Nomos Glashuette Tetra Watches

A watch company with distinguished cult and status, the Nomos Glashutte is synonymous to creativity, uniqueness and extraordinary innovations. Today under its hood the company houses a number of exquisite timepieces that stand high for their quality and unique design aesthetics.

Thus while paying heed to its unique design, then the Nomos Tetra collection definitely needs to be appreciated about. Featuring an extraordinary square case with an extreme sleek profile, just 6.3 mm in height, the Nomos watch exhibits a very alluring look. Moreover, to deliver an interrupted performance the Nomos Glashutte watch is equipped with highly precise, in-house manufactured Alpha manual calibre.

New Nomos Glashuette Tetra Watches

History of Nomos Glashütte Tetra Watches

Incepted in the year 1990 by a computer expert, Roland Schwertner- the Nomos Glashütte is a well-known German luxury watch brand headquartered in the town of Glashütte. Since the company ventured into the business of watchmaking it has manufactured a number of unique timepieces and movements. Its inventions and innovations have been really fruitful in boosting the success of the brand. In fact, in a very short interval of time, the company has occupied a prominent place in the luxury watch market. Today, Nomos watches are counted among the rare pieces of jewellery. They are listed among the most favoured timepieces. Moreover, many of Nomos watches have been even granted the number of renowned awards and titles.

Thus, what makes Nomos watches so unique and enchanting, how are they so different? Well, it is the unique simplistic design that sets them apart from the crowd of other watches. The Nomos watches are incredible, be it in their design or mechanics. Unlike, to other watches the Nomos timepieces bear understated and a clean look. They have very simple design aesthetics which are free from any other surplus add-ons. Thus making a perfect timepiece for those who love being straightforward and purist in their every sense. And when comes to simplicity and uniqueness, then how can we forget about the Nomos Tetra collection. Soaking the wearer with piousness, these simple yet elegant watches feature a very unique square shaped dial. This style-savvy square watch encapsulated many extraordinary features and functionalities that distinguish Nomos Tetra from the rest of the watch brands. Its ingenious design incorporates high-quality mechanics and aesthetics which are really very impressive.

While heading towards its creation, in the year 1992, the Nomos Glashütte released four different models, namely, the Nomos Tangente, Nomos Orion, Nomos Ludwig, and the Nomos Tetra. Amongst these models except the Nomos Tetra collection, all of the models consisted of circular shape dial. Thus setting itself apart from the crowd of watches that were generally released during that time. Owing to this uniqueness these watches became highly favoured among the Nomos followers.

However, the Nomos Tetra assortment is the only collection in the Nomos family that doesn't consist of a circular dial. The angular case of the Nomos Glashütte watch in combination with sleek hands lend the watch a stylish look. Nonetheless, the overall design of Nomos Glashütte watch staying in harmony while achieving the soothing balance assuredly convinces the modern watch connoisseurs.

Nomos Glashütte Tetra Collection
The current Nomos Tetra collection comprises of watches in two different sizes including 29.5 mm and 27.5mm variants. However, the design and mechanics of these variants quite similar. The Nomos Tetra watches are equipped with a mechanical Alpha movement manufactured by Nomos completely in house. Even the height of these Nomos Glashutte watches has been kept slender in order to stick the wrists comfortably. The height of watch dial in the larger version, 29.5mm is kept 6.3mm. Thus lending the 2watch very sleek and slim profile. Furthermore, the galvanised silver-plated dial with dark blue-tinged hands makes the watch look really very impressive. Apart from this, the Nomos Glashutte watch lugs measuring 18mm allow you to the append a more narrow strap by doubling the watch horns. Whereas, the richly coloured finely detailed Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan strap adds to the beauty and durability of the Nomos Glashutte watch. Also to relieve you from concerned about water penetration the Nomos Tetra timepieces offer a water resistivity up to 30meters of depth.

Sticking back to its straightforward design the Nomos Tetra watches are exempted from all kind of extra add ons. They are neither embellished with any gemstones nor with the mother of pearl dial. Thus refraining from all these the Nomos watches skillfully incorporate all basic fundamental features of the watch.

Furthermore, the Nomos Tetra collection consists of a number of exquisite timepieces under its head. These are - the Nomos Tetra 27, the Nomos Tetra Neomatik, Nomos Tetra Grenadine, Nomos Tetra Pearl, Nomos Nomos Tetra Matcha, Nomos Tetra Azure and the Nomos Tetra Berlin set.

All of the aforementioned Nomos Tetra models are square watches featuring distinct dial colours and sizes. Each of the models from this collection is very unique in its essence, thus convincing every kind of watch lover.

Apart from this the Nomos Glashutte also supports the noble cause of charity. With the profits made by selling its limited edition model Tetra 27, Nomos Glashutte aspires to release funds for the French NGO which provides priceless medical services in the endemic diseases hit conflict zones. The main highlights of this limited edition watch include a red twelve o'clock marker and "Doctors Without Borders" printed below the 6 o'clock marker. Moreover, the special engraving on the case back of the Nomos Glashutte watch also positions the Nomos Tetra 27 in the list of popular timepieces.

So pick your Nomos Tetra and add appeal to your wrists. After donning them you will surely, turn around your head towards your wrists to admire the beauty of these Nomos Glashutte watches.

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