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German watchmaking was at its peak during the 19th century, a time when Tutima Glashutte came to be known as the city of timepieces. This is because many companies had arrived here to establish their innovative watchmaking ventures. During this time, when most companies were looking forward to new beginning with innovative technologies, two companies named Uhren-Rohwerke-Fabrik Glashütte AG (UROFA) and Uhrenfabrik Glashütte AG were founded. Together, they were known as UFAG and were chaired by Dr Ernst Kurtz. Very soon, this watch brand derived the name Tutima, which translated to safe and secure. And true to its name, Tutima Glashutte delivered efficient, secure and reliable timepieces.

They believed that achieving perfection takes time, which is why every piece crafted took its own time before being launched in the market. They designed watches for niche needs, combining innovation with the target market’s preferences. The brand’s military edition was exclusively known for being functional and robust in design. They also crafted the Pilot’s edition Chronograph. Their most sophisticated and desired movement included the Calibre Lemania 5100.

Tutima Glashutte has a total of four products- Saxon, M2, Grand Flieger and Patria. They also crafted special movement modules such as Calibre Tutima 521, which allowed the watch to function without compromising on reliability.

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Beginnings of Tutima Glashutte

Tutima Glashutte began its journey in 1927 when the European culture was evolving, and a slight tinge of the same could be seen in Germany. Known for a celebrated watchmaking tradition, Glashutte housed several brands that helped enhance the custom. Dr Ernst Kurtz, who was chairing the company during these early years, helped deliver reliability and safety through his creations. He ensured that the brand surpassed all Swiss watch brands with their exquisite collection that combined functionality and aesthetics.

In the early twentieth century, they rose to fame with their technically advanced watches. The brand understood the pulse of their audience that needed wristwatches they could read with a flicking movement. These people included drivers, divers, pilots and other professionals, who needed to be on-time every time. Thus, the brand started designing Tutima watches that were capable, user-friendly and extremely accurate. The brand soon became famous and started redefining luxury with the minutely defined exquisite designs and impressive craftsmanship. Their pilot’s watch went on to become one of the legendary watches crafted by the brand.

The Post-War Scenario

However, things went south as the factory was burned at the end of the war. Tutima Glashutte did not die with the combat. Even as Germany experienced its zero hours, the brand was making a slow but steady comeback by keeping up the entrepreneurial spirit alive. They moved from their home ground to the west and began redefining their brand. They established their presence in Ganderkesee, in Lower Saxon, and began designed sturdy watches for men in professional fields. This led to the creation of the Tutima Military edition. This Chronograph became the pilot’s watch for the NATO in 1984. With this edition, climbed back to fame and regained its lost reputation. With time, Germany united, which gave new life to the company. They went back to Glashutte, where they established a new factory. This is where their classic Alpha-model was designed, which showcased reliability and peerless precision.

The Model Movements of Tutima Glashutte

Tutima Glashutte understands the need for excellent movements and unique technologies that could transform the way people perceive the brand. As a result, they created in-house calibres, which were slightly different from the Swiss calibres. Their models and movements were designed in a way that they could be placed in compact watches. So, they designed small and elegant pieces with minute repeaters and automatic movements. For instance, the Tutima Watch 521 is an equivalent of the Swiss Caliber Lemania with fewer components and smaller size.

Various Tutima Editions

Tutima Glashutte has delivered four exceptional watch models till date.


These gold Tutima watches are crafted using exceptional manufacturing skills that are rooted in the brand’s origins. With the Patria watches, the company rose back to fame. With a silver-plated dial, the watch showcases an exquisitely styled movement. The brand designed a watch for the luxury segment with Patria. The sapphire crystal case and steel winding wheels make it appear technically advanced and impeccable.


They designed a watch that offers inflexible functionality and extreme reliability, qualities that are essential in watches for men. M2 watches were inspired by the NATO chronograph that was the official service watch for German army pilots. The initial watch transpired several innovations and reinventions to deliver the classic M2 cases.

Grand Flieger

This is the re-edition of the earlier developed pilot’s chronograph. The newness and inventions made to this particular edition were to improve the reliability and safety quotient for the pilots. It has incorporated the calibre UROFA 59, which enhances precision. Apart from this, the watches comprise of a feature called Tempostopp, which adds the flyback function.

Saxon One

There are three variants of Saxon One, the Saxon One M, Lady and Lady S. With a sporty yet elegant appearance, and steel architecture, the watches aimed to redefine the way German watches were perceived. The brand designed water-resistant and technologically advanced pieces with Saxon to influence the target market.

Tutima Glashutte M2 Watches

The highlight of the M2 watches is the fact that they are highly reliable, functional and aesthetically designed. These watches are developed to withstand high pressures, above 15,000 meters sea level. They offer excellent water resistance and are pretty comfortable to wear. This is a re-edition of the NATO chronograph designed for the army in 1984. These watches support a Calibre Tutima 521, which has been created by the brand. They are anti-magnetic too as the nickel-iron alloy within the watch design binds the various magnetic field streams.

M2 Seven Seas

It is a part of the earlier M2 watches. It expands and redefines the early Tutima Military chronograph, which boosts the reputation for the brand. Enabling a self-winding movement and combined with a Tutima rotor inside an antique grey case, the mechanism indicates the day of the week along with the date. It is enclosed in a titanium case and screwed to a 3mm sapphire crystal using a crown and back. The ability to withstand pressure levels up to 50 bar and the robust design make this watch truly unique. If you don’t want to go with the titanium bracelet, you can opt for the Kevlar strap, which is equally water-resistant.

M2 Coastline

This is a new addition to the M2 series and has redefined the appeal of this edition with its sporty look. It is built to withstand rough conditions, both on land and in deep seas. It offers a robust design and is equally sturdy, which is what differentiates the M2 series from the rest. The model is fabricated using titanium, which makes it lightweight and resistant. The self-winding calibre is the highlight of the M2 series. It is the title sponsor of Tutima racing yacht.

Add Tutima Glashutte M2 Watches to Your Collection

Tutima Glashutte boasts vintage collections and traditional watchmaking intricacies like a pro. The M2 collection is especially one that watch connoisseurs will love for its reliability, functionality and edgy designs. The M2 watches are not only glamorous, but also offer high resistance against water and magnetic shocks. Plus, you have a choice in straps too, to take your style quotient a notch higher.

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