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Resident has delivered numerous world firsts and world bests since 1918. In any case, we realize that we can generally improve. As a producer of watches that individuals wherever love, Citizen is prepared to take on overwhelming mechanical difficulties. Native simply make high-detail timepieces, making something better for everybody. They thought of the first Attesa which truly catch anybody's eye. This Citizen Attesa has incredibly one of a kind look and usefulness of the ATV53-2933 that at last motivated any one.

This light weight case gives the wearer a cool and elegant look and makes them stand out from the others.


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New Citizen Attesa Watches


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History of Citizen Attesa Watches

Citizen Attesa Eco- Drive ATV53-3023 the analog digital chronograph watch with 4 area radio controlled reception manufactured in the year 2010 and made available in USA, Japan and worldwide have the following features:

· Light-weight titanium case and arm jewelry with an exceedingly scratch safe DLC (Diamond-like Carbon) covering. In addition to the fact that DLC shrugs off a wide range of maltreatment, yet it helps give the watch an extremely cool stealthy look increased in value by those of us who aren't such a great amount into bling.

· Sapphire gem (practically scratchproof) with AR covering.

· Atomic adjustment good with time motions in Japan, US, Germany, and China. Adjustment happens at 2 a.m., 3 a.m., and 4 a.m. The 4 a.m. alignment can be moved to whenever of the day which is incredible for individuals who pull all nighters. While aligning, the second hand transforms into a flag quality pointer.

· Solar controlled with a 3.5 year control save, two dimensions of intensity sparing (the first for the LCDs, and the second for the simple hands), battery control pointer, and a low-battery cautioning. In the event that the watch's battery ever passes on totally, it's even sufficiently shrewd to naturally align once adequately revived.

· World time. 43 urban areas are pre-modified, and there's space to include one custom city (the time can be set in augmentations of 15 minutes which can suit basically whenever zone on the planet). DST can be separately flipped for any of the 43 urban areas, and every city can be covered up on the off chance that you'd like to expel it from the rundown (to make looking over increasingly effective). Lastly, you can swap your home and world time zones by discouraging the two catch on the privilege at the same time. This is an incredible element for individuals who much of the time travels between a similar two urban communities.

· Two world time alerts. Each caution can be set to singular urban areas, and each alert sounds an unmistakable tone. The alerts have a test work so you can give them a shot without really setting them and hang tight for them to go off.

· Countdown clock with a most extreme time of 99 minutes.

· Stopwatch with a goals of 1/100th of a second and a most extreme time with 99.99% appropriation.

· UTC sub dial at the 12 o'clock position, 24-hour sub dial at the 2 o'clock position, mode sub dial at the 6 o'clock position, and control of battery at a sub dial at the position of 10 o’clock.

· Internal planning bezel for simple planning. This is an amazingly unordinary include commonly just found on plunge watches. The crown situated at the 8 o'clock position turns the inward bezel which you can use for timing against the simple moment hand.

· Red electroluminescent backdrop illumination (extremely cool impact), and shockingly brilliant luminescent paint on the hour and moment hands, hour lists, and the "pearl" of the pivoting jumping bezel.

· Tri-crease push-catch fastens with slide smaller scale agent. As opposed to moving spring pins to make smaller scale changes in accordance with the arm ornament, simply discourage the catch catches and slide the arm ornament in or out to get an ideal fit.

· Anti-attractive to 4,800 A/m (not exactly a Rolex Milgauss, yet not awful), hand adjustment work (in the event that the hands get misaligned because of attraction or stun), and stun safe development.

· Water impervious to 100 meters, or around 330 feet. When all is said in done, three things about the Citizen Attesa ATV53-2933 truly emerge:

· Ease of utilization. In spite of the fact that the ATV53-2933 is an incredibly complex watch, the three-position crown flanked by enormous, available catches make it amazing natural to utilize and effective to explore.

· Intelligent structure. The extending smaller scale change is a component all watches ought to have, and the skeletonized hands that don't totally darken the LCDs beneath demonstrate that a lot of thought went into the plan of this watch.

· Quality. Titanium is such a light metal, that it can once in a while appear to be shabby, however the ATV53-2933 figures out how to feel also built as it really seems to be. The catch criticism is great, the LCDs are exceptionally high complexity, the arm jewelry is tranquil and strong, and the mix of sapphire precious stone and DLC covering make the whole watch totally scratchproof.

Citizen’s nearest rival is presumably Casio, and keeping in mind that I'm a major G-Shock fan, one think Citizen has kept on advancing and separates itself by delivering some very great timepieces. In the same way as other incredible Citizen watches, the ATV53-2933 isn't accessible in the US; however it very well may be imported by abroad retailers for something around $1,300. Citizen Attests stands unique with its own feature.

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