Cheapest Rolex Watches For New Collectors

May 09, 2019
Cheapest Rolex Watches For New Collectors

When it comes to luxury watches, ‘cheap’ is a relative term. However, if you’re a collector (or planning to be one), we assume that you know what your budget is. Moreover, you would want to maximise your collection while making sure that only high-quality watches are part of it.


The watches mentioned here are all among the best watches to ever come out of Rolex and are definitely amongst the cheapest Rolex watches. Rest assured, we won’t go overboard with the watches on our list in any way, especially in terms of price. We are also not going to delve into the brand’s rare items and will focus on watches that are easily accessible and priced under $10K.

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Oyster Perpetual

front view of Rolex Oyster Perpetual blue dial watch

It is not a surprise at all if seeing this name makes you think of every Rolex watch you have ever seen. This classic timepiece is not only of great quality but also one of the most affordable from the brand. It is, no doubt, still one of the most iconic Rolex watches. Even Rolex has claimed that this watch is the essence of the Oyster watch.


It is truly the ultimate and the purest form of the concept of Oyster. The top-notch build quality, the 100-metre water resistance capability, and the perpetual automatic movement, all come together to create an absolute beauty. The watch has a beautiful steel body and a blue dial and fulfils all quality standards. With a price tag of $5000 it definitely fits the bill of cheapest Rolex watches and is a great timepiece to add to your Rolex collection.

Datejust II

side view of Rolex Datejust II blue dial watch
Photo from Flickr by hypo.physe

If you want a watch that is simple yet provides an authentic Rolex experience, this is it. This watch is a piece that you can proudly wear on any occasion, be it a casual jeans day or a formal suit day. It is an extremely versatile watch as its simplicity matches every situation in your daily life.


The watch is a descendant of the original Datejust which is legendary in its own right. It has a 41mm body with the iconic 904L Oyster steel case housing a beautiful watch. The 3 o’clock position has the date cutout with the cyclops lens fitted on top for easy date reading.


The watch runs on the automatic 3136 movement that fulfils COSC requirements. It also hosts a range of build technologies to ensure high precision and protection from shocks and other damage. We kept to our promise to deliver the cheapest Rolex watches as all this tech costs less than $8,000.

Rolex Submariner

front view of Rolex Submariner Ref. 116610ln-0001 watch

The Rolex Submariner is one of the most popular watches that Rolex has ever created. It is a $7,500 watch that Rolex has been selling steadily for more than six decades. Out of our list of the cheapest Rolex watches, this has to be one of our favourites.


It is known as a diver’s watch and is instantly recognised anywhere in the world. The biggest achievement for this watch is the fact that it is the first watch in the world to gain a 100-metre water resistance certification.


The black dial, the iconic Benz hour hand, the sawtooth bezel, the 12 o’clock luminous dot, and the new 300-metre water resistance are all indicators of the modern Rolex Submariner.


The bezel can also be rotated, and professional divers commonly use it for timing their every dive. The watch features 3130 automatic movements with COSC certification and all the tech required for protection against shocks, vibration, temperature changes, and magnetic forces.

Rolex Explorer

front view of Rolex Explorer black dial watch

As far as high quality goes, the Explorer is a name that everyone reveres. This watch is the very definition of simplicity and precision combined. These qualities alone make it popular among all kinds of adventure seekers. The prototypes of this watch reached Mount Everest as Rolex worked on making a watch that could function properly even in extreme conditions.


The watch has a design focused on attaining perfection in every possible manner of usage. The 39mm case is perfectly midrange, the build quality is Oyster certified, and the movement is no less either.


The Calibre 3132 provides a reliable mechanism that works perfectly in the most extreme conditions today. The watch bracelet can also be adjusted, thanks to the Easylink system by Rolex. Since this is a collection of the cheapest Rolex watches, for $6,500, you can buy yourself this magnificent timepiece.

Rolex Milgauss

side view of Rolex Milgauss watch
Photo from Flickr by nicholasputz

This $7,500 timepiece is proof that Rolex lives up to its claim of quality and luxury, even when looking at the cheapest ones. The Milgauss is often included in the list of the best Rolex watches for men and rightfully so.


The watch is designed for scientists, or more specifically, for people working in highly magnetised environments. The signature lightning bolt second hand is an easy identifier for Milgauss watches and it’s also easily recognised through its dial text.


The biggest feature, of course, is the resistance to magnetic fields measuring up to 1000 Gauss. However, we do expect that the actual protection would probably be much higher. The watch runs using the 3131 calibre movements and also has the Oyster Perpetual certification. This watch is so impressive that CERN scientists favour this model the most.


A Rolex watch is and always has been of the highest quality. The fact that you are able to get such incredible Rolex watches for less than $10K is truly amazing. Rolex is the best point to start from for any watch collector.


And if you ask any professional collector, they will tell you the same as well. Start off with the cheapest Rolex watches mentioned here, and we promise that you will thank us for the advice.

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