Exploring The Top TAG Heuer Watches

Apr 17, 2019
Exploring The Top TAG Heuer Watches

If you are a watch enthusiast you will definitely be familiar with TAG Heuer Watches. It is a name that people speak with a lot of respect and reverence in the watchmaking industry. The company has created some of the finest watches in history. The legacy that comes attached with the TAG Heuer name is one of high-quality watchmaking and a no-compromise approach. The range of watches that you can find in the TAG Heuer collection is virtually endless. However, there are some timepieces that stood the test of time and came out victorious. These watches are now famous across the globe and give the company its unique identity through their own. Here’s a list of watches by TAG Heuer that we think are the best ever created by the company. Most of these watches are well-known, both by enthusiasts and laymen as well.


TAG Heuer Watches

TAG Heuer Carrera

The collection of watches that TAG Heuer has under its belt is virtually endless. However, if there were to be a single watch that could identify the company, it would be the TAG Heuer Carrera. This watch is more than just another addition to the portfolio. The company realized the dire need to focus on the motorsport industry, as was the way with other watchmakers. The reason for this was to create a decent revenue stream for the company. This watch provided exactly that by taking the motorsport world by storm. The multiple complications provided on the initial watches served key purposes for racing drivers and the like. The simple yet elegant design, the promise of the highest possible quality and a solid mechanical movement made it a success. The watch went on to become the most celebrated watch in the history of TAG Heuer watches.


TAG Heuer Watches

TAG Heuer Aquaracer

The story of the Aquaracer watch is one of unparalleled dedication towards quality and winning. Launched only years after the Submariner and Seamaster came out, this watch broke all records. TAG Heuer lived with a reputation of working primarily with motorsport based watches like the Carrera and Monaco. However, the Aquaracer came out as a response to the dive watches by Rolex and Omega. The company doubled the diving capacity of the watch, thereby offering 200-meter water resistance. We say double in the sense that the competition was offering only 100 meters at that time. With the passage of time, this watch developed in so many ways. Several new features came along, increasing the water resistance depth and so on. The Aquaracer of today is a far cry from the original watch from six decades ago. However, it is fairly easy to identify its keen diving spirit.


TAG Heuer Watches

TAG Heuer Formula 1

As far as uniqueness goes, TAG Heuer created a watch that helped change the future of the company. Named the Formula 1, this watch aimed at becoming the ultimate tether of the company to Formula 1. The partnership with McLaren, the development of engines, etc. are all examples of historical moments that make this watch special. The design style of this watch is also very unorthodox and offers a mixture of straps rubber in the straps and a fiberglass body. The watch practically looked like a child’s toy and yet it was far from it. It had a water resistance of up to 200m. The bold design approach also helped in standing out among the quartz crowd. The primary function was to bring back the clientele lost to the famous quartz movement watches. Given that it is still present, it is safe to say the watch accomplished its mission.


TAG Heuer Watches

TAG Heuer Monaco

If you want to understand how TAG Heuer works and their design philosophy, take a look at Monaco. This is probably one of the most celebrated timepieces in TAG Heuer history. This watch represented everything that TAG Heuer stood for; boldness, innovation and standing out from the crowd. As the name suggests, the crowd in question is again related to motorsports. Not only is the watch name from a famous F1 track, but Steve McQueen also wore it for 1971 Le Mans. This particular model has had a lot of replicas and fake models made as well due to its worldwide popularity. The watch has a unique difference from typical watches and that is the location of the crown. It is present on the left side since winding is not a requirement for this watch. An automatic self-winding movement in the form of Calibre 11 took care of that.


TAG Heuer Watches

TAG Heuer Connected

There is a wide range of classic watches that TAG Heuer has created over the years. However, in recent years the company shifted majorly towards integration of technology with watchmaking. The result of that breakthrough was the launch of a TAG Heuer smart watch that was called Connected. The watch represented fine craftsmanship like never seen before in the smartwatch realm. There aren’t any real targets for the Connected so the biggest competitor for this watch is itself. Living up to the TAG Heuer brand name is quite a challenge on its own. The TAG Heuer Connected, as it turns out is currently a modular watch that is incredibly well made and provides the latest Wear OS features. The watch is truly a great example of how a classic watchmaker can break through traditions to the new ideas. All in all the Connected is among the best smartwatches ever.

Final Words

The watches created by TAG Heuer over the years are quite impressive, both visually and functionally. The company’s legacy demands only one thing, and that is dedication towards quality and innovation. Given how effectively the company has operated since the quartz crisis, you can expect a lot more to come in the future.

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