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Gucci is a high-end fashion brand founded by Guccio Giovanbattista Giacinto Dario Maria Gucci. Inspired by the high-end luggage bags of his era and the way luxury goods were being purchased, he started designing travel bags as well as accessories. The brand had its roots in Italy, and the owners did not want to move out of Florence at first. Its only store in Milan was the retail highlight of the brand. It was only after his death that his five sons transformed the business into an international luxury brand and went on to make their presence felt all over the globe. They not only created a global brand, but also diversified and ventured into various segments.

Being a fashion brand, Gucci understands the design trends along with the watchmaking techniques. Gucci watches were crafted to cater to the high-end fashion market. The company moved out of Milan and ventured into Rome, New York and Paris with their extremely precision-oriented, advanced watches for men and women. Gucci watches were at par with Swiss watches, in terms of craftsmanship, as well as, accuracy and quality. As a result, they gained an edge over the competitors very quickly. One of their fine watch collections is the Diamantissima collection. Gucci Diamantissima watches successfully deliver finesse and the freshness that modern people need.

New Gucci Diamantissima Watches

All About Gucci Diamantissima Watches

Gucci’s Amazing History

Gucci is renowned as a high-end luxury brand that combines fashion with quality and trends seamlessly. They have been leading the fashion industry for ages with their unique and fresh designs. Started by Guccio Gucci in Florence, the brand is deeply rooted in fashion and fabrics. The owner was born into a family that traded in leather, and he had a good understanding of current fashion and the latest trends. The influence of western markets and his insights helped him set up the brand.

The brand’s journey began with an upmarket leisure offering, which had a massive demand back then. People living a high-end lifestyle would invest in fashionable luggage that was durable and worthy. Slowly, the brand moved into watchmaking by creating designer wear and precision-driven watches. When the father died, leaving everything to his sons, the company started etching its footprints across the globe with their innovative designs and the ability to understand new markets and their needs.

Journey of Gucci Watches

When Gucci began to spread its wings from humble beginnings in Florence, they opened their first-ever boutique in Rome. Gradually, the company began scaling by opening its retail outlets in several countries. In 1953, the company established its presence in New York. In the late 60s, they opened outlets in Paris, London as well as Tokyo. New York and London were excellent markets for fashion watches, as many professionals needed high-end, precision-driven Gucci watches that were stylish too.

Gucci designed watches for almost all segments during this time, keeping in mind the target market’s requirements and based on their instincts. It was after the 70s that the brand began taking disastrous decisions, which led to irreparable losses. They lost their glory for a good decade, before making a comeback in the 1990s. And it was only after 1997 that the brand started designing watches and creating a mark in this niche. During this period, along with beautiful designs, they paid attention to crafting detailed and standardized watches. They began mastering the craft of watchmaking and surpassed the Swiss watchmakers with their collection.

The company joined hands with the Severin Montres Group, known for being the leaders in manufacturing and distribution of watches. It was this merger that led to master timepieces that helped Gucci gain an edge over others in the market. Around the same time, the company also claimed a stake in Yves Saint Laurent Couture and Sanofi Beaute. With these mergers, it managed to build a strong position and created a distinctive image for their collection.

Impressive Watch Designs

Fashion enthusiasts across the world love Gucci watches, for they offer freshness and variety, not available elsewhere. Despite being a fashion-house and focused on fashion apparels and accessories, Gucci has been able to make a splash with their watchmaking abilities, which has led to their fame.

From the very beginning, Gucci created watches for both men and women who appreciated fashion and indulgence. Their watches were designed using stainless steel, sapphire crystal and soft silver, which appealed to the audience. Apart from offering youth-centric creations, they managed to ensure precision and flawless movements. They always produced watches that stood to compete with the market directly and win over the audience. Some of their exquisite pieces can also be translated into timeless designs owing to the grace they evoke. All of Gucci’s watch designs are defined by Swiss movements, which are reliable and durable, making these watches for men and women essentially beautiful and exquisite.

The Diamantissima Collection

Akin to all Gucci watches, the Diamantissima collection also brings to the table a collection of unique patterns. This Gucci watches for women boast both glamour and precision. You will find the wristwatches loaded with luxury. The brilliance of the patterns and the uniqueness of colors and styles make this collection distinct and worthy. There are a total of five models in this collection, and each one exudes feminine grace and elegance. They are designed for strong and bold women, and are naturally elegant and stylish. This watch collection was launched alongside the Diamantissima jewelry collection, which represents the unique needs of modern women.

The Dial & Design of Diamantissima Watches

As the name suggests, the case of the Diamantissima watches come with a diamante pattern that features a motif using fabric print effect. The diamante pattern has a crisscross etched across it, which expresses the uniqueness of Gucci. The minimalist dial happens to be the highlight of the model. The black and gold mix in the watches is what defines its royal look. The watch dials are devoid of numerals for four watches. The fifth model comes with a mother-of-pearl dial with four diamonds positioned at 12, 3, 6 and 6 o’clock. The new timepiece that defines a modern woman is a must-have from Gucci.

The Other Watch Editions

Apart from this new edition, Gucci is known for its alluring and bold collection, designed for both men and women.

- The timeless black and steel watch stands out in terms of elegance and minimalist design. The no-numeral dial is a signature pattern in Gucci watches, and you can see it in this collection as well. This was their unisex collection and is designated among the top 10 designs from this collection. It offers water resistance for up to 50m and comes with a 38mm steel case.

- The Gucci Twirl is a beautiful watch designed in black and gold. It is a ladies’ watch that has redefined fashion and aesthetics. The bracelet-like strap in yellow-gold makes the watch stand out.

Add Gucci to Your Collection to Embrace Timeless Fashion

If you love fashion watches and need a high-quality precision-driven reliable timepiece, then Gucci is your go-to brand. They are known for unique aesthetics as well as durability. Their watchmaking is at par with renowned Swiss watchmakers, and they have adopted movements that are grand and accurate. Embrace fashion and accuracy by adding Gucci watches to your collection.

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