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The professional diver’s watch collection, Oris ProDiver is a promising name in the timepiece industry, and it catches attention from all over the world because of the stylish products with innovative functions, including the Oris-patented RSS bezel-locking system and 1000-meter water-resistance in the underwater universe.

The brand has a record of producing the best versions of precise and legible watches, and the engineers design such remarkable timepieces for professionals. Some of the models include ProDiver Chronograph, ProDiver GMT, and Dive Control Limited Edition. Moreover, Oris diving watches are not only technically flawless, but their designs are ultra-modern and mesmerizing, too.

New Oris ProDiver Watches

History of Oris ProDiver Collection

Originated in 1904 by Paul Cattin and Georges Christian in the beautiful Swiss town of Holstein, Oris is a watchmaking brand that needs no introduction, and by 1911, the company gradually stepped forward towards success by hiring more than 300 workers to produce quality products. It also constructed new apartments and houses for the staff, and by 1929, Oris launched many factories in the town. Everything went smoothly until 1934 because the Swiss government introduced a new law, Watch Statute, by which, watchmaking companies had to take permission from authorities to use new technology in the products.

In 1965, the Swiss-made watches of Oris become highly famous among the professionals, and the brand launched a state-of-the-art diver’s watch with a unidirectional rotating bezel along with timer scale and bold numerals, and that timepiece’s water-resistance level was up to 100 meters. The brand also developed a unique safety clasp to stop a product from falling off, and it also exhibits a quick-adjust system that allows users to operate the function without taking off the wristwatch.

Fast forward to 2010, Oris collaborated with the Australian Marine Conservation Society to preserve and secure the Great Barrier Reef, which is the single-largest reef system in the universe, and for this purpose, the brand unveiled a limited edition diver’s watch, named as the Great Barrier Reef Limited Edition. Later, it introduced Oris ProDiver Moon that became the leading automatic watch in the world to show the lunar cycle, as well as the tidal range. The brand further improved a lot in its techniques and strategies by taking help of Roman Frischknecht.

When it comes to the Oris ProDiver collection, Oris has already launched magnificent timepieces for professional divers with outstanding functions, captivating designs, and flawless quality, and some of the models are:

Oris Dive Control Limited Edition 51 mm

Most probably the dominant model of the Oris ProDiver family, Oris Dive Control Limited Edition, the first mechanical watch that supported Rotation Safety System or RSS, and it features 51 mm titanium or a black-plated case with a black dial and rubber bracelet. It also offers an automatic winding chronograph movement, and the overall design & appearance makes it the most favorite watch as compared to others. You will be in love with the style and quality of the timepiece, and it is the first choice of professional divers.

Oris ProDiver GMT 49 mm

Have you seen the most technical diver’s watch by Oris ProDiver collection yet? If not, you should immediately check out this stunning model, Oris ProDiver GMT. It doesn’t matter whether you are standing on the ground, or diving in the sea, the watch will not leave your wrist in any circumstances. Being water-resistant to 1000 meters, GMT highlights the patented RSS bezel lock safety system of Oris, and it holds the bezel in the right place during the dive.

With 49 mm titanium case, automatic winding GMT movement that shows small second and date, and a stunning black dial, Oris ProDiver GMT is a class, and it offers a rubber strap, too. This professional diver’s timepiece is a worth buying watch that will enhance the personality of a person to a great extent.

Oris ProDiver Chronograph 51 mm

Oris ProDiver Chronograph watch is a unique timepiece, which is a synonym to style and elegance, and its titanium case with a diameter of 51 mm and 2.008 inches is the prominent feature of the model. Like all of the brand’s products, it also includes the highly innovative Rotation Safety System (RSS), and the clearly-visible displays and automatic helium valve are the reasons for its popularity.

This heroic watch is for heroes and those professionals, who carry style, responsibility, and class all together. It also has a mechanical movement, and the black dial of the timepiece enhances the appearance of the model. When you buy this watch, you will get an additional rubber strap, waterproof presentation box set, and professional strap changing tools, too.

Featured Models

The featured models of Oris ProDiver Collection are:

Oris Dive Control Limited Edition 51 mm

Developed in partnership with a Swiss commercial diver Roman Frischknecht, Oris Dive Control Limited Edition (Ref. No. 01 774 7727 7784-Set) is an impressive 51 mm wristwatch featuring patented Rotation Safety System (RSS), includes in all Oris ProDiver watches, and its chief function is to lock a diving bezel securely in place at the time of dive.

Other prominent highlights of the watch include Titanium or black-plated case of 2.008 inches with an automatic winding chronograph movement, black dial, rubber strap, and professional strap changing tools are available for the buyers. Oris Dive Control Limited Edition is a professional diver’s watch that offers precise and legible functions with a full 60-minute counter chronograph.

Oris ProDiver Chronograph 51 mm

Highly impressive Oris watch with a unique design, Oris ProDiver Chronograph (Ref. No. 01 774 7727 7154-Set) is a beautiful addition to the world of professional diver’s watches, and its RSS system is probably the safest one in the universe. Moreover, Oris ProDiver Chronograph equipped with a chronograph, super-visible counter displays, and automatic helium valve make it among the most remarkable models of the brand.

This 51 mm timepiece offers a titanium case of 2.008 inches, black dial, and an automatic winding chronograph movement. It also has a titanium bracelet or a strap, and it features a water-resistance level of 1000 meters.

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