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In 1986, Citizen came up with the first dive watch with electronic profundity check, the Promaster, an electronic timepiece with a profundity measure, a timepiece circuit, a presentation unit, and a water-weight sensor. The profundity measure circuit got a flag from the water weight sensor and created a profundity data. The mode control circuit had the reason to switch between a timepiece mode and a profundity check mode, and the presentation would specifically demonstrate the time data motion from the timepiece circuit or the water profundity data motion from the profundity measure circuit.

Known for its naturally bulbous profundity sensor on the left half of the case, the Citizen Promaster basically reformed dive watches since out of the blue, a watch offered an exceptionally trustworthy yet rather modest profundity measure.

New Citizen Promaster Watches

History of Citizen Promaster Watches

The Citizen Promaster is a standout amongst the most essential dive watches ever on the grounds that, following 30 years; it is still a very present day, significant and shoddy. This watch is still prevalent in the Citizen index. The citizen Promaster is unbelievable in light of the fact that it is right away conspicuous as a device for divers and it is worked to last. All things considered, I have seen them solely on the wrist of individuals that have a close association with the ocean, and at times, individuals that I know and regard. Simply the original citizen watches eco drive may be the meaning of the cutting edge apparatus watch.

This ana-digi Citizen Diver watch went past just telling present and greatest profundity; its computerized showcase likewise indicated dive time, rising rate and had profundity and climb alerts. The watch likewise highlighted a computerized stopwatch and an alert. The first Promaster proceeded to have a tremendous effect in the game diving watch showcase, with its creative structure and trend-setting innovation and it started an entire group of watches starting their ahead. Native has created comparative varieties as far back as in its Promaster line, with all models gaining a religion status among the diving network.

The specialty of the original Promasters is that they have a 4-screw case backs and runs on three batteries. Their capacity to show profundity and different parameters, while in the meantime being projectile evidence and moderately modest, made them incredibly mainstream. Each diver, skewer angler, and even commanders of cruising pontoons claimed one or later variations. Interestingly, everybody alluded to it as a profoundly trustworthy bit of pack, which was crucial for day by day exercises close or under the ocean.

The Citizen Promaster is a robust watch. The OEM tie is thick however the "wave" parcel makes it sufficiently adaptable to wear and we can discover a non-decompression limits table imprinted on one side. The metal catches are huge and simple to work. One fascinating thing is that the manual cautions about utilizing the catches submerged, aside from the upper right-hand corner one. The side of the bezel and crown are knurled to make it simple to grasp and turn. The gem is mineral with no AR covering. The time is anything but difficult to peruse with a moderately perfect dial with huge hour markers and all around distinctively molded hour and moment hands while the computerized part is sufficiently huge to be perused effectively without overdriving the dial. A decent detail is the fluorescent orange moment hand.

Citizen, the leader promaster brand has caught the creative ability and profound respect of games experts around the globe for over 30 years. So, to give more options to their users, in festivity, the organization declared three dedicatory PROMASTER models, one for each in the arrangement: SKY, LAND, and MARINE. These three models have its own unique features and have its own identity too.

The Promaster can give its client a sign of profundity with a 3% deviation of its showed esteem. The profundity estimation shows tallies from 1m up to 80m, while the plunging time estimation can achieve the 400-minute imprint. The gauge can hold a plunge log for up to 4 dives, while there is a profundity alert, diving caution screen, climbing speed cautioning and a low battery cautioning. We have Analog presentation time and in parallel, advanced showcase time just as a logbook. To wrap things up, a chronograph work and an ordinary caution are there too.

About the citizen promaster

By and large, need to state that the Citizen Promaster is without a doubt a notable dive watch. Its opposition is a path behind as far as highlights and functionalities. Its plan, with the naturally bulbous profundity sensor, shouts dive watch from a far distance. It's very imaginative structure, its highlights, and its dependability has raised the Citizen Promaster to a status of a cutting edge exemplary. Indeed it is quartz; it can do all these helpful things for its client. It is one of these uncommon events that an instrument watch is pressed with highlights that really bode well, particularly on the off chance that you are a diver or a lance angler – and regardless of whether you don't, you may discover the alert and chronograph work amazingly valuable.

Citizen Promaster is one of the dive watches with much functionality which is drawing attention of the divers and the sports person. The uniqueness of the watch lies in the gauge which can hold the log up to 4 dives and gives analog presentation time which is the special attraction.

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