Nomos Glashuette Autobahn Watches

The undisputed German leader in the watch industry, the Nomos Glashutte is a watch brand with a very unique perspective and aesthetics. Exuding the simplicity at its best through its extraordinary Nomos watches the brand stands high for its quality mechanics.

While defying the fact that the sport timepiece dials can't be clear and minimalist, in the year 2018, Nomos launched its range of dive watches under the head - Nomos Autobahn. The Nomos Glashutte Autobahn collection mainly consists of 3 models under its name. Basically, the Nomos Autobahn watches posses the automotive-inspired design aesthetics, which a significant shift from the Nomos prototype models.

New Nomos Glashuette Autobahn Watches

History of Nomos Glashütte Autobahn Watches

The German watch company, the Nomos Glashutte was incepted in the year 1990 by a computer expert, Roland Schwertner. Ever since its establishment, this German company has endowed its connoisseurs with a number of unique timepieces. Bearing a very different mindset of creating something unique and noble, the brand struck the market with simplistic watch models. And to everyone's surprise, these simple watches without being embellished with precious gems and stones or with any extra add-ons like other luxury watches made a great hit. These watches were straightforward, uncluttered and pure in their every sense. Thus examining the success that these Nomos watches witnessed the company went on appending more models to its catalogue, based on the same basic idea and design profile.

However, in the year 2018, at Baselworld, a major breakthrough occurred for the Nomos followers. Refraining from its line of watches, the company released the range of Nomos diving watches under the umbrella term of Nomos Autobahn.

The launch of this Autobahn line of Nomos Glashutte watches was a significant shift for the brand. These were very different from the Nomos usual fare and incorporated the automative-inspired characteristics in their designs. The Autobahn collection is really very impressive. Its neither an iteration nor resurrection of any previous model but instead it's completely new.

The collection basically comprises of three models under its hood. The design of these watch models has achieved incorporation with Werner Aisslinger, an expert German designer. Specifically, the Nomos Glashutte Autobahn watches derive the inspiration and design cues from automotive instruments of mid-century cars.

The three different versions from Nomos Glashutte Autobahn series include: Autobahn Neomatik 41Date, Autobahn Neomatik 41Date Midnight Blue and the Autobahn Neomatik 41Date Sports Grey.

As evident from their names, all of the above mention Nomos watches are encased in a 41mm case which is just 10.5mm in height. Staying firm to their very tradition of being minimalist these Nomos Glashutte watches too bear a clean and clear dial face. Additionally, to make watch fit firmly to the wearer's wrist the Autobahn's consists of down-facing lugs.

Further, the enamelled strip stretching from eight o'clock to four o'clock would probably make you remind of the automotive speedometers. Well, this is not the end, the date window showcasing three dates at once, yesterday's today's and tomorrow's all through the single window gives an appeal of the odometer. Every aspect of this Nomos Glashutte automotive watch has been kept in accordance with the automotive instruments. Thus providing wheels to your spirit of racing while donning them. Bold edges, fine linings, concave dial and subdial displaying time at various levels add a very dimension to the range of sports watches.

Exceptionally clear and precise, the dial of these Nomos watches consists of square numerals and black stick hands. Moreover, the Autobahn Midnight version allows you to keep track of time in dark days as well- courtesy to its luminous ring of superluminova material on its dial. In addition to this, the Nomos Autobahn watches are powered by Nomos Neomatik calibre DUW 6101. This calibre was exclusively created for running these watches. It is the first Neomatik calibre integrated with the date. This movement allows the date to set easily in both directions. And the swing mechanism embedded inside it ensures the optimum precision. Furthermore, this Nomos calibre is a bit large but extremely thin at 3.6 mm in height. And if you wanna accompany the Autobahn for some water adventures then you need not worry about as well, because these sports watches are resistive to water up to 100 meters of depth.

While now, checking out its variants. The Nomos Autobahn Midnight Blue with its deep blue dial with superluminova strip against the dark background of dial lends the Nomos watch very dynamic look and sporty look. And if you wanna opt for something more sober and light toned, then the two other models, one with a white silver-plated dial and the other one with grey background dial can fit your requirements.

The white background 41mm Date model features orange toned seconds' hand and the other variant with grey background features a Blue enamelled superluminova strap with a neon orange hour and seconds' hand.

Although, the thing to be noted here is - that the cases of all Nomos Autobahn models are made with high high-polished stainless steel material.

Thus, the Nomos Autobahn models skillfully blend all the Nomos very traditions of watchmaking. Keeping its aesthetic of being precise, clear and purposeful the Nomos Autobahn watches have stood the test of time. Every schema encapsulated in the watch is the effort of rigorous experimentations carried out by the Nomos professional. Thus when added to your wardrobe, these Nomos watches will always ensure you the utmost performance without making you feel regretful. They will always accompany you for all occasions. And certainly while donning these Nomos Glashutte watches you will fall in love with your wrists!!

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