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Tutima’s story is inextricably linked with the beginning of Glashutte. The brand was founded back in 1927 from the ashes of Glashutte and started working towards achieving the goal of producing high-quality pocket watches for all. Tutima started as a known brand in the world of military forces fighting in World War II. Later, it became a regular supplier of watches to pilots, and each model had specific requirements suitable to bear tough environments.

Tutima somehow remained silent for years, but they have made a comeback and kept moving forward since the time of 1980. From launching the Patria collection to the Sky collection, Tutima is now focusing on what grabs the attention of the commoners. Tutima watches are not detached from their roots, and designs are in accordance with the brand’s rich history. As Tutima’s reputation is mostly built around aviation watches, the Sky collection pays homage to that and features several motifs of the original pilot’s watches.

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Tutima Glashutte Sky: A Flagbearer of the Brand’s History

Tutima, a watchmaking company rising to fame during World War II, used to mainly produce watches for pilots or for military use. Their strict maintenance of catering only to the armed forces backfired after a period of time when the common people started forgetting about the brand. Even though the company produced some excellent aviation watches in the 1980s and 1990s, not many people know of its existence. To come back in the field, Tutima Glashutte has launched new watches following the interests of the current generation. Tutima watches have always been a favorite to pilots, and now these can be worn by all for everyday adventures! With elegant aviation inspired aesthetics, Tutima is ready to show its artistry once again and manufacture the best luxury watches.

Tutima was founded at a time when originality and creativity had its own place. Ernest Kurtz, though mostly focused on making pocket watches, realized that the world needed wearable wristwatches and shifted his attention to that. From that moment, Tutima started creating history and became a tough competition for its contemporaries. As Glashutte started producing durable and reliable timepieces under the name “Tutima,” the brand became synonymous with extraordinary creativity. From introducing the Flieger Chronograph in 1941 to launching the new Hommage Minute Repeater, Tutima’s range of models boast of high-end finishing. The latest Tutima Glashutte Sky, released in 2019, is a shadow of the watches produced in the 1970s. Take a look at the brand’s most iconic collections:

Tutima Grand Flieger Watches

To reflect their aviation DNA, the Grand Flieger watches have been launched by Tutima. The designs of these timepieces reflect largely on the 1941 pilot chronograph that had been ordered by the German government. Featuring coin-edged bezels, transparent case backs and precise automatic movements, the Grand Flieger collection has become Tutima’s standard for functionality and aesthetics.

Tutima M2 Watches

The M2 collection is a range of adventure watches and is a perfect partner for an explorer. From being extremely comfortable to easy legibility, this watch is not only water-resistant but also features a pressure-resistant case. Its movements are shockproof and can resist vibrations and blows. The M2 Tutima watches have Tutima’s own in-house calibers that assure high functionality at all times.

Tutima Patria Watches

Having already shown their expertise in the field of aviation, the line of Patria watches has been introduced as a testament to Tutima’s superior designing and luxurious manufacturing. This breathtaking series of gold dress watches showcase an amalgamation of old tradition and high-end technicalities. The silver-plated dials and the sapphire crystal case backs speak largely of Tutima’s sophisticated aesthetics.

Tutima Saxon One Watches

This collection brings a sporty vibe to the world of German watches. The steep architecture, bold lines, and pyramid-shaped bezels immediately grab everyone’s attention. Consisting of powerful chronograph functions and harmonious dials, the Saxon One watches have an incredible finish. This series is a win due to its water-resistant and shock-protected features.

Tutima Glashutte’s Stunning Sky Collection

The most recent of all, Sky is a vintage collection with hues and colors of the sky. An ode to the original aviation Tutima watches, Sky watches come in various shapes. The main attraction lies in the dial, and in order to keep it in the limelight, the rest of the watch comes in stainless-steel. The bracelets have a firm grip and sit nicely on the wrist.

The Sky collection has been unveiled at Baselworld in 2019. It gives the wearer a feeling of the 70s through its striking design. Apart from the Milanese mesh bracelet, Sky watches have outstanding functions as well. The Sky collection’s classic sleek central hands and carefully faceted indexes have made the collection an instant hit right after its release. Suitable for both formal and casual occasions, Sky watches come at a modest price range without sacrificing quality. In all fairness, the Sky watches is a top-notch example of German craftsmanship and excellency.

Crafted in stainless steel, the watch has a round case with a curved lug and a mesh bracelet. The timepiece displays seconds, minutes and hours on the dial. The hands have luminous coatings so that the time remains visible even in darkness. However, the USP of the Tutima Glashutte Sky watches lies in its range of colors. With an attractive finesse, the dials have a lighter tone in the center and gradually turn darker towards the outer edges. Regal blue, forest green, and Bordeaux red dials are not only visually arresting but are also boldly individualistic at the same time. The variation in the dial colors is a stark reflection of the spirit of the 1970s with a modern approach to it. The anti-reflective sapphire crystals pave the way for reading without experiencing a glare. The value proposition of the Sky collection is quite high, and one is often left wanting to own them in all three colors! The mesh bracelet is suitable for both thin and wide wrist and is nicely crafted. When worn in a crowd, the vibrance of the colors is sure to attract everyone’s eyes, thereby providing the owner with a sense of luxury.

Through the revamped collections of timepieces, Tutima is trying to climb the ladders of success in luxury watchmaking. Investing in a Tutima Glashutte watch is for life. The minimal designs of Tutima watches impress both watch connoisseurs and commoners. With more than 90 years of experience, Tutima has never failed its patrons. Tutima has always stayed true to its rich history and has strived to bring the best aviation-inspired watches to the world.

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