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Breitling Professional – this luxury watch collection has been launched to bring about a change in the way you look at timepieces. It goes without saying that ever since Breitling has come into existence – Breitling watches have been spoken highly of. But there is something about Breitling that charms the people and that is how they never settle and never get satisfied with all the applauded watches that they have launched. Despite all the success Breitling has achieved, it continues to experiment and clutch on to each opportunity on its hand – and they have thrived without any doubt.

Made for the professionals. Used by the professionals. Taking a sneak peek into the roots of Breitling – this is the exact pattern that it has followed. The Breitling Professional watches are an epitome of perfection and amongst the best that Breitling has introduced the world to.

New Breitling Professional Watches

History of Breitling Professional Watches

Leon Breitling cannot be and must not be forgotten because of his amazing contribution to the watch industry in terms of this brand. His lineage brought about robust changes which have become a part of our day-to-day.

Nonetheless, the Breitling brand was handed over to Ernest Schneider when the Breitlings thought there was nobody – as of now – who could assume charge. Being a visionary entrepreneur, Schneider was bound to take this responsibility of making the brand soar high in the sky. Therefore, there were several watches that were introduced to man up in an industry which was struggling through the Quartz crisis.

In 1982, the Breitling brand was registered under the ownership of Schnieder. Soon after, in the year 1985, the brand launched the Breitling Aerospace – a watch which not only a chronograph watch but the first one in the line to be furnished with Swiss technology. The futuristic design of this Breitling watch is what the real fuss is about. It was introduced in a time when people were not prepared for it; however, it was welcomed because it allowed everybody a glance into the future. The successor to this model is the Breitling Aerospace Evo which carries its predecessor's power and strength.

Another descendant of the Breitling Aerospace was the magnificent Breitling Chronospace – the perfect military watch. This Breitling automatic watch has been designed in a fashion so that the required technological changes can be introduced to it – thus – qualifying it to be exceptional. With the attention that this Breitling watch has been crafted, it certainly can be stated that it is capable of withstanding no matter what conditions it is exposed to. The large numerals, hour markers, as well as the oversized hands, empower the watch to render optimum levels of legibility.

Taking you back in time, it was in the year 1988 that this brand released the watch " Breitling Emergency". Yes, the Breitling watch was that good that it made an emergency for all the watch enthusiasts to lay hands over it almost immediately. The innovation and precision that have been put in to make this Breitling steel watch are such that no mind could ever imagine. This Breitling watch has especially been crafted for those who have a penchant for adventure and causing trouble – for the watch is going to match your soul inside out. The feature which is going to set this Breitling watch apart from its contemporaries is that it has been equipped with a dual frequency transmitter which is going to launch alerts and is going to act as an aid in rescue operations. The budding adventurer is surely going to grow fond of this amazing Breitling watch which will serve to be the truest survival kit in times of difficulty.

The Breitling Cockpit is yet another bold watch which is a part of the Breitling Professional line. This one is an automatic chronograph watch which features the option of display a second timezone, an alarm as well as a calendar. All in one, to say the least. The "Chrono flight" feature of the watch helps in recording flight times. The Breitling chronograp watch looks like an instrument panel sitting on your hand so that it can be taken anywhere.

In the recent past, that is in the year 2015, Breitling came up with the Exospace. The introduction of this Breitling Professional watch acted as a statement that no matter how many people back off from the dynamics of the watch industry, Breitling is going to accept the challenges with arms wide open without having to think twice. So when the Exospace did come to the market – people stood and watched it in utter awe. The most important thing about this device was that it made sure that its user-friendliness was not compromised.

All said and done, the Breitling Professional range is best suited for those who are willing to flaunt a macho look – to go with the adventurer in you. The sporty persona of these Breitling Professional watches makes sure that they match the modern needs so that no customer is rendered "not satisfied". Even though the design changes through the years, it is not going to forget the beauty of Breitling vintage watch collection which must be carried forward to see the dawn of the newest centuries.

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