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It all started with an expedition to the Mt. Everest, one that was successfully conquered by Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay in 1953. Many of us still believe it was a prototype of the Rolex Explorer worn by Sir Hillary on the expedition, while others believe it was either the Smiths timepiece or both the watches. But, there is no denying the fact that the Explorer is a symbol of resistance with its signature Mercedes hand and the 3-6-9 dial.
For the lovers of timepieces, this watch is a seriously understated model, with the majority of the world still captivated with the Submariner and the Daytona. Some even call it the coolest looking Rolex they have seen in years. The pure unit of the Rolex sport watches is considered as the core formula for reliability, simplicity and versatility. For vintage watch collectors, the collection is incomplete without a pre-explorer Rolex or the ever-popular Reference 1016.

Today's Explorer Buying-In Price

Best Offer
Rolex Explorer
Reference 214270 2016
Buying-In Price ~¥715,000

Checklist for the Highest Value of Your Watch Selling

For Rolex Watches:
  • Full set of original accessories (box, certificate, booklet, etc.)
  • Bracelet has not been adjusted
  • The date of guarantee card/ certificate is within 2 months
  • No visible stratches
For Other Brands:
  • The date of guarantee card/ certificate is within 6 months
  • Full set of original accessories (box, certificate, booklet, etc.)
  • The additional parts are in good condition
  • All bracelet links are included
For unused items:
  • The date of guarantee card/ certificate is within 3 months
  • The name on the certificate is the same as the seller's name
For Other Brands:
  • The date of guarantee card/ certificate is within 6 months
  • Full set of original accessories (box, certificate, booklet, etc.)
  • The additional parts are in good condition
  • All bracelet links are included

  • ※Don't worry if your watch does not fullfill all of the above, we welcome watches in different conditions too. Feel free to contact us for the evaluation first.
  • ※The condition of your watch can significantly affect its value. We can only confirm the buy-in price after personal inspection.

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Things to Notice Before You Sell Your Rolex Explorer

No good can come from selling your Rolex Explorer other than plenty of cash you once invested in the delightful watch.
But, if you have made up your mind of selling it, there are things you should keep in mind while you go out with the “For Sale” label.

The very first thing you should do is evaluate the best price for it. For this purpose, you need to research the reference number and the serial number, and then keeping mind the condition of the watch, you can come up with a final value to sell it for. For those who might have a hard time evaluating their Rolex Explorer, they can always take help from a trustable buyer like The Watch Company.

A Brief Journey of the Rolex Explorer

After the successful expedition of Hillary and Norgay, Rolex rolled out its Explorer line of watches with the creamy Everest versions, Reference 6298. However, the black 3-6-9 dial was not seen in every Ref. 6298 watches, some had the Arabic numerals and wedges. The success of the Reference 6298 was succeeded by the Reference 6150 and Reference 6350, with the official black 3-6-9 dial.

The Ref. 6350 was the first “true“ or “real” explorer with the “Explorer” moniker on its dial. The previous references are now dubbed as “pre-explorer” due to the missing uniform dial layouts with the 3-6-9 Arabic numerals.

The signature Mercedes hand, the 36-mm stainless steel oyster case, black dial, 3-6-9 numerals and the reverse triangle 12 o’clock were all seen together in the Reference 6610 for the first time. But the most sought-after and popular reference, 1016 was launched in 1963. The 100 m water resistance, calibre 1560 movement and the black dials with the gilt details changed the explorer line forever while staying true to the signature look of its previous references.

What Makes the Rolex Explorer Special

The resistance of this watch is top-rated, with the Oyster steel watch case and the 3132 movement chronometer. Also, the classic timeless look courtesy of the black 3-6-9 dial surrounded by the smooth bezels makes it a great match for day-to-day wear without much flash and bulkiness.

Some Famous References of the Rolex Explorer

The most famous Rolex Explorer is the prototype worn by Sir Edmund Hillary during their iconic Everest Climbing. Meanwhile, the other references have also marked their quintessential presence over the years with the enduring construction and elegant aesthetics. 1016 established itself as the milestone of the Explorer series, being one of the bestselling references and still the most popular one in the second-hand market.

The 1989 reference 14270 embarked as the first truly modern reference with the white gold markers and the tritium lume. Also, the 1990 Rare Blackout Dial with the immaculate blackface and Arabic numerals filled with black enamel, is one of the most sought-after references after Reference 1016.

Buying or Selling the Explorer – Is it really a good investment?

The second-hand market for the Rolex Explorer watches is filled with plenty of its vintage references along with the modern reference as well. The 1016 by far rules the second-hand market as the most popular and the most expensive model. The price of a second-hand 1016 is always close or above the $20,000 mark.

However, the other models are no less of a great investment with the vintage models of 1950s and 1990s still in demand with a heavy price tag. And if you’re lucky, you might find some really rare Explorer editions you won’t find even in the largest collections. Call it an investment or the love for vintage watches, but the second-hand market for Rolex will never let you down if you own a Rolex and are planning to sell it in the near future.
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