Tissot T-Classic Watches

Tissot has been in the market since 1853, adding to the diversity of watches. It has launched various models in Tissot T Classic collection and proved that they are innovators by tradition, time and again.

Tissot, a name that started from the streets of Le Locle, Switzerland now stands among the best watchmakers of the world. Its founders, Charles-Felicien Tissot and Charles Emilie Tissot, started off the company from a small assembly shop by selling pocket watches across the Russian Empire, which later became Tissot's biggest market. Its merger with Omega made it an item of the collection after 1930.

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New Tissot T-Classic Watches

History of Tissot T-Classic Watches

The Tissot T Classic is the ultimate go-to when it comes to opting from the various Tissot watches for men. Tissot is a Swiss company and it grew a lot when it introduced its classic collection. The Tissot 1853 – a timepiece from the Tissot Classic collection - has been in the market for a long while. This collection is amongst the most varied offered by Tissot and the reputation that it brought in for the Swiss-based company is remarkable.

In the September of the year 2018, Tissot launched Chrono XL Classic Virat Kohli special edition in its Delhi launch event, adding one more gem in its T-classic collection, the newest member to it. The Tissot watch has the famous Indian cricketer’s jersey number (18) on it highlighted in red. The launch was to commemorate their association with this new brand ambassador. The watch has a silk printed case back with an engraved navy blue logo, and the navy blue leather straps, add to the sporty aesthetic of the watch. Apart from this, the watch excels in quality like every other member of the classic family. It is equipped with a quartz chronograph movement, 316L stainless steel case. It offers water resistivity up to 10 bar pressure and has a diameter of 45mm.

The Tissot T Classic collection has various masterpieces in it ranging from simple and elegant to flashy and luxurious. Every watch ever introduced in the classic collection served a different purpose and introduced a new crowd of admirers with every launch. Each timepiece in the Tissot T Classic collection kept the promise of precise time and a trustworthy brand while experimenting with one or the other feature. Tissot watches for men and women offer a wide variety according to the diversity in their customers.

The Tissot PR 100 chronograph, one of the best of the Tissot T classic, is designed to wear often, for almost every occasion. It comes with a 2-year warranty and a round case shape. This watch gave the collection a simple and elegant face liked by all. The watch introduced a sense of luxury to the simplest of events.

Another introduction made in the Tissot T Classic collection was the Tissot Le Locle Powermatic 80, which has a power reserve of up to 80 hours. For a fancy watch, it has features that make the classic collection stand out in the market and makes the Tissot T Classic, the most prized possession of the Swiss brand with Swiss automatic movement, and a 2-year warranty. The best part of the design along with the silver coloured dial and the scratch-resistant sapphire crystal is the Roman numerals and a traditional Tissot Le Locle signature giving it appear chic. The battery type of the watch is mechanical, which add to it all the pros of storing energy as compared to a traditional battery with a capacity of 80 hours.

The Carson premium Powermatic 80 is the up to date member of the classic family with similar features as a Tissot Powermatic 80 but with a more sumptuous look and graceful elongated dials.

Tissot Tradition has a vintage style design signature; it is going to make you feel nostalgic. It is a perfect blend of high tech and classical designs, complemented by guilloche decoration and a gently curved case. This experiment helped the classic to be modern and antique at the same time giving it aesthetics desired by a wide range of audience.

Every time small and large, the sleek and clean face of the Tissot T Classic collection, is a very modern design. The face being of the minimum shape gave the classic an opportunity to try various aesthetics with the straps.

Speaking of the various watches in the collection the Couturier chronograph is all about the design of the material that blends with the design of the watch. It pays attention to the detailing of its design. It is more like a watch belonging to a fashion designing world. While the Chemin des Tourelles Squelette mechanical has a contemporary design and it encapsulates the name of the street where the first le locle company was established. The watch is luxurious and yet affordable because of the price offered by Tissot. Tissot automatic includes a day and date display at 3 o’clock. This piece is a combination of sophistication and affordability that buys you a brand name for your collection at a price in your range. On the other hand, Bridgeport focuses on the aesthetics of the classic collection.

All these additions brought the Tissot T Classic collection to its present day position. Tissot has sponsored a lot of sports events and is also the official timekeeper for a lot of major sports. In the shadow of those sports and their promotion, it has launched a number of watches in the classic collection.

When you have a look at the faith that Tissot has in the classic collection you will know the worth of the name that they are selling. All the history that Tissot T Classic has is a series of quality products and a legacy of success. If you trace back to the initial design of Tissot, you will find all the elements in the classic collection that Tissot began with.

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