Hublot Watches: Keeping Up with the Innovative Swiss Watch Brand

Apr 20, 2020
Hublot Watches: Keeping Up with the Innovative Swiss Watch Brand

In its short history — founded only in 1980 — Hublot has successfully carved its own place in the luxury watch industry, creating stunning watches that reflect its Swiss watchmaking background and innovative spirit. They are a brand known for putting out innovative designs with traditional watchmaking.


But what is the story behind Hublot Watches? What are their best collections and what made them so popular in such a short amount of time? Well, to answer these questions, we offer you a guide to the Hublot Watches. Let’s dive right in!

Hublot Watches at A Glance

Being a relatively young company in the luxury watch world, Hublot has had quite a success. In its short history, it has created groundbreaking watches and exhibited such fine craftsmanship. Let’s take a look at the history of the company and the secrets behind their crafts.

History of Hublot Watches

The company’s history begins with its talented and innovative founder, Carlo Crocco. Crocco was born into an Italian watchmaking family — but not just any watchmaking family. This particular one was behind the famous Binda Group, known for making Breil watches.


Despite a comfortable future managing the Binda Group, Crocco decided to stray from family tradition and build a company of his own. In 1976, Crocco moved to Switzerland where he would eventually set up MDM Genève. There, he began to design and develop a stylish luxury watch that would launch his company into recognition.


Crocco named the watch Hublot after the French word for “porthole” since the watch’s design resembled a ship’s porthole window with 12 H-shaped screws decorating the bezel. Carlo Crocco presented this watch at the 1980 Baselworld and it was a hit, being the first luxury watch that used a natural rubber for its strap. 

front view of Hublot Big Bang watch
Photo from @hublot on Instagram

One would think that after such a huge success at the 1980 Baselworld, Hublot would have a breeze in the commercial market. However, as a new luxury watch brand competing against well-established companies, Hublot needed to work hard on its sales campaign to convince people to invest in their watches. It also didn’t help that people were doubtful about a luxury watch with a sporty look.


In 1993, the brand eventually gained the public’s trust and interest when big personalities such as Elton John, Giorgio Armani, and even the King of Spain started patronising the brand.

A New CEO Enters with a Big Bang

In 2004, a new CEO came into the picture. Jean-Claude Biver has had an outstanding record in the watchmaking industry — from restoring Blancpain to turning Omega into a success. But Biver was seeking a new challenge. And thus his entrance to Hublot.


As the new CEO, Biver was quick to make an impact. Only a year after he entered the scene, Hublot launched the successful Big Bang Collection at the 2005 Baselworld. The watches, of course, were a hit, even earning several awards. With the introduction of the Big Bang, Hublot influenced the watchmaking industry by spearheading the trend for large watches, which are still preferred to this day.

Hublot’s Craftsmanship

The craftsmanship behind Hublot watches is truly remarkable. From the selection of materials to design and movements, Hublot has placed careful thought into producing each watch. In this section, we’ll take a look at Hublot’s craftsmanship in terms of materials, design, movements, and manufacture.

Hublot Craftsmen at Work, Hublot Watches
Photo from Hublot Instagram

1. Selection of Materials

The selection of materials keeps in mind the “art of fusion”, combining traditional materials with innovation. For example, Hublot’s Magic Gold is the first and only 18K scratch-proof gold alloy in the world. Hublot also uses carbon fibre which weighs half as much as aluminum but with triple the strength. And compared to any other material, carbon fibre has the highest strength to weight ratio.


Of course, let’s not forget the iconic natural rubber that started it all for Hublot. Crocco even invested a large amount of money to produce this unique rubber strap. The rubber had to be soft to provide wearers comfort. On top of being soft, it also had to be tough in terms of high resistance against warping, breakage, and staining. And lastly, Crocco wanted the watch to not have any rubber smell as rubber straps would often have.

2. Carefully Planned Designs

Now, let’s talk about design. Hublot’s design workshop puts in a lot of work to produce stunning designs that often take the watchmaking industry by storm. The design team starts with a concept that they put on paper by sketching the aesthetics with the desired proportions. Next, they design the movements with the desired concept in mind. The design of the movements does not only focus on functionality but also takes into account aesthetic, to produce stunning precise movements. And before sending the designs for production, the team also tests the design by producing a prototype that shows a raw version of the case with the movement.

3. Complicated Movements

Going further into movement design, we take a look at the in-house Unico movement. The Unico movement took around 10 people from different fields two years to create. The movement consists of 330 individual components. It has an integrated flyback chronograph which has a column-wheel mechanism. 

in-house Calibre Movement of Hublot Watches
Photo from Hublot Instagram

4. Manufacturing in the Art of Fusion

Finally, Hublot merges high-end materials with stunning designs and complicated movements to produce the Hublot watch. In the spirit of the art of fusion, Hublot takes different manufacturing techniques — from traditional to the latest innovations — and crafts technically sound and aesthetically pleasing watches.

