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Born in a small Swiss town called Holstein, the brand Oris was established by Paul Cattin and Georges Christian in 1904. The founders began with pocket watches and gradually grew the business in watchmaking. From their first factory, which they built in place of the Lohner & Co watch unit, to their assembly plant near Holderbank, they worked hard to advance their company. By 1929, they had three additional factories, with the total number coming to 5.

They were among the top watchmakers of their time. Like many other watchmakers, they too introduced special editions for specific needs. Their pilot watches suited the requirements of flyers and met their accuracy needs marvelously. However, with the onset of the Quartz crisis, like many other companies, Oris too faced troubles. This led to a reinvention of Oris watches. The Oris mechanical alarm wristwatch was invented around this time, which led them to stand apart from their competition. Oris watches have derived inspiration from sports as well as culture. Sports events and niches have been drivers of innovation for a few of their prominent innovations. Those notable collections include the 8-day-clock, world-timer and the Big Crown.

New Oris Big Crown Propilot X Watches

All About Oris Big Crown Propilot X Watches

History of Oris

While the beginnings were humble for Oris Big Crown watches, it was a game-changer for the owners of the company. In 25 years, Oris went on from a single factory to five assembly units to further their watchmaking capabilities. The company had an impressive growth path and successfully dominated the industry with their skills and by introducing newness in their watches.

Oris was an integrated manufacturer. As a result, they developed watch movements themselves. They may not have been pioneers of technology back when they started, but they were pioneers of a revolution where men and women were considered equal and given opportunities. It was during their huge wave of watches that the company introduced a collection designed for pilots. The aviation edition, known as the Big Crown, came with a pointer calendar function. Soon after its aviation masterpiece, the company developed an alarm clock. The reason for introducing their first-ever 8-day power reserve clock was to gain an audience at a time when their distribution had taken a hard hit. Soon after World War II, the watch sales for the company went down. With this new type of watch though, they managed to make a comeback.

In 1952, Oris introduced its automatic Swiss watch with in-house calibre. The Calibre 601 was the company’s most accurate piece ever designed. At the same time, the company also fought against the Statute that didn’t allow them to use lever movements in their watches. From adorning pilots’ wrists, Oris decided to move towards another arena - diver watches. They created a diver watch with bold numerals and a unidirectional rotating bezel, which was recreated 50 years later. The initial stages were among the golden years for Oris. They also designed a chronometer during this period, which has been given the full certification. They had sold close to 1.2 million watches during this period, and it was a remarkable era for Oris watches.

The Renewed Vision

Between 1970 and 1989, Oris underwent a vision transformation, which led to the emergence of new markets they could cater to. They also closely observed the Japanese influence on global watch trends. Plus, they refined their view and aimed to become the leader in mechanical watches and special movements. It was during this time that they reintroduced the pointer calendar, which went on to become one of the biggest and finest Crown watches of that time. They also released a mechanical alarm clock at this point. Towards the end of the century, they released their first-ever sports edition watch inspired by football, known as the Players Watch. During this period, the company thrived by producing mechanical watches.

Gradually, they stepped into producing watches inspired by various sports and music. They created a Jazz watch edition as well, inspired by the music. They named its first piece after the British musician Andy Sheppard. During this period, they also launched the world timer, wherein the local time could be adjusted in an one-hour jump, forward or backward. The timer could also update the date accordingly. Apart from producing timeless and classy pieces, the company kept incorporating technological innovations in their creations. They introduced the Quick-lock crown system to the Oris watch, which requires a single clockwise turn of the screw. During this time, they began associating with major sports events, including Formula One racing.

The early 21st century saw Oris come up with a new slogan that claimed that their watches were for real people. They recreated their image and their positioning with this slogan. They also redefined technology and watchmaking art during this period.

The Exclusive Collection of Oris Watches

Oris Big Crown Propilot X

By incorporating the calibre 115, this brand new watch Oris Big Crown Propilot X offers a 10-day power reserve. The watches are packed with technological innovations and have all the major components on display. A highly accurate piece, the watch comes in a grade 2 to grade 5 titanium case. The brand has not employed traditional movement for this watch. Instead, they have assembled the case using multiple pieces and have initiated tolerances that allow the 44mm case to be wound around the movement. The X in the nomenclature has been inspired by pilots, and the watch has been designed specifically for pilots.

Oris Artelier

This was the fourth edition of the innovative watches designed by the company. It is an exclusive piece that combines innovation with features. The watches are powered by in-house movements that are capably designed by the company. They have introduced this design in calibre 110, 111, 112 and 113.

Oris Bronze Watch

When the company designed its first-ever bronze watch, it was a limited edition piece. Inspired by the extraordinary life led by African American master diver of the United States Navy, the watch was named Carl Brashear. The bronze dial was the highlight of this piece. It came inside a special edition wooden box, which happened to take luxury and presentation to a whole new level.

Big Crown X1 Calculator

This watch was inspired by the X-1 fighter plane, which was powered by a rocket engine. While this innovative piece was ahead of its time, it transformed the whole image of the Big Crown series as well as the company. The watch is designed with a rotating slide rule bezel, which is why it is associated with the term calculator. The polished layout and large hands make for an impressive look. There is a sapphire inside the dial of this watch.

Be in Style with Oris Big Crown Propilot X Watches

Looking for timepieces that are precise and accurate while being aesthetic too? Then Oris watches can meet all your needs perfectly. They are heavy on both design and functionality. Their associations with sports and culture make them stand out. Simple yet extraordinary is how you can define the watches of this brand. Oris has collections devoted to specific series too, like the pilot’s edition for aviation and the diver’s watch for better water resistance. So, enjoy exclusive features and great designs with these watches.

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