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It is impossible to talk about German luxury watches without speaking of Tutima Glashutte. Founded in 1297, the brand was named after a Latin derivation for “safe and secure.” Tutima Glashutte was the official timepiece for the German military and air force pilots during the Second World War. Tutima has had its ups and downs and travelled from Glashutte to Ganderkesee and back. Their watches are known for excellent timekeeping, innovative designs, sturdy body and precision-driven mechanical components.

Today, watches from the Tutima Saxon One collection proudly bear the Made in Glashutte label – a mark given only to those watches having at least 50% of their components made in Glashutte. The Tutima Saxon One Chronograph watches and Tutima Saxon One Automatic watches are known for their sporty styling that does not stray from the elegant aura surrounding these watches. They are coveted by men and women around the world. From the more accessible watches of the Saxon One M series to the Tutima Saxon One Chronograph watches, each timepiece is unique. Many watch models are limited editions.

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The Birth of Tutima Glashutte

The 1920s were all about change and innovation. Where until now pocket watches were the norm to tell time, Dr. Ernst Kurtz, a jurist, recognized that the future belonged to wristwatches. For men driving a car and piloting aircrafts, a pocket watch was difficult and inconvenient to use. In 1927, two companies were founded in a German town called Glashutte: Uhren-Rohwerke-Fabrik Glashütte AG (UROFA) and Uhrenfabrik Glashütte AG, known as UFAG. Dr. Kurtz served as the director for both these companies. They aimed to create watches that were precise, durable and reliable, and hence, the brand was named ‘Tutima’ – meaning safe and secure in Latin.

The use of superior technology and exquisite craftsmanship gave Tutima watches an excellent reputation. The Pilot’s watch launched in 1941 would soon become legendary. Tutima watches were the official watches for the air force pilots of the German Reich. Their watches were known to be able to withstand stress and were easy to operate. However, 4 years later, the watch company seemed to be in dire straits when an air raid, hours before the end of the Second World War, destroyed their factory. Luckily, Dr. Kurtz, along with a few employees, was able to move to West Germany in time and thus the company was saved. Together, they helped in preserving the art of Glashutte watchmaking in a community called Ganderkesee.

In the 1960s, the brand was reorganized as Tutima Uhren GmbH by Dieter Delecate. Under the new name, they continued to design complicated mechanical movements, and by the early 1980s, the brand had once again built a name for itself. The fall of the iron curtain triggered the company’s move back to Glashutte but it wouldn’t be complete until 2008.

Tutima Watch Valuation

Tutima Glashütte watches are desired by both men and women around the globe. The fact that they were the official watches for the military originally has boosted their value. Many Tutima watches produced today are available only in limited editions. In 2016, the early nickeled brass pilot’s flyback Tutima chronograph wristwatch sold for almost $6,000 at an auction. A new Tutima wristwatch is undoubtedly expensive, but the use of in-house movements and the high level of watchmaking justifies the price.

The Tutima Saxon One Collection

Today, Tutima watches cater to men and women from all walks of life. The Tutima Saxon One is an iconic collection that marks the beginning of a new era in timekeeping for Tutima. It is the highlight of Tutima’s “made in Glashutte” watches. It is interesting to note that for a watch to use this tag, atleast 50% of its components must be manufactured in Glashutte. Given their use of in-house manufactured movements, Tutima Saxon One watches surpass this requirement.

The collection has Tutima Saxon One Chronograph watches and Tutima Saxon One Automatic watches designed under four lines – the Saxon One, the Saxon One M, the Saxon One Lady and the Saxon One Lady S.

The Saxon One

This colletion currently has 14 watch models, including the Tutima Saxon One Chronograph watches and Tutima Saxon One Automatic watches. They are edgy yet elegant and sporty. One look is enough to gauge their uniqueness. A round dial is set in a square-ish case with a three dimensional pyramid-shaped bezel that harmoniously transitions to a rotating bezel, in these models. Sharp lines dominate the watch’s steely architecture and distinguish between polished and satin-finished surfaces. They are water resistant up to about 20 ATM, protected from shocks, and antireflective. Besides, the Tutima Saxon One Chronograph watches in this collection are slightly larger than the Tutima Saxon One Automatic watches.

The Saxon One M

The Saxon One M series of 6 watches was conceived with the aim of delivering high-quality wristwatches at affordable prices. The models are ideally suited for anyone looking for distinctive styling and reliable timekeeping. These are the younger members of the Saxon One collection and debuted in 2017. The watches boast all of Tutima’s typical advantages and act as a gateway to the luxury fashion world. The three-handed wristwatches feature sharply faceted contours and are equipped with a leather strap or a stainless steel bracelet. The internal movements, visible through a transparent caseback, are shock-protected and watertight to 10 bar. All six watches also have a day and date window.

The Saxon One Lady

The Saxon One Lady series is basically a ladies’ version of the Saxon One Line. The series includes 4 Tutima Saxon One Automatic models with a 36mm mother-of-pearl dial, a diamond-set bezel, and a choice between stainless steel bracelets and leather straps. The watches are dynamic, edgy and ideal for all events. Equipped with automatic winding and the Tutima 521 caliber, the watches offer a 44-hour power reserve and water resistance up to 20ATM.

The Saxon One Lady S

An extension of the Saxon One series, the Saxon One Lady S line has 6 models. The series offers a choice between mother of pearl dials and blue dials set in stainless steel diamond-studded cases, with matching bracelets or complimenting leather straps. The dials are probably the simplest of all the Saxon One watches as they feature only an hour and minute hand and a date window.

Be on Time with Tutima Saxon One Watches

Every Tutima Saxon One watch is unique in its styling but the heart of all these watches stays true to the brand’s focus on mechanical movements and precise timekeeping. So, if you are looking for a smart, elegant watch – these timepieces will win you over!

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