Editor’s Picks: 10 Best anOrdain Watches You Shouldn’t Miss Out On

Jun 14, 2022
Editor’s Picks: 10 Best anOrdain Watches You Shouldn’t Miss Out On

Scottish watch brand anOrdain might be new to the watchmaking scene, but it has quickly succeeded in winning the hearts of many, both watch enthusiasts and the general public alike. The brand has quickly showcased its expertise in crafting reasonably-priced timepieces that show off classically-inspired designs and distinctive, handsome enamel dials.


In line with anOrdain’s mantra, “The appeal of a good mechanical watch lies in its ability to operate independently of the modern world,”, each model it offers boasts a retro-inspired style, while also incorporating a touch of modernity. These anOrdain watches have handily fulfilled the wishes of patrons who adore nostalgic, old-school watches. Without further ado, let us dive into the world of anOrdain, its history, its collections, and the best watches it has under its belt. 

A Brief History of anOrdain Watches

anOrdain is one of those freshly-minted watch microbrands that have only been in operation for under 10 years. It was first established in 2015 by Lewis, along with Adam, the brand’s first enameller, and Imogen, the brand’s typographer. After several years of constant research and innovation, the Scottish-based company finally launched its first-ever watch collection — the Model 1. This watch showed off an adorable enamel watch face with three syringe-style hands, making it an instant hit with audiences. With only 260 pieces produced, the anOrdain Model 1 sold out right after its release in 2018. 


In 2019, anOrdain launched a new collection, which it named Model 2. This family of rugged watches was notable for its contemporary builds paired with traditional styles. Today, the brand employs a total of ten skilled watch designers and workers, joining efforts to develop and design high-calibre, classic anOrdain watches.

anOrdain Watches: Our Top Ten Picks

Since its inception, anOrdain watches have been a crowd favourite, thanks to their distinctive and minimalistic styling, reminiscent of the retro German Bauhaus watches. On top of their appealingly understated styles, the anOrdain watches are also fitted with advanced features. Indeed, these are watches that definitely deserve to be on your radar. As such, our editors have curated a list of the ten best anOrdain watches you should consider adding to your growing collection. 

1. anOrdain Model 1 Iron Cream

front view of anOrdain Model 1 Iron Cream watch

The first watch on our list is known as anOrdain Model 1 Iron Cream. Famous for its understated, quintessential elegance, this watch shows off a crisp and classic appearance with its silver-tone case and lovely iron cream enamel dial. 


This watch is presented in a slender 38mm stainless steel case, with thin, bevelled lugs and a handsome leather strap in dark grey. As with all anOrdain watches, a small crown is located on the right side of the case, protected by slight, sloping crown guards. The case, along with the lugs and crown, all bear a finely polished finish, giving the Model 1 Iron Cream a lovely lustre.


In addition, this handsome timepiece is also equipped with a sapphire crystal that comes with six layers of anti-reflective coating. This guarantees a clear, distortion-free view of the watch face. This sapphire crystal protects a lovely cream-coloured enamel dial, which is furnished with stylish blued steel hands, Arabic numeral hour markers in a bold black typeface, and smaller blue Arabic numerals for the minute track, in five-minute intervals.


Powering the Model 1 Iron Cream is the popular ETA Calibre 2824-2. This is a very reliable movement that is frequently used in the watch industry. In addition, it possesses a 38-hour power reserve and a depth rating of 50 metres, allowing it to survive any accidental splashes and showers. 


This soft, elegant anOrdain watch sells at $1,250 USD. It is the perfect, versatile timepiece for any occasion.

2. anOrdain Model 1 Teal

front view of anOrdain Model 1 Teal watch

Next up, we have the anOrdain Model 1 Teal. As its name suggests, this watch shows off a handsome teal dial that makes it an instant stunner. Like the previous anOrdain model, this timepiece is available in a 38mm stainless steel case and a dark grey leather strap. What makes this anOrdain piece distinctive is its aesthetically appealing teal dial, which recalls the famous Rolex Oyster Perpetual Turquoise 36 Ref. 126000-0006. This dial is adorned with stylish brown modern hands. On the rim of the dial, you can also find slim stick indices and white Arabic numeral markers for the even hours. 


Driving this watch is an ETA Calibre 2824-2. It can last for up to 38 hours when fully wound and has a 50-metre depth rating, which is quite standard for a dress watch like the Model 1 Teal. 


