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In today’s fashion world, Gucci has become an alternative name for luxury and sophistication. The Italian brand that had originally gained fame for its leather goods has now left its mark on watches, shoes, bags, fragrances and clothes. The brand Gucci was founded by Guccio Gucci in 1921. Guccio Gucci was an extraordinarily talented craftsman and showed his expertise in his leather products. Even though the brand has seen a fair of ups and downs in the initial period, it managed to revive soon and blew away the fashion world with its innovations. It was some time during 1972 when Gucci decided to venture into the world of watchmaking. The idea was an immediate success, and the brand launched one successful line of watches after another.

Gucci timepieces are an amalgamation of innovation, style and Italian craftsmanship and make the owners proud of the investment. Gucci has given both men and women several collections to choose from, and one of them is the Horsebit collection. Gucci Horsebit watches are famous for their special designs. These women’s watches are not only feminine in style, but also shows sophistication and uniqueness. They spice up your everyday outfits, and also a perfect match to your dress look in a semi-formal or formal occasion.

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Gucci Watches: Personifying Luxury for Every Occasion

Anyone in the world of fashion owns something from Gucci. Even if you are not in the fashion business, there is no way that you have not heard of Gucci’s name! The brand that has become synonymous with luxury and sophistication today was founded by Guccio Gucci in 1921. The Gucci family had its origin in Florence, Italy. Even though Guccio Gucci started the journey by making leather goods, his sons took over the company after his death and forayed into different arenas to expand the business. Branching into other areas of fashion proved to be a rather successful venture for the company. Before long, the world came to know of Gucci as the house of designer bags, shoes, watches, makeup, accessories and fragrances. When the company decided to add watches to their product line, little did they know that their timepieces would become an overnight success! Gucci watches have become top sellers for their exquisite design coupled with attractive patterns. Not only this but the watches are also appreciated for their fine details, precision and advanced features.

Build Quality of Gucci Watches

The top-tier designer watches are preferred by all across the globe. With proper care and maintenance, Gucci watches are seen to last for years. These well-built and tough timepieces have every modern feature to let it withstand the test of time.

* Innovation - Elaborate and unique styling has become the brand’s signature, and the watches are no exception. With innovative designs, Gucci models have secured the highest rank when it comes to designer watches. Some of the models come with a reserve power indicator and automatic movements. During construction, the manufacturers use a combination of gold and stainless steel.

* Movements - Just like any other luxury watch, the Gucci timepieces come with several internal mechanisms. The Swiss-quartz movements make sure that the Gucci watches are precise in timekeeping and do not require much maintenance. While most displays are analog in nature, the brand has introduced some models with unique digital displays in order to stay in the game along with its competitors.

* Features and Styling - With an undisputed argument, the styling of Gucci has been legendary in all fields. From traditional styling to watches with a splash of dazzling color and motif, one designer watch is better than the other! Some of the formal Gucci watch women have a few studded diamonds while the casual ones feature a premium black or gold strap. Apart from automatic movements, reserve power indicator and date, all the watches have chronometer features that make them rather sophisticated.

* Maintenance and Care - Due to quartz movement, the watches run accurately for years without requiring any maintenance. If the battery needs replacement, it must be done by an authorized dealer. Since the models are mostly designer, they must be kept away from harsh weather adversities.

Latest Gucci Watch Models

Every Gucci watch has reliable Swiss features. While some are water-resistant, others take the breath away with unique motifs. It can be guaranteed that every individual would find a model to his liking as per his needs and budget.

1. Men’s Dive Watch - For a man who wants style and adventure at the same time, this watch will fulfill his dream. With a black dial, index markers, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and stainless steel case, this Gucci watch men is highly water-resistant and makes swimming and water sports fun. The hands have a coating of luminescent materials so that there is complete visibility in darkness.

2. Diamantissima Ladies Watch - Talking about stylish watches would be incomplete without mentioning this beautiful watch! With a diamante pattern, unique crisscross motifs and canvas fabric prints, the Diamantissima is as distinctive as any watch can get. The pinstripe on the dial enhances the uniqueness, and the face size and the premium black leather strap often gives it a Hollywood-ish design.

3. Horsebit Watch - The watch gets its name from the signature elements incorporated in it by the house. The bracelet’s first link and the frame of the case remain connected to the upper lug. Falling under the category of women’s watch, every inch of the Horsebit spells elegance and sophistication. Featuring a steel case and quartz movement, the exquisite watch has a mother-of-pearl dial and is water-resistant. The chic design definitely stands out, and the piece comes with the assurance of precise timekeeping for years.

4. G-Timeless Automatic Watch - Gucci has the ability to surprise its customers time and again, and this timepiece is the proof of that. The G-Timeless Automatic not only comes with decorative bees and a stone dial but also has several advanced features. The case is either of quality gold or premium steel and is transparent in order to let the owner get a glimpse of the movement. As this fusion watch is customizable, you can either choose from leather strap or bracelet combinations.

Gucci watches are nothing short of the finest example of high-quality watchmaking. The product line is rather diverse and large, and some of the best watches for men and women are found in this brand’s collections. Gucci, even though adopting the Swiss manufacturing traditions, has not forgotten to incorporate the Italian touch to its watches, and this is why their watches have become such a huge hit in little time. All the watch faces feature designed numerals that make its owner stand apart in the crowd proudly. Moreover, watch enthusiasts swear by this brand because even if the price range is on the higher side, the investment does not prove to be futile. By creating edgy styles yet maintaining a touch of its rich history, Gucci has stayed relevant in the fashion world for decades now. In fact, owning a Gucci watch might even provide you with a sense of almost being a celebrity! Many celebrities and renowned personalities have become loyal patrons of this brand after being mesmerized by their high-end products. Look forward to what comes in next from this iconic Italian fashion brand!

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