Breitling Galactic Watches

Incepted in the year 1884, the Breitling is one of the highly acclaimed watch brands located in the Grenchen, Switzerland. The foundations of Breitling were laid down by the Swiss watchmaker and businessman, Léon Breitling.

The Breitling Galactic is a collection of exquisite sports watches hailing from the house of much-celebrated watch brand, the Breitling. The newly introduced Breitling Galactic collection is very unique in its own sense. Unlike the other Breitling watches these do not feature chronographs instead just display the time and date.

New Breitling Galactic Watches

History of Breitling Galactic Watches

The journey of Breitling began from a small workshop located in the Jura Mountains of Switzerland. Ever since its debut, the Breitling has been highly admired for its precision chronometers made for aviators. At the initial stages of development, Breitling was only involved in the manufacturing of precision watches specially made for sports, science, and industrial purposes. However, with the passage of time Breitling diversified its collection and grew rapidly to occupy the top notch positions in the watch world. And till date, Breitling continues to entice the watch connoisseurs with its sporty and elegant timepieces. Today the Breitling houses number of notable watch models under its hood. Few of the most popular ones include the Breitling Navitimer, Breitling Superocean, Breitling Chronomat and of course not to forget about, the Breitling Galactic collection.

The Galactic collection occupies a special place in the Breitling's menage. This newly launched collection houses a few of the iconic timepieces. This Breitling collection is an antithesis to the brand's traditional rugged timepieces. They are sporty, versatile, and elegant. Standing still on the brand's legacy of precision, these timepieces are highly functional and reliable thus making them a perfect complement for contemporarily styled watch lovers. Encapsulated in a consolidated streamlined design, the Galactic line of watches are available in the four different versions. They are Breitling Galactic 41, 32, 36 and 44. The latter versions, the Breitling Galactic 32 and 36 are the Breitling women's watches. Exuding the effeminate design aesthetics these Breitling watches are a perfect piece of jewellery for the female watch enthusiasts. Owing to their generous design features and legibility of dial these are included in the list of best women's watches. Moreover, its recently released Breitling Galactic 44 models are a reincarnation of the Breitling's original robust timepieces. Although this revamped version posses enhanced style elements to satisfy the craving of contemporary watch lovers.

The Breitling Galactic collection stylistically blends the sophistication and aesthetics of watch manufacturing. Sticking hard to the brand's tradition of precision the Galactic series of watches offer powerful performance. In terms of efficiency and precision, these watches stand on the same bar as the other iconic timepieces of Breitling. Although the Breitling Galactic is a new member in the Breitling's assortment, it still highlights the very essence of Swiss watch manufacturing. Each timepiece from the Breitling Galactic collection has been crafted exquisitely which is clearly evident from the different hued bejewelled dials available. The case of these Breitling watches are made using steel, steel and gold combination, and an 18K red gold, all these metals are highly reliable and ensure longevity for the timepieces. The Breitling Galactic watches displays the date through a single or double window, located at the 3 o'clock position. Additionally, the unidirectional ratcheting bezel present in few of the Galatic watches is embellished with gems and satin finishing. The dial-in all Galatic timepieces have been guarded by the cambered sapphire crystal which is made glare-proof from both sides so as to avoid blaze from light sources. Majority of the timepieces from this Breitling Galactic collection are equipped with self-winding mechanical movement.

The Breitling collections also offer a choice of selecting from a number of straps and bracelets available, ranging from leather to metal. Furthermore, the Breitling Galactic watches are COSC certified and offer a water resistivity up to 100-300m of depth. The balance that these Breitling Galactic watches have established in their design, functionality and precision is worth admiration. The same harmony in design efficiency has been followed all of its timepieces, whether watches for men or women. Thus making a mark in the watch industry for being invincible.

Further adding on to their success the Breitling Galactic watches are even highly popular among the great personalities. The list of notable admirers for the Breitling Galactics includes American actor and singer, John Joseph Travolta and Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech. These famous icons can be sported donning the Breitling Galactic watches in many of the special events. Whereas Petr Cech can be rarely found without wearing a Breitling Galactic on his wrist.

Hence you can certainly admit that the popularity and fame that Breitling Galactic watches enjoy is an indisputable one. Their superior quality and reliability will positively create the waves in coming generations. Breitling Galactic watches have been ruling the hearts of watch lovers and will surely continue to do so in the successive years as well. They will rule the generations irrespective of seasons, occasions and fashion.

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