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Celebrating 100 years with the new Citizen XC, a refined women's watch with shades of dark and rose gold-tone including precious stone accents proposing gleam in the obscurity of night in a Super Titanium case and dark leather lash. Including Eco-Drive innovation – fueled by light, any light. Never needs a battery. Citizen Watch Company was set up in 1924. In the course of recent years Citizen has turned into a widely acclaimed watch seller.

Since 1986, Citizen has held the situation as the world's biggest watchmaker. Also, Citizen is an all inclusive pioneer in bleeding edge innovation and Citizen XC is one of the brands.

New Citizen XC Watches

History of Citizen XC Watches

CITIZEN made the world's first simple light-fueled watch. We called the innovation Eco-Drive. With Citizen XC, our watches create vitality even from diminish light and continue running for a considerable length of time even in obscurity. We have made watches with multi-capacities; watches that are littler, more slender, and progressively wonderful; watches that everybody can identify with, even love.

As a light-control pioneer, we keep on investigating new potential outcomes for the fate of the wristwatch and to make timepieces that rouse individuals all over the place.

How It Works

What is Eco-Drive Citizen XC?

Eco-Drive Citizen XC is a center CITIZEN innovation that creates control even from diminish light, empowering watches to keep running for more than six months* even in obscurity.

· No need to supplant batteries

· XC disposes of the inconvenience and cost of routinely supplanting batteries.

· Generates vitality even in diminish light

· XC produces vitality in daylight as well as in indoor light as well. You don't have to stress over your watch consistently ceasing.

· Runs for more than a half year in obscurity

· One full charge is sufficient to keep most citizen XC models running for more than six months* in haziness. A few models can keep running for a long time.

· Some models keep running for under a half year. All you need is light Citizen XC will continue running wherever you are, insofar as there is light. Motivated by its inventive innovation, individuals all around world give their Eco-Drive Citizen XC watches an extraordinary spot in their lives. Here are their accounts.

The development is basic in reason given the size, yet it attempts to the watch's favorable position. Japan is a "highlight packing" culture, so when you see something straight forward and insignificant like this structure – you can't resist the urge to adore it. This is an old school-considered Japanese watch. The structure is tied in with praising a tasteful which blends machine and gems, just as an attention on little material subtleties, for example, the completing on the hands and the cermet material bezel. This last component is vital given that it is a firm material and forestalls the Citizen XC One watch from being harmed or bowed.

The Citizen XC development offers only the time with hours and minutes – and holds 100 days of intensity when completely charged. That is just somewhat not exactly the thicker Eco-Drive developments. I truly like the Citzen XC watch with these hands and nothing more. This is plan limitation in a manner we infrequently observe from Citizen in items that are sold outside of Japan. On the off chance that anything, the structure alone is explanation behind fans to like the watch – the too thin case is only the good to beat all.

At sizes this way, world records don't generally make a difference. This is the most slender light-controlled quartz watch on the planet, however not the most slender quartz watch on the planet. That record likely goes to something considerably more fragile than the Eco-Drive one. Keep in mind that piece of the pride for Citizen isn't only that they made a very thin Citizen XC. It is that they made an extremely slim watch that is commonsense and intended to keep going quite a while. Beyond any doubt a thicker watch case is going to offer greater sturdiness when all is said in done. That isn't the point. The fact of the matter is that Citizen invested a ton of energy ensuring that their slender watch would endure day by day misuse and life like some other watch. This is a message you'll once in a while hear them articulate, yet it is an essential piece of what makes the Citizen XC is an extraordinary timepiece.

On the wrist the Eco-Drive Citizen XC is about 40mm wide, however that is with the crown protect. I'd consider it a 39mm wide watch. It is agreeable without falling off of your wrist at the drags. Like I stated, the general wearing background is typically agreeable. You can get the watch on either a metal wrist trinket or a lash contingent upon the form. I happen to like this watch the most as a result of the neatness of the dull dim dial blended with the hands, just as the way that the coordinating steel wristband makes it feel more significant on the wrist.

Citizen has a couple of renditions of the XC, alongside a preferably costly restricted release show which costs increasingly over twice as much as something can imagine this non-constrained version demonstrate. All the more in this way, despite the fact that the watch is likely justified, despite all the trouble, the Citizen XC is in no way, shape or form modest. The constrained release makes the watch very costly. It boasts some fancier materials that make the watch significantly progressively tough.

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