Nomos Glashuette Zurich Watches

They are round, simple, and pure. And they are indeed, the Nomos Glashutte watches. Distinguished by a minimalist elegance, quality workmanship, and impeccable precision, the Nomos Glashutte is one of the best watch brands.

Located in Germany in Glashütte, the company has effectively created a mark in the world of horology. The undisturbed dial designs and utilitarian characteristics are all the hallmarks of Nomos watches. Well, its Nomos Zurich collection very well carries forwards its traditions of watchmaking. Featuring a flat dial face, tapered edges, and an automatic movement the Nomos Zurich timepieces deliver everything that a Nomos follower would desire for.

New Nomos Glashuette Zurich Watches

History of Nomos Glashütte Zurich Watches

The German watch brand Nomos Glashutte is like no other watch brands. It is unique, it is undisputed and invincible. These are some characteristics that define this watch brand. Bringing together German engineering, exceptional watchmaking skills and award-winning design aesthetics, the Nomos watches are really incredible. They are simply wow. Because of course, Nomos watches are simple and clean.

Standing firm to its traditions of watch manufacturing all Nomos watches exudes minimalist design aesthetics and fine details. Moreover, every timepiece by Nomos delivers exceptional performance and precision. Incepted in the year 1990, the Nomos Glashutte is just a 2 decades old brand. Seemingly which is a very short span in the segment where many brands have been ruling since ages. Though defying all the Nomos never turned back, it kept on adding and improvising its catalogue. And indeed Nomos Glashutte has delivered many remarkable inventions in the watch world.

However, when required to analyse its success and position, then its Nomos Zurich collection is enough to convey all.

Featuring a slim profile with a flat dial face, this Nomos watch is so alluring that it has even received many titles and awards for its striking design. The Nomos Zurich collection is very unique and subtle in its very essence. Today under its head the Nomos Zurich assortment houses six different pieces of watches. All characterised by minimalist elegance, quality craftsmanship and astonishing precision. Every Nomos Zurich timepiece flaunts a simplicity in its design and extraordinary grace of luxury.

Thus this Nomos Glashutte watch is a perfect timepiece for those connoisseurs who admire to simple living and firmness to core values of being traditional and pious. Thus owing to its amazing design this Nomos Glashütte timepiece has been accorded with the number of awards. And one such prominent one is the Austrian Chrono-Award where it was conferred with the Golden Balance Award, the Good Design Award, and the Red Dot Design Award. In addition to this Nomos Glashutte watch was also honoured with the Munichtime audience award. Well, this is not the end, there more to go. The Nomos Zurich has also received the Watch of the Year Award by "Welt am Sonntag" and the trade magazine. And lastly, the Vienna time Audience Award. So this was the list of notable achievements garnered by the Nomos Zurich watches. However, this is not the end, for coming years as well the Nomos Zurich timepieces will go on achieving the milestones.

Undoubtedly, Nomos Zurich is an exceptional and most sought-after watch. Certainly, the Zurich is one of the powerful collections from Nomos. Being powerful yet straightforward the Nomos Zurich timepieces focus on pure elegance without incorporating any unnecessary decorations and surplus add-ons.

The Nomos Zürich Collection
The current Nomos Zurich collection consists of the number of unique timepieces under its head. It's every variant possess a unique appeal and charm in its design aesthetics. Thus the collection is full of exquisite timepieces that aptly fit the choices of humble watch lovers.

Although all of the Nomos Zurich timepieces consists of slender bezel design, flat watch face, hand applied indices, Rhodium plated hands, and tapered edges. Apart from this, every Zurich measures 40mm in diameter and 100mm in thickness and water resistive up to 30meter of depth. Though the profile of this Nomos Glashutte watch may appear sleek and a bit reserved it will never let your charm hide. Instead, it will add to the beauty of your wrists while flaunting the luxury at its best.

Now moving on to its watch models, then the Zurich family includes following notable timepieces: the Nomos Zurich WELTZEIT/ World time watch, Nomos Zurich BLAUGOLD, Nomos Zurich DATUM and the Nomos Zurich BRAUNGOLD.

From all the aforementioned models the most popular one is the Zurich Nomos world timer or the Weltzeit. This watch tells you time in 24 different zones formats. And for this complex function to get activated you just need to push a button. Even the look of this Nomos Glashutte watch is very alluring. And in addition to the classic simple white galvanized dial, the model is also available in a midnight blue variation. However, all other functionalities of this Nomos Glashutte watch have been kept similar to other Nomos Zurich models. Whereas, the Zurich Datum version helps the wearer to keep track of date along with time. And even if you want to go for something very striking then the Nomos Zürich Blaugold can fulfil your cravings. Exhibiting a sunburst blue gold dial this Nomos watch looks very elegant yet subtle. Furthermore, the Nomos Glashutte watch is contrasted by a lustrous black strap. Thus the Nomos Zurich Collection has got something for everybody. All the Nomos watches under its head are captivating and appealing. Whether you opt for a white dial or a coloured dial version, all these Nomos watches will surely deliver you an eye catchy look.

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