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Casio is a Japan-based multinational which deals in a variety of products' manufacturing. These products range from digital cameras, calculators to analogue and digital watches. Casio has been delivering adventure sport driven watch collections in a brilliant manner and with commendable variants to cater to the requirements and essentialities of an outdoor watch collection. Also, Casio has brought into the market its solar and atomic watches, bringing in a differentiated collection of watches with assured quality and latest technological advancements incorporated flawlessly. The Casio Lineage is a revered and feature- rich watch collection by this Japanese manufacturer.

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History of Casio Lineage Watches

The watch and electronics brand Casio has been successful in bringing over the solar watches and atomic watches of its own.

Casio has been known for its assured quality and technological acceptance that it passes over in its watches. This Japanese watch brand has incorporated many latest trends and technologies to bring in the markets a beautiful and revered blend of features with appearance that is a visual treat for spectators.

The Casio Lineage is solar, radio control watch collection by Casio. This Casio solar watch is classy in its appearance and gives an elegant look. This mid-range collection is a heart throbbing option offered by this trusted brand. The elegance comes from each and every feature and the apparent specifications that the watches in this collection have. The Casio Lineage watches have an elegant size of 39mm, thereby catering to all wrist sizes, suiting them all perfectly. The collection has watches which feature titanium case and bracelet which makes them lightweight and easy to carry, seamlessly. The bezel usually has a brushed and polished finish. The titanium case sides are impeccably finished and brushed. In addition to these, the solar and radio control specifications of this Casio Lineage collection add a gem to the watch collection by Casio. The whopping feature of world time of 29 time zones has been incorporated in this brilliant collection by Casio. The newer model has 40 time zones- what a treat!

The LCW-170M-1AER model of the lineage series has 5 alarms with 60 minutes stop-watch. The Casio Lineage watch is normally known from the adventure-driven outdoor watches. This also has LED night lighting feature and battery power indicator. Many reasons for it standing out from all other types and brands of watches. This Casio solar watch has a sapphire crystal without an anti-reflection coating. With an off white dial and luminous hands, this Casio watch is extremely attractive and appealing. The Casio Lineage collection serves a more classy and elegant purpose.

Atomic watches, known for the precision are timepieces that use electron transition frequency of atoms. This is used as a frequency standard for the watch's timekeeping element thereby ensuring precision in timekeeping. Casio has incorporated this brilliant feature into its watches which are being known under the Casio atomic watch collection.

Atomic watches ensure to show you time that has the most minute deflection or error, approximately one second in hundred thousand years. Casio has brought a wide range of atomic watches in the market that are smart looking and serve the intended purpose flawlessly.

The solar power technology has also been assimilated in the Casio watches in a commendable manner. These Casio Lineage watches run on solar power and do not lag behind in any way. Performance and appealing looks are both assured when it comes to Casio watches. Casio solar watch collection is a very good option when intending to go for solar-oriented watches.

Casio has also, fabulously amalgamated the two- solar and atomic watches in its collection. The solar atomic watch assemblage. The G shock line by Casio is the perfect blend of both of these classic specifications. The Casio G-shock watch collection is of solar atomic watches. The watches in this assemblage have world time zones, 12/24 hour, have 1/100 second resolution with elapsed time and split time features.

Casio is, in all, a reliable and trusted brand for all the products that it deals in, watches being an amazing offering by them which is extremely renowned and revered. The atomic, solar power driven watch collections by Casio are extremely true to their specifications and tremendously amazing when it comes to the looks.

These Casio watches, specifically, the Lineage collection is a very elegant and appealing collection to choose from. With all the brilliant features and updated and advanced technology, the Casio Lineage watches add an elegant feather to the cap of Casio watches.

The quality assurance and ‘true to its specifications' feature of Casio's offerings have always made it conquer the rest, the watches by Casio flawlessly take ahead this legacy.

Every watch lover who has a thing for technically updated watches with precision and elegance must definitely go for the Casio Lineage watches that Casio has to offer at mid-range reasonable prices.

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