If you are looking for a good-looking and straightforward dress watch, the anOrdain Model 1 Teal retails at $1,700 USD.

3. anOrdain Model 1 Runout Edition

front view of anOrdain Model 1 Run Out Edition watch

The anOrdain Model 1 Runout Edition is another gorgeous dress watch from the anOrdain Model 1 collection. It is housed in a 38mm stainless steel case, with a dark grey leather strap and a distinctive black enamel dial. What makes this black dial truly unique are the tiny white marks in the enamel, which creates an alluring, rough-looking texture that you simply cannot take your eyes off. This dial also contains black-tone skeletal hands and Arabic numeral hour markers in a clean white typeface. 


This Model 1 Runout Edition runs on a first-class Sellita SW200-1 movement. This is a self-winding calibre with a 38-hour power supply. Like the aforementioned watches, this dress watch also has a water resistance rating of 50 metres.


This striking timepiece is available at $1,250 USD, making it one of the more affordable anOrdain watches.

4. anOrdain Model 1 Payne’s Grey Fumé 

front view of anOrdain Model 1 Paynes Grey Fume watch

If you are looking for a more casual dress watch with a rare dial, then you should definitely check out the anOrdain Model 1 Payne’s Grey FuméThis watch utilises a 38mm stainless steel, coupled with slim lugs and a dark grey leather strap that perfectly complements its delightful enamel watch face. The dial comprises a silver disk that is slightly domed, creating a smokey effect that simply exudes sophisticated and refinedness. 


Underneath this delicate watch face is a powerful ETA Caliber 2824-2. This self-winding movement delivers a 38-hour power reserve and a water resistance rating of 50 metres. 


The Model 1 Payne’s Grey Fumé is worth approximately $2,500 USD. It is one of the most expensive anOrdain watches available. 

5. anOrdain Model 1 Plum Fumé 

front view of anOrdain Model 1 Plum Fume watch

Another impressive timepiece from the Model 1 collection is the handsome anOrdain Model 1 Plum Fumé. As with the other Model 1 pieces, this watch is presented in a 38mm stainless steel case and a supple leather strap in dark grey. The star of this timepiece is, without a doubt, its warm, wine-coloured enamel dial. It boasts an attractive fume effect that adds to the depth of this watch face. 


This watch is also powered by the reliable ETA Calibre 2824-2, with the same 38-hour power supply. With its depth rating of 50 metres, you could also bring this watch for some trips by the beach.


The anOrdain Model 1 Plum Fumé has an estimated price tag of $2,500 USD. Like the Payne’s Grey Fumé, the Model 1 Plum Fumé is one of the more sophisticated, expensive anOrdain watches you can get. 

6. anOrdain Model 2 OT: Edition Off-white

front view of anOrdain Model 2 OT Edition Off White watch

If you are looking for a vibrant and striking field watch, this anOrdain Model 2 OT: Edition Off-white deserves to be on your radar. Unlike the Model 1 watches, this timepiece comes in a larger 39.5mm stainless steel case with a fine, brushed finish. This is paired with thicker, rounded lugs and a black rubber strap, giving the watch a more robust look. 


The dial of this anOrdain Model 2 watch is simple, with its clean white finish and straightforward layout. It is decorated with baton hour indices, rounded Arabic numeral makers, an inverted triangle and 12 o’clock, and skeletal syringe hands. The hour markers are coated with lume in thermal blue finishes, much like the tips of the watch hands. This allows for optimal legibility in the dark, so you do not have to worry about bringing this watch for any outdoor adventures at night.


Ticking inside the Model 2 OT: Edition Off-white is a robust Sellita SW210-1 calibre. This movement possesses a solid 42-hour power reserve and a water resistance rating of 50 metres. 


Retailing at $1,700 USD, this understated, classic field watch is certainly worth the investment.

7. anOrdain Model 2 Blue Fumé 

front view of anOrdain Model 2 Blue Fume watch

The anOrdain Model 2 Blue Fumé is the perfect blend of ruggedness and sophistication, making for a very adaptable watch option. As a special run-out edition, this timepiece is actually designed for everyday use with its casual, laidback features. It is presented in a smaller size, with a 36mm stainless steel case that showcases a smoothly-brushed finish. This is coupled with a swaggering shell cordovan strap in dark brown, which completes the dapper look of the whole watch. 


