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Oris is a brand known for exquisite editions and high-performance aesthetically forward watch collections. The brand’s story started way back in 1904 when Paul Cattin and Georges Christian bought the Lohner & Co Swiss watch factory. They started with 67 people and industrial watch manufacturing. With time, the company expanded and invested in an assembly plant along with a new factory space for their watch manufacturing. They embarked on their journey by manufacturing wristwatches and pocket watches that came with bracelet buckles. Some management changes occurred owing to the death of one of the co-founders and subsequent acquisitions. However, that did not affect the brand’s vision or the quality they assured.

By 1936, Oris had started manufacturing almost all parts of the watches and was responsible for producing the various parts. Two years later, they released their first big edition, the Big Crown watches. The edition got its name because of the oversized crown. It was specially introduced as a pilot’s watch so that they could achieve precision in timing while wearing leather gloves.

Oris watches survived the Swiss watch statute as well as the Quartz crisis. They went on to offer splendid varieties to the world. Chronoris is one of Oris’ watch collections. The Chronoris collection comes with chronographs with three hands. They also offer diver’s watches as well as other special editions.

New Oris Chronoris Watches

All About Oris Chronoris Watches

The Early Watch Editions

Oris started with the industrial manufacturing of pocket watches after they established their brand in Holstein. In a few years, they had bought an assembly plant, and had begun manufacturing the parts required for watches, in-house. After owning the electroplating plant, they started innovating by designing new collections. They had also started expanding the products they owned. From pocket watches, they began creating wristwatches as well as alarm clocks. The driving force behind their watchmaking was innovation and precision. The emphasis lay majorly on delivering traditional mechanical watches during the early years. You can see a hint of it in the mechanisms they adopted. Oris’ slogan “high mechanics” also showcased their interest in the best levels of mechanics for the watches. Till the launch of the statute, Oris had been using pin-level engagement, which was removed in the new standards. The reason was, this mechanism was considered to be less accurate as compared to the others. As a result, in 1938, Oris built its own movement, which paved the way for greater success. It was around this time that Oris also launched its first-ever special edition, known as the Big Crown. It was designed especially for pilots who needed precision. The purpose of crafting unique Oris watches for pilots was to make sure they can gain accuracy at higher altitudes despite the gear they are wearing. The pointer calendar along with the big crown established the watch’s presence, and also furthered the name of Oris.

The Post World War Times

During and after World War II, Oris faced survival issues. At this point, Oris started producing alarm clocks. A few years later, Oris launched a wristwatch with an 8-day power reserve, which helped the brand to reinvent itself. During this period, they also won the award for the highly accurate pin lever movement, by the Official de Controle de la Marche de Montres. Around 1952, Oris also launched its first-ever automatic movement, which promised high accuracy and greater precision owing to the calibre 601 mechanics.

Oris was known to deliver professional watches that went beyond the usual expectations. They released their diver’s watch, which incorporated the unidirectional rotating bezel. It was accompanied by numerals that illuminated and a timer scale. They also ensured water resistance of up to 100 mm with this watch. Oris also released their first chrono-watch during this period. By this time, they had established themselves in the market and had a large number of resources at their disposal. The company, along with manufacturing watches, also created its tools and machinery to develop innovative timepieces. The Oris watch makers had also started an apprenticeship program that allowed them to train new people in watchmaking.

Oris Chronoris Collection

The Chronoris was first launched in 1970 as the first motorsport collection. It was their iconic chronograph that went on to gain immense popularity and following in the coming years. It was also the time when Oris experimented with bold colors that were trending. They have offered several auto-themed watches since then. However, this piece stood out and transformed the Oris watch brand’s reputation and standing. The watch was relaunched in 2017 as the 2017 Oris Chronoris Date watches.

The Oris Chronoris Date Watch

This vintage piece had a makeover in 2017, and the new collective looks bold and beautiful. The makers have kept an eye on the details, thus ensuring proper casing and jeweled pieces that grab eyeballs. The design of the watch case is very similar to the first version of this watch. It is barrel-shaped with polished and rounded curves. They have also included the AR-coated sapphire crystal in this piece. Oris has added the vintage themed stainless steel case to this edition along with a dual crown inclusion. Each of the crowns adds a unique function to the watch. They have fit the crown at 2 o'clock to make setting time and date easy and hassle-free. This timepiece is water-resistant just like the other Oris watches, and up to 100mm depth.

The dial has also been toned to match the 70s edition. The design cues have been taken from the vintage piece while adding a bold modern touch to it. You will see shades of orange combined with matte grey, black and white. Hints of silver are also visible along the dial. The use of colors has been done in such a way that you observe a distinct contrast, which makes it easier for you to view and read the dials. The illuminating effect adds to the readability factor. The hour markers in white are balanced with the silver inner bezel, which makes the watch dial stand out.

The original Chronoris contained the stops second movement. The new Date variant has removed this. They have used the Sellita SW 200-1 movement instead. It is known for being solid and accurate and offers close to 38 hours of power reserve, which makes it worth collecting. However, owing to the new movement, a lot of collectors don’t consider it to be a Chronograph.

The leather strap gives the Chronograph a rich and divine feeling. You can choose between a black and a brown leather strap, and both work just fine. You can even opt for a NATO-style strap, which is unique and impressive. The bracelet design matches the original, with close to 15 interconnected links. The bracelet design and the watch straps have been designed in a defining fashion. It fits your hand perfectly and creates a distinct impression.

Oris Chronoris Watch: An Owner’s Delight

The newly launched Oris Chronoris watch is bold, unique and functional. So, if you want an elegant piece that promises reliability and performance, Oris Chronoris is the watch for you. Taking design cues from the original, Oris has introduced new aesthetics and functionality to meet the modern user’s needs. Overall, it is a perfect fit for all occasions.

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