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Oris, a luxury Swiss watch brand, is based in Holstein. Founded in 1904 by Georges Christian and Paul Cattin, Oris has gained a reputation for its mechanical watches and has been winning hearts all over the world for almost a hundred years now. The two founders had named the brand after a brook situated at the Swiss town. They worked hard enough to take Oris to the zenith of success in less than ten years, and made sure that there were six operating factories under them by 1929. Starting with pocket watches, Christian and Cattin wanted to bring in more staff and hence build quarters and houses for them. In 1938, Oris came up with its first pilot watch, the famous Big Crown. By the later phase of 1960, Oris had expanded beyond imagination and recorded an annual production of around 1.2 million watches.

Oris manufactures all its timepieces in Switzerland. Currently, the brand features the four most-recognizable categories - Culture, Diving, Aviation and Motorsport. Their most popular models include Divers Sixty-Five, Aquis, Artelier, Williams and Big Crown ProPilot. The vast collection is suitable for all, and every individual can find something as per his/her budget.

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Oris Artelier: The Epitome of Finesse and Perfection

The brainchild of Georges Christian and Paul Cattin, Oris is a Swiss luxury watch brand that has popularity all over the world. Initially starting as the maker of pocket watches, the two founders soon learned how to expand their wings and started producing alarm clocks and providing watches to the pilots. The brand Oris has succeeded in making its name within a few years of its inception. Today, Oris has its headquarters in Holstein, but the manufacturing process takes place in Switzerland. Oris can be considered to be one of those few Swiss companies that produce mechanical watches. Their timepieces can be easily distinguished by the signature red rotor design, a symbol indicating the company’s approach towards mechanical watchmaking. Oris watches come with the promise of lasting for a lifetime as the company uses nothing but the best materials. Watch connoisseurs have certified this brand to maintain the highest standards when it comes to the manufacturing of luxury watches.

One aspect of Oris watches that works in its favor is its price range. Neither too high nor too low, the price of the timepieces are perfect for anyone who wants to own a Swiss watch without burning a hole in the pocket. The quality of Oris watches can be compared to the topmost brands, yet they have a significantly lower price range than its counterparts. This has made people from all over the world prefer Oris. Moreover, the sleek design and the unique technicalities add to its oomph factor and make everyone swoon over the watches. Oris promotes the values of craftsmanship, independence and quality and thus goes by the motto “Go Your Own Way.” Whatever be the collection, Oris watches are always considered a great investment for its durability and affordability.

The Versatile Oris Artelier Collection

Oris has remained committed to making the best quality mechanical luxury watches for many years now. Their signature red rotor design can be seen through the case-back and carries the history of the brand in each timepiece. First launched in 2003, the Oris Artelier collection did not take much time to make a permanent place in everyone’s favorite book. Oris Artelier is hailed as the line of the best dress watches that are not only sophisticated to its core but are also appreciated for its complex mechanisms. This series has always lived up to its name, and the brand owes much of its popularity to this collection. All the timepieces of this line are exquisitely designed by mesmerizing dials and elegant lines. As you invest in an Oris watch, you get the taste of one of the finest luxury watches without going hefty on the price. The impressive movement and the exceptional craftsmanship, along with the metal options, case sizes and bracelet styles, have contributed largely to its popularity.

The following are some of the most noteworthy pieces:

Oris Artelier Date

Want a simple watch featuring a traditional style of time display? Oris Artelier Date defines simplicity and elegance rolled in one and comes with elegant tapered hands and hour markers. It has no fancy functions or registers and features just the time and date. The case of the Artelier Date has curved lines and a domed Sapphire Crystal that make the watch suitable for both casual and professional events. Apart from having a wide range of metal options and case sizes, the Oris Artelier Date is water-resistant up to 50 meters and has a long power reserve.

Oris Artelier Small Second Pointer Date

Many refer to the Pointer Date as the brand’s signature complication. It features a separate hand that is corresponding to the date track on the dial. This complication was first seen in the Big Crown Oris watches but had vanished soon after. The Oris Artelier Small Second Pointer Date comes with a time register placed beside the 9-hour marker. The sophisticated and clean look of the watch works in its favor, and many appreciate the silver guilloche dial that gives off a radiating vibe from the center. Every watch in this series is seen to fit on wrists of different sizes owing to its redesigned lug. With a power reserve running for 38 hours, the watch always displays the correct time.

Oris Artelier Complication

This line consists of the most fascinating watches with remarkably complicated mechanisms. With a moon phase indicator, a dual-time register and both date and month registers, this watch is the dream of every businessman and traveler. The registers and the indicator give a symmetrical shape to the dial. The Oris Artelier Complication not only boasts of some intriguing functions but also comes in several colors and designs. One can choose from yellow gold or rose gold with a silver or black dial and a metal or leather bracelet.

Oris Artelier Chronograph

This series comes with either a metal or a leather bracelet option. No matter which one you choose, it can be assured that this Swiss watch will find a fine line between a dress and a sports watch. The Chronograph line has a classic masculine design with a large dial sitting nicely on the wrist. With traditional chronograph features, the Oris Artelier Chronograph has a 60-second track underneath the hour markers and a smooth bezel. The chronograph hand around the dial gives it a stopwatch feel, but the guilloche finish pushes the line towards the category of dress watches. The watch is water-resistant, as well as, functions on self-winding technology.

If you have decided to opt for an Oris watch for the first time, you are in for a treat! Oris is one of the finest and will provide you with nothing but the best of the lot. Oris stays loyal to its rich history and continues to manufacture the most classic of all watches. The Oris Artelier series has exceptional designs and an affordable range. For many years now, their timepieces have not only been extremely creative but also added many things to its list of innovations.

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