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Standing as an undisputed leader in the electronics consumers products segment, the Casio is a renowned name in the watch manufacturing as well. It is notable for Casio sports watches collection. The Casio is a Japanese brand that stands high for its exceptional innovations. Additionally, Casio's premium Oceanus collection is highly popular.

Casio Oceanus collection beautifully encapsulates advanced electronic technology with a sophisticated style statement. This assortment blends the characteristics of Casio G-Shock and Waveceptor watch series. Thus when worn these Casio Oceanus watches provide an impressive strength and durability. So, while donning them the wearer need not stay concerned about the wear and tear.

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History of Casio Oceanus Watches

The Japanese brand, Casio was incepted in the year 1946. The foundations of this celebrated electronic consumer products manufacturing brand were laid down by a fabrication technology engineer, Tadao Kashio. This renowned brand is headquartered in Japan's prefecture, Tokyo. Ever since its inception, the Casio has been delivering innovation in the electronic products segment. Casio is the brand that invented the world's first entirely electric compact calculator. After gaining a hold on inventing calculators, Casio grew exponentially and indeed it became a market expert.

However, later in the year the 1970s due to rigorous competition in the calculator manufacturing and market saturation, Casio resorted to diversify its production. And in a bid to do so it entered into the watch manufacturing.

To establish a name for itself in the watch industry it launched the first Casio digital quartz watch named the Casiotron, in the year 1974. Debuting this watch was not an easy task for the Casio. Rather it resulted from carrying out intensive research on LCI quartz technologies. However, even after being electronic the Casio watches were very affordable.

Although, the Casio G shock watch has been very popular among watch connoisseurs its Casio Oceanous collection is also no way behind. The Casio Oceanus watches blend together the functionalities and characteristics of Casio G Shock and Waveceptor watch series. The Casio Oceanus collection carries an amalgamation of advanced technology and enchanting design aesthetics. The watches from the Oceanus collection are solar-powered and radio-synchronized. By adding these high-end series of this watches to its catalogue, the Casio has certainly claimed that it was second to none than any other luxury watch brand.

Apart from featuring the sophisticated technicalities the Casio Oceanus watches entice the watch enthusiasts through their appealing metallic look. The beauty exuded by these Casio solar watches effectively amuse the masses of all age groups. It aptly distinguishes itself from the other mechanical watches in many aspects. Unlike other mechanical timepieces, it possesses a provision of setting the time using GPS technology. Furthermore, different micromotors embedded inside it control its functioning from inside.

Features and Characteristics the Casio Oceanus
All the resurrected models under the Casio Oceanus collection is equipped with an analogue watch face. Although, the older version was believed to be equipped with the combined analogue and digital dials. Moreover, to control the functioning of dials for a time, stopwatch, seconds, the day of week and hours, the watches are fitted with five independent motors from inside. It is the first watch to offer a 5 motor technology paired with atomic solar technology.

The Oceanus watches are even your perfect companions for expeditions to Europe, North America, Japan, and China. This is because these Casio atomic watches are capable of synchronizing themselves according to the time signals of these mentioned countries. The Synchronization locations for these aforementioned countries are the Japanese time signal (JJY), the American time signal (WWVB) from Colorado, and the European time signals from both England (Time from NPL), Germany (DCF77) and China in Shangqiu City, China. Furthermore, to offer you a superior performance these Casio atomic watches are equipped with the sapphire crystal and titanium surfaces. Thus making the watches is highly resistive to scratches. While staying committed to their unquestionable performance, in the instances of the multi-band signal failure the Casio Oceanus watches support the function of auto synchronising themselves on any place of the world.

The Casio Oceanus Collection
The Casio Oceanus assortment consists of few of the very robust and ergonomic watch models. The watches available under the Casio Oceanus collection are:

Oceanus 600 series
The Casio Oceanus OCW-T600 watch series is the simplest watches from the Oceanus collection. These timepieces have the property of being water resistive up to 100 meters and are capable of displaying the time in 29 different world time zones.

The Casio Oceanus Cachalot OCW-P1000-1AJF series of wristwatches are basically the marine watches designed for underwater sports. These watches feature a rotating bezel and a yacht timer chronograph.

Oceanus 700 series
The Oceanus OCW-M700 features an analogue dial face without any LCD screen. Unlike other Casio Oceanus line of watches, it includes a subdial to display the status of the ocean tides in the current time zone. It is the only Oceanus model to support this feature.

Oceanus 1000 Series "Manta"
The Oceanus Manta is one of the most expensive watches from the Oceanus collection. Launched on June 1, 2007, this Casio watch features a sapphire crystal and the MULTI-BAND 5 technology. Moreover, this watch is exempted from the feature of tide meter. It is quite similar to the 600 series watch style but it is thinner than both the 700 and 600 Oceanus series watches.

Apart from these, the Casio Oceanus ocw-s100-1ajf model is also highly popular among the watch admirers. This Casio watch is available in a 39mm case size and has exceptional shock-resistant properties. This model is very classic and looks very appealing when clothed on wrists.

So add these Japanese iconic Casio Oceanus watch models to your collection. And surely, you will love to flaunt them on your tender wrists.

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