The highlight of this lovely watch is easily its blue enamel dial, which shows off a pebbled, almost crystalline finish. Simply looking at this dial will remind you of the smooth, shimmering ocean waves, making this a watch face you will not want to stop looking at. This dial is also protected with an anti-reflective sapphire crystal, which keeps it safe from any scratches and impacts.


The anOrdain Model 2 Blue Fumé is equipped with a Sellita SW210-1 movement. It delivers an extended 42-hour power supply and a depth rating of 50 metres. Held together by 19 jewels, this calibre also has a fairly reliable accuracy rate of +/-15 seconds per day. 


Prepare to shell out around $1,250 USD to get your hands on this versatile timepiece. 

8. anOrdain Model 2 Midnight Green

front view of anOrdain Model 2 Midnight Green watch

If you are on the hunt for a stylish green timepiece, the anOrdain Model 2 Midnight Green might be just what you’re looking for. This watch is housed in a 36mm stainless steel case that perfectly matches the unique depth of the midnight green dial. This is coupled with an unusual, rugged strap made out of lizard leather. This strap is also offered in a total of nine different colorways, so you can choose the one that best suits you. 


Guarding the dial against any external damage is a layer of sapphire crystal with six layers of anti-reflective coating. The gorgeous midnight green dial is quite clever, as it almost seems to create a visual illusion, taking on a lighter, more vivid hue of green when viewed under the light. This dial also contains skeletal hands, along with hollow hour indices and Arabic numeral markers in a vintage, hollow typeface.


This watch is run by a top-notch Sellita SW210-1 movement. Held together by 29 jewels, it has a 42-hour power reserve and a decent 50-metre water resistance rating.


This field watch is priced at around $1,285 USD.

9. anOrdain Model 2 Purple Fumé 

front view of anOrdain Model 2 Purple Fume watch

The anOrdain Model 2 Purple Fumé features unique, bold styling with its purple enamel dial. Like the other Model 2 anOrdain watches, this piece is housed in a 36mm stainless steel case with thick lugs that curve in the shape of a small arc. This version comes with a supple, smooth leather strap that is also available in nine different tones. 


The rich, plum-coloured dial is easily the star of this timepiece. It has an aesthetically appealing finish that almost seems to shimmer under the light. This dial is also adorned with rounded hour indices, Arabic numeral markers for the even hours, and skeletal hands. The tip of the hands is coated with custom-made Super-LumiNova, allowing for optimal readability in low-light settings.


Underneath this brilliant watch face is a superior Sellita SW210-1 movement. It comes with a useful 50-metre depth rating and can last up to 42 hours when fully wound.


This anOrdain watch sells at $1,920 USD.

10. anOrdain Model 2 Torr Blue

front view of anOrdain Model 2 Torr Blue watch

Last but certainly not least, the anOrdain Model 2 Torr Blue is a quintessential timepiece perfect for modern watch connoisseurs. With its all-stainless steel exterior, this timepiece is the most different from the other anOrdain watches mentioned on this list. It utilises a 36mm stainless steel case, coupled with thick curved lugs and a stylish mesh bracelet made of the same material. 


The Model 2 Torr Blue’s watch face stands out against its all-silver exterior with its lovely, torr blue finish, reminiscent of the Oris Divers Sixty-Five Ref. 01 733 7771 3155-07 5 19 04BR. This dial is also decorated with luminous hour indices and Arabic numeral markers outlined in black, along with skeletal hands tipped with Super-LumiNova. Underneath this dial, you can find a Sellita SW210-1 Calibre, which is commonly used in anOrdain Model 2 watches. This movement has a 50-metre depth rating and a 42-hour power supply.


The high-calibre anOrdain Model 2 Torr Blue is worth approximately $1,230 USD. 

Final Thoughts

Despite being a fairly youthful microbrand, anOrdain has proved its expertise in designing reliable watches with unusual, aesthetically appealing designs. The iconic enamel dials of anOrdain watches are truly a sight to behold and it is no surprise why they are such a favourite amongst anOrdain’s patrons. Indeed, we would not be surprised to see these enamelled dial anOrdain pieces gain greater popularity among the general public either.


Photos are credited to anOrdain’s official website unless otherwise stated.

Featured image courtesy of anOrdain’s official website.


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