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The Breitling has always been a popular Swiss luxury watch manufacturer. The company was established by Léon Breitling in the year 1884 in Swiss Jura. The sole purpose of this luxury watch business was to attain perfection in chronographs and timers. Breitling always aimed at becoming a leader in designing and constructing the instruments that give an accurate result so that Breitling comes handy for the scientists, industrialists, and athletes for sensitive time-keeping.

Breitling produces the best of both worlds in its Breitling Bentley collection. The Breitling Bentley watch is a symbiosis of superlatives as it merges the best of the two luxury brands, resulting in accuracy, perfection, and boldness. This Breitling Bentley watch is not only renowned due to its functionality, but is also bought due to its style.

New Breitling Bentley Watches

History of Breitling Bentley Watches

After the death of Léon Breitling in 1914, the company was passed on to Gaston, his son. Breitling has always successfully maintained its reputation in the market by producing mind-boggling watches. Breitling continued to introduce new features that made the watches become pilot watches and also sports watches.

Now, one of the renowned collections by the brand is its Breitling Bentley. The Bentley watches are regarded as the best of both worlds. It is a symbiosis of superlatives as it merges the best of the two luxury brands – resulting in accuracy, perfection, and boldness.

How was it born you ask? Well, the Breitling Bentley collection is the result of the collaboration between the luxury car manufacturer ‘Bentley’ and the luxury Swiss watch manufacturer ‘Breitling’, which took place in the year 2003. This Breitling watch line took its inspiration from the renowned 24-hour long race and in order to honor its partnership, all the Breitling Bentley watches hold the characteristic of displaying 24 hours along with a bezel that remarks the dashboards of Bentley racing cars. The Breitling mens watches also consist of various tachometer which is perfect to calculate the average speed, ditching the requirement to evaluate the distance or elapsed time.

The Breitling Bentley watch was introduced by the timepiece named Bentley Motors. Came out with the references – A25362 - in stainless steel, H25362, K25362, and D25362, these watches carried the calibre Breitling 25B with a chronometer that was certified by COSC. The case of this Breitling watch was built in stainless steel or 18ct gold and featured a domed sapphire crystal with an anti-glare function on both of its sides. Water resistant up to 100 m, the dial of this Breitling watch was made available in four variant colors – black, silver, brown and blue.

In the year 2004, the brand introduced its Breitling for Bentley Le Mans, which till date is the largest chronograph ever produced by Breitling. The Bentley series has been extremely successful and has gained popularly by being extended continuously. The line includes models such as – Breitling for Bentley Flying B, Flying B Chronograph or Flying B No. 3 – which has taken its inspiration from racing that has been reflected through its design, shapes, and color of the dials.

Ever since Breitling and Bentley have forged a relationship between the two, it has been met with amazing endeavors that are filled with colors. This tie-up led to the birth of various models, so let's take a look at some of them –

Breitling Bentley GMT
Presented in the year 2008, this Breitling Bentley model is a chronograph watch by Breitling. The Breitling Bentley chronograph watch features an oversized case along with a dual time zone. What is so unique about the Breitling GMT? Well, the GMT watch displays a 24 hours mode and has been installed with 24 city names on its inner ring of the bezel. And also, the Chrono second hand of the watch takes one revolution in a period of 30 seconds rather than the usual 60 seconds, which as a result increases the accuracy of the reading. The initial models of the Breitling Bentley GMT were released under the reference A47362 which was in stainless steel and R47362 in red gold. With a power reserve of 70 hours, these Breitling Bentley GMT watches included 47 jewels and were water resistant up to 100 m.

Breitling Bentley B06
Equipped with the Calibre B06, this Breitling Bentley timepiece is a chronograph watch with stylish aesthetics and apt movement. Featuring the 30-second chronograph, this Breitling Bentley B06 watch ensures extremely accurate eighth-of-a-second time readings. The unique knurled motif of the dial has been made available in black as well as silver whereas you can pick between steel or red gold suiting your style along with a choice of strap/bracelet.

Breitling Bentley B05
Featuring the worldtime chronographs, this Breitling Bentley chronograph watch has been equipped with the innovative Breitling B05 calibre. Along with wide functions, these Breitling Bentley B05 watches have been designed user-friendly enabling instant reading at any point of time in all the presented 23 timezones – thanks to its double-disc system. One can simply rely on its precision and can admire the beauty of its movement through its sapphire crystal exhibition case back.

These Breitling Bentley watches for men come with a complete package of perfection – from functionality to style and design – the Breitling Bentley has got it all! Hence, add these to your mens watch collection to enhance your looks.

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