem engraved on its dial – soon after the company was able to forge a relationship with the AOPA.

Well, coming back the Breitling Navitimer – it is the combination of the words "navigation" and "timer". How did this Breitling watch become a success? Enter Breitling Navitimer Cosmonaute – developed in the year 1962 to address the time issues on a galactic expedition. This Breitling pilot watch stood out of the crowd because it not only helped in having a peek into the time but also what day it was. Thus, becoming a perfect companion if you are off into space, right? The stainless steel case of the Breitling watch was a way to have a look into the strength that the aviator watch embodies while it also signalled towards the adventure one could seek while they were in possession of this aviation watch.

The 1970s were pretty grim for the Swiss watch industry because of the Quartz crisis which began to spread through. Breitling had to do something about it; therefore, they released the Navitimer’s LCD editions. However, they did little to better Breitling’s condition. This left no choice for the Breitlings but to sell it out. Thus, the Breitling company was handed over to Ernest Schneider.

As time passed, new life was endowed upon the Breitling Navitimer for it led to the incorporation of an in-house movement. It was in the year 2009 that the brand was able to unblemish itself from all the misadventures it was subjected to. The Breitling in-house movement was introduced by means of the Breitling Navitimer 01. The architecture of this watch is definitely going to render you awestruck while keeping in mind the inclusion of a chronometer certification clubbed with a column-wheel mechanism. The dial of the Breitling watch was 42mm long and it had mastered technicalities while making sure that the originality is not compromised.

The Breitling Navitimer 8 was a corollary to the Navitime 01; however, there were slight additions to it. The Breitling watch was made available in black and blue dials. The Breitling watch displays a 30-minute counter along with a date window – making it all the more exciting to be used. The Breitling Navitimer was one of the best pilot watches to watch world which cannot be forgotten and no matter how many new changes it experiences – it is going to be exotic. Also, with the rich history that it has gained – the vintage Breitling watches are extremely desirable

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