A Look at Hublot Watches’ Best Collections

Now that we’ve discussed the exquisite craftsmanship behind Hublot watches, let’s take a look at some examples of this craftsmanship. In this section, we’ll cover Hublot Watches’ best collections.

front view of Hublot Big Bang St. Moritz Chronograph watch

Hublot Big Bang

Let’s start off with the iconic Big Bang which was Biver’s flagship collection as CEO. Since its initial release, the Big Bang collection has widened and included many innovations throughout the years. For example, many Big Bang watches feature some of the company’s unique patented creations and technologies. It also has different movements, particularly the innovative Unico movement which is an in-house movement.


front view of Hublot Classic Fusion Titanium watch

Hubot Classic Fusion

True to its name, the Classic Fusion collection sports more of a classic look, resembling the porthole look of the original Hublot. This collection is sleek and offers a minimalist vibe while still incorporating the company’s art of fusion spirit. 

front view of Hublot Spirit of Big Bang watch

Hublot Spirit of the Big Bang

The Spirit of the Big Bang collection is a variation of the Big Bang and is one of the company’s newer collections. Instead of the usual round dial and bezel, the Spirit of the Big Bang watches feature barrel-shaped dials. This collection also uses the Zenith El Primero movement.

How to Spot a Fake Hublot Watch

When it comes to luxury watches, counterfeiters are abundant. Since its launch in 1980, counterfeiters had quickly jumped on the Hublot sensation and started honing their skill in replicating Hublot watches. Nowadays, some Hublot knock-offs can be quite difficult to spot. And no one really wants to waste that much money on a dupe. Aside from the obvious indicator of finding a Hublot watch much cheaper than it actually is, here are some ways you can spot a fake Hublot watch:

Have a General Inspection of the Watch

The first thing you need to do is have a general inspection for obvious flaws that would not typically get pass the strict quality control of a luxury watch brand such as Hublot. Check if the alignment is alright and not off. Also, look at the printing to see if there are any typographical errors or misprints or badly printed markings. It’s also wise to check the materials involved. For a high-end brand such as Hublot, you would only expect the highest quality of materials. Take a look at the casing and the strap, and carefully inspect the material. If it feels off to you, then maybe think twice before purchasing.

Take Note of Hublot-Specific Detailing

There are also some detailing in Hublot watches that are specific to the brand that counterfeiters might not be aware of or might have missed. Check all the screws used on the outer part of the watch. All Hublot watches use H-shaped screws on the outside. Whereas, on the inside, some counterfeiters would use blue screws which Hublot typically never uses for its watches.


You should also take a look at the dial. Every Hublot watch would have the words “Swiss Made” printed on the dial. Speaking of printing, if the logo on the clasp that says “Hublot Geneve” is printed then that is a sure indicator that the watch in question is, in fact, a fake. Hublot will always have its logo engraved, and not just simply printed or etched. So, it’s best to run your finger over it to make sure that it is, in fact, engraved.

closer view of Hublot Watch
Photo from Hublot Instagram

Only Purchase From Verified Retailers

Now, really the best way to ensure that your Hublot watch is indeed authentic is to only purchase them through authorised dealers and boutiques. In the next section, we will briefly discuss where you can buy a genuine Hublot watch without having the anxiety of getting a fake instead.

Where to Buy Hublot Watches

If you’re wondering where you can get an authentic Hublot watch near you, you can check out Hublot’s official website. They have a section just for boutiques. It’s quite easy to use.; you simply need to select your country or region. Once that is selected, you further narrow it down by selecting the city nearest you. To the right of that, you will see two boxes. You will have the option to look for boutiques that only offer the sale of Hublot watches, or you could also check off those that offer to service as well. With all the categories filled, the site will present the nearest boutiques to you.

physical store of Hublot watches
Photo from Hublot Instagram

Now, if you’d rather go the online route, you can do so as well. You can check out Hublot’s page on Amazon and have a Hublot watch delivered to your doorstep. Or you could also check out our shop here on The Watch Company. We typically offer both new and pre-owned luxury watches, however, for Hublot, we only have new watches available. 

How to Maintain Your Hublot Watch

One does not simply buy a watch and wear it out (pun intended). You need to take care of your watches, especially if it’s a luxury watch. Now, taking proper care of a luxury watch. It only takes knowing what to do to maintain it and what to avoid when wearing it. We’ll discuss both in this section.

