6 Best Gold Watches For The Investment-Savvy Woman

Sep 09, 2019
6 Best Gold Watches For The Investment-Savvy Woman

by Chanel Lim


When it comes to investment, one can never go wrong with gold watches.

Much like jewellery, the rarity and aesthetics of a watch play a crucial role in determining its value. Most yellow and pink gold watches are a good investment because they are rare as compared to stainless steel ones. Therefore, they are more likely to hold their value or even appreciate with each passing year.

Granted, gold watches can sometimes appear to be overly extravagant and gaudy. But with the right style, gold watches can be the ultimate accessory — not to mention a great investment — a girl can have.

Whether you want your watch to be in full-on, solid gold or partially clad in gold — we’ve got you covered.

Here we have rounded up six of such fabulous gold watches for the investment-savvy ladies.


Rolex Lady Datejust Automatic

Rolex Lady Datejust

When it comes to gold watches, the most obvious brand to mention is, of course, Rolex.

All of Rolex’s gold watches are made with 18K gold. The manufacture even has an in-house foundry to mix their own materials to ensure zero impurities in their gold timepieces. To achieve perfection, Rolex goes to the extremes, such as creating an exclusive pink gold alloy cast on its own— the Everose gold. Since then, all pink gold watches are made with this unique proportioned mixture.

Its guaranteed quality and high brand recognition have created a platform for all Rolex watches to become good investments. One such timepiece is the Lady Datejust Automatic in 18K yellow gold.

This gold timepiece is surely popular with the ladies. Covered entirely in yellow gold, its linden green dial stands out to create a perfect combination of functionality and novelty. Fitted with a silicon Syloxi hairspring, it offers a superlative level of chronometric performance. This full-on Rolex gold watch captures the ladies’ heart by offering not just the allure of gold, but also of a full-functioning quality-insured mechanism.

This beautiful gold watch is also studded with diamonds on the bezel.


Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Automatic

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak

Audemars Piguet has always been one of the most collectible luxury watch brands, this is partly because of its legendary Royal Oak collection. The Royal Oak, designed by the notable Gérald Charles Genta, is one of the brands’ most recognisable and iconic collections.

One gold masterpiece in the collection is the ladies’ Royal Oak Automatic in gold and diamonds. Encased in an 18K pink gold case, the watch’s ‘Grande Tapisserie’ pattern on the dial is one of its most unique features.

The pink gold is present everywhere — from the dial to the bezel and hour-markers, including the bracelet. For those who appreciate solid watchmaking craftsmanship, this timepiece is for you.



Omega Constellation Manhattan Co-Axial Master Chronometer

Omega Constellation

The third up on our list is none other than the Omega Constellation.

Omega is a brand of high prestige, ever since the 1960s when its Speedmaster became the official watch of NASA. It is best sought after for its high accuracy and value for money watches. With a strong legacy and history, Omega’s gold watches are also highly valuable to both new and old collectors alike. One distinctive timepiece is the Constellation Manhattan Co-Axial Master Chronometer in 29mm.

Unlike your usual loud gold watches, the classic Constellation exudes a subtle sense of opulence and sophistication. The pink Sedna gold on the bezel and bracelet, as well as the hands and hour markers, give off just the right amount of ‘rich girl’ vibe to it.

Powered by a self-winding Omega 8701 Calibre movement, this gold watch boasts of a 50-hour power reserve.

Patek Philippe Calatrava

Patek Philippe Calatrava

One word that is often associated with Patek Philippe is ‘rarity’.

The famous manufacture only produces approximately 60,000 watches per year. Each piece takes a long time to create to ensure all details are perfect down to the last second-hand.

To buy a Patek Philippe watch, collectors sometimes have to fill up an application form to ‘prove their worth’ before they can purchase one of its sought-after pieces. As a result, all of its timepieces — especially its gold watches — are highly valuable for resale.

For the ladies, one can never go wrong with a Patek Philippe Calatrava watch. Forty diamonds embellish the gold bezel; while its plain white dial exudes elegance in simplicity. It is powered by a mechanical manual-winding Calibre 215 PS movement with a 44-hour power reserve.

A grey alligator leather strap completes this elegant gold watch.


Cartier Tank Solo

Cartier Tank Solo

In the gold watch-making industry, you can definitely count on Cartier to deliver posh and elegant designs in a classic timepiece, such as this Tank Solo piece.

True to its name, Cartier never stops innovating and thinking out of the box. Its unconventional dial shape is certainly eye-catching and different. Coupled with a gold bezel and the signature blue hour and minute hands and crown, this timepiece certainly captures the essence of ‘timelessness’.

A sophisticated black leather strap complements the gold accents of the watch.


TAG Heuer Aquaracer

TAG Heuer Aquaracer

We simply cannot forget TAG Heuer when it comes to gold watches. They produce not only high quality but also ethically and environmentally-manufactured watches.

Known for being part of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), TAG Heuer is committed to practising and supporting ethical and responsible gold mining. One of its most popular gold watches is the TAG Heuer Aquaracer with gold and diamond accents.

This dainty Aquaracer in 32mm version in gold is not only beautiful, but it is also water-resistant up to 300m — perfect for diving. It features a unidirectional turning bezel complete with white mother of pearl dial finishing. The gold bezel and strap complete the stunning watch.


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