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While talking of fashion and decency, Nomos Glashütte Company has impressively shared their dexterity with millions of watch-lovers across the globe. With its headquarter lying in Glashütte, Germany, Nomos Glashütte company was founded by Roland Schwertner in 1990, two months after the fall of the famous Berlin Wall.

During its initiation period, Nomos Company was only manufacturing hand wound mechanical watches, with their first collection designed by artisan Susanne Günther using the German Bauhaus style.

Through their staunch devotion, in 2005 first Nomos automatic watch was introduced. And since then, Nomos Glashütte has been on the front line producing both, manual-winding and automatic mechanical watches.

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History of Nomos Glashütte Watches

With the help of its over 260 employees, Nomos Glashütte has progressively managed to improve the functional mechanisms in their watches. Currently, Nomos Glashutte has 13 in-house calibers, which all possess their own unique features. This has successfully been influenced by their aspiration to provide classic watch designs which own a clean and modish aesthetic. Gaining their brand loyalty amongst their consumers, and also won them the title of the largest and leading maker of mechanical watches all over Germany.

Recently in another of their breakthroughs, in 2014, Nomos Glashütte was able to celebrate their independence with Nomos swing system. The new system is comprised of their own escapement which has helped ensure their mechanic watches now tick and tock without relying on external supplies for their calibers.

Some of the topnotch and most-rated Nomos watches include…

Nomos Orion

As a true beauty, Nomos Orion watch possesses all the features that match any especial style. On the outside, this Nomos watch has been artfully refined with attractive curves all around, all which aptly lineup with the gentle ageless lines that flatters every eye. There is more. On its front, this German watch has been fitted with a stunning domed sapphire crystal glass. Which outlines its tempered blue hands clearly and precisely on any of the galvanized/golden/diamond-polished dials.

For the lovers of automation, a Nomos Orion with an ultra-thin DUW 3001 caliber is also available. While its wearer enjoys an automatic tick, this precision, alongside its overall mechanics, have proved innovativeness of Nomos Glashütte. Which on the run has been appreciated immensely with numerous awards.

To ensure every classic lifestyle has been accounted for, Orion watches are available in over 20 different versions- all crafted with a traditional but high-tech outlook. In the models, you’re likely to come across a model which has been equipped with the DUW 4101 caliber, as well another like the Orion Neomatik 41 Date Olive Gold which possesses up to 42 hours power reserve.

Nomos AHOI

Do you love adventuring?

Powerful and beautifully designed, Nomos Ahoi tops your favorite adventure with one amusing memorable experience. All filled with an exceptional style and the convenience of timekeeping. For sports lovers, this watch is truly impeccable. As it has everything you’ve been wishing from your past mechanical watches.

If you are aspiring to break Ahmed Gabr’s dive record, well… this Ahoi watch by Nomos is all you need to track your time. Tightly held on the back by six screws, and with two crown guards, the watch has been designed highly water resistant, allowing you to make a dive of up to 200 meters beneath!

Additionally, with the superluminova coating that has been provided, Nomos Ahoi watch ensures you can track your time even under the dark waters using its glowing hands. Its textile strap, on the other hand, has been perfectly designed with the prestigious elegance of France, alongside Nomos stainless steel fastener, both guaranteeing you a perfect fit on the wrist.

For a true German taste, Nomos Company has created Ahoi watch in several versions and designs, all to ensure you have the perfect one for your trend. If it’s of the size, the long-awaited diameter of 36 millimeters is now available. And if your preference is a large size, you can then get the classic 40-millimeter Ahoi Date Siren Blue, which gives you the love of both size and the day’s date.

For the fans of colors, Nomos Ahoi is available in blue-black, bright blue as the sky, red, as well as silver-white like the lovable seagulls.

Don’t lag behind. Get a Nomos Ahoi watch today. And enjoy a German-inspired waterproof adventure!

Classic Nomos Tangente

For the past 25 years, the rounded Nomos Tangente has been one of the best sellers of this Glashütte-based company. Starting with its confident style, this timepiece has won a high ranking amongst its consumers, whilst showering its creators with numerous awards. Its unique design has inspired many, particularly the lovers of the Bauhaus art. Since it’s one of the oldest Nomos watches representing the principles of a true leader design.

In its 19 different models, Nomos Tangente watch always produce a slender tick, including even those versions which an automatic caliber, and or the neomatik caliber which is known of its highest precision. As with the automatic DUW 6101 caliber in the Tangente Neomatik 41 Update.

Apart from the finest caliber, Nomos Tangente doesn’t come in black and white only. The timepiece is also available in midnight blue color, as well as gray and the exciting Champagne. Furthermore, the German watch is available from 33-millimeter diameter, up to 41 millimeters. Giving you a real taste of your ideal preference. /p>

Unlike the other classic models with Nomos calibers, the Nomos Tangente watch has also been equipped with movements that not only offer date functions but also shows a power reserve indicator.

Unpretentious Nomos Club

While others are classified as official, and or sporting timepieces, the Nomos club has been designed to fit any occasion and for anyone. Its young makeup, with no airs and graces, makes it wearable in your Friday’s board meeting, and even when cutting a rug with your buddy on the dance floor.

Despite its multiuse, this German watch possesses superlative calibers which have been handmade by Nomos’ top-talents. Respective to your ideal liking, you can easily get the Nomos Club with your favorite caliber within - be it hand wound, or the automatic watch. Either of them has been distinctively molded to help ensure your wrist has a true Nomos ticking.

Whilst still harboring its sportier youthful complexion, Nomos Club also has been added with clear-cut attributes that will entice anyone. With the Campus and Aqua series, for example, the model’s hands have been coated with superluminova, which enables you to tell the time when under the thick darkness of the jungle at night.

Moreover, in enhancing its youthful glamor further, Nomos Glashütte has fitted it with a powerful sapphire crystal glass and a memorable stainless steel case. It’s a memorable case, as at the back there’s a ravishing message which has been engraved to instill a lifetime memory.

Similar to the Nomos Ahoi, Nomos Club is also water resistant with its Nomos Aqua series model. The timepiece is available in four different dial colors, and; five different sizes, ranging from 36 – 41.4 millimeters in diameter.

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