Keep Your Watch in Its Box When Unused

Let’s start off with the things you should be doing to take care of your watch. If you’re not using your Hublot watch as an everyday watch, then it’s best to keep it in its original box when not in use. Yes, you could leave it on your bedside table or in a drawer, but letting the watch rest on its crystal or its side could potentially lead to scratches. If you’re not particularly fond of scratches on your luxury watch, then keeping it in its box when you’re not using it is the way to go.

Clean Your Watch Regularly

Another thing you should be doing is cleaning your watch regularly. Now, when you want to wipe down dirt from your watch, always make sure to use a fresh, soft cloth to avoid scratching the case. Be gentle when you wipe down your watch. If you want a deeper clean, you may also soak the watch in soapy water every few months. But before doing this, make sure that your watch is water-resistant. Otherwise, simply soak the band only and ensure that water does not get into the watch casing.


When cleaning your watch, use lukewarm water and a soft-bristle toothbrush to get into the crevices of the watch. Rinse the watch and wipe it down, again, using only a clean and gentle cloth. Let it dry naturally. Do not use a hairdryer or any heating device to let it dry since exposure to such temperatures may lead to damage.

Service Your Watch Regularly

If you really want to ensure the longevity of your watch, Hublot recommends having your watch serviced every two or three years. This is to ensure that the movements and mechanisms are all okay. And it is also a way to spot any potential problems with the watch before it’s too late.

Proper Care for Your Hublot Watches
Photo from @hublot on Instagram

Be Mindful of Your Watch’s Water-Resistance

Now, for the things you must avoid, we have a few. We’ve discussed knowing the water-resistance before deciding to soak your watch in the water when cleaning it. Now, in the same train of thought, you should also avoid using the watch in depths outside its indicated water-resistance. For example, if your Hublot watch’s water-resistance is only 100 metres, do not dive deeper than that when wearing that watch since it could lead to damages.

Avoid Prolonged Exposure to Sunlight and Chemicals

Another thing to avoid is prolonged exposure to direct sunlight and also high temperatures. This could potentially shorten the lifespan of your watch. You should also avoid exposing your watch to chemicals. And yes, that even includes exposure to perfumes and cleaning materials. This could all damage the watch’s band, especially if it is leather.

Leave Repairs to the Professionals

Lastly, do not attempt to open your Hublot watch on your own. Trying to repair it on your own could damage it further. It takes a certain technical knowledge and skill to handle repairs of a Hublot watch. If you attempt to open the watch on your own, you are going to expose it to dust and other particles that do not have any business being inside your watch. Taking things in your own hands to cut down on costs could lead to further damages and added expenses. So, it’s best to leave it to the professionals when something goes wrong.

Hublot Watches’ Selling Points

For a luxury watch brand competing against old giants, Hublot’s success is truly remarkable. It has gained the interest and loyal following of the public with just 40 years of existence. But how does Hublot do it? What is the secret to its success? Well, from the consumer’s point of view, here are the reasons why Hublot is such a hit in the luxury watch world.

Quality Materials

If it’s a Hublot watch, there’s no doubt that it is made with the best materials available. Who could have imagined having rubber straps on a luxury watch? But with Hublot’s research into developing the best materials, people would kill to have that soft rubber on their wrist. And it’s not just their rubber. With materials such as the Magic Gold and the carbon fibre, Hublot watches can definitely boast about their quality.

in-house movement of Hublot watches
Photo from @hublot on Instagram

Innovative Fusions

We can’t talk about quality materials and not mention the innovations behind them. Look at the Magic Gold, for example. It is not only the first 18K scratch-proof gold alloy but it is the only one in the world. Talk about innovation. Hublot takes traditional materials and techniques and fuses them with the latest innovations to create masterpieces in the form of timepieces.

Putting Luxury in the Casual Lifestyle

When one thinks about luxury, one would often imagine gold and other precious metals. And don’t get us wrong, Hublot does have their fair share of precious metals. But what’s truly remarkable about Hublot is that they were able to put the sporty look and feel into luxury watches without taking any of the luxury away. Their watches are beautiful and can be worn in casual settings instead of being just reserved for special occasions. They perfectly merge the sporty-casual with luxury, and we are loving it.

Hublot Sporty-Luxury watch on wrist
Photo from @hublot on Instagram

Final Thoughts

Hublot Watches has definitely proven itself in the luxury watchmaking industry despite being a newcomer. They offer watches made from quality materials that take on innovative fusions. And they are not one to dismiss the comfort in the casual lifestyle when it comes to luxury. This brand’s craftsmanship is truly remarkable. And with so much success in just 40 years of existence, who knows what Hublot has in store for us in the next 40 or so years? One thing will remain for sure, though. And that is Hublot’s popularity in the luxury watch world.


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