Tissot T-Gold Watches

Tissot, or should it be innovators by tradition, presented a gem when they introduced Tissot T Gold series in the market. The name is a synonym for luxury Swiss watches, representing a class in its finest form. The collection in itself is a synonym to elegance, luxury and style. This collection features 16 watch families, all housed in 18-carat rose or yellow gold cases.

Every Tissot gold watch in this collection is powered by Swiss made quartz, manual mechanical or automatic mechanical movement. The collection has an impeccable set of functioning, but only some of the watches in the Tissot gold watch collection include chronograph function and most of the watches in the collection have genuine leather straps.

※ Depending on the availability status, the manufacturer's genuine box may not be included. In this situation, the watch will be shipped with our company (TWC) watch box. Please contact us if you have any questions.

New Tissot T-Gold Watches

History of Tissot T-Gold Watches

The series of all the launches - that the rich history of Tissot has seen - made in the gold collection has led to the enhanced design of its latest model. The main idea of designing such a collection began with gold forged in a way to add an expensive look but its newest designs have gold more as a quality metal. The history of the evolution of designs in the Tissot T gold series can be traced back to every launch the Tissot made in order to bring about the quality of the gold collection.

The Excellence 18k Gold from the collection brought to the table the best design that a Tissot gold watch can get with a thickness of only 5.9mm. It is slim and sophisticated. The case is made out of rose gold that contrasts with the blue of the background and the yellow or white gold of the dial. It is the new stylish thing that Tissot introduced to its T gold watches. The men’s gold watches collection welcomed its newest member, named gentleman automatic, the model especially launched to bridge the gap between commercial viability and enthusiast approval. While the Goldrun Sapphire 18k Gold is what counts as a classic. You can see the class in its bracelet, dials, case and hands. These were designed with the purpose of introducing the customer to typical gold watches but with a touch of Tissot’s traditional designs.

Bridgeport Automatic Chronograph 18k gold is another major part of the collection and was introduced for the sake of aesthetics. Gold and silver were introduced to keep in touch with tradition with a variety of dials and subdials while giving the customer a choice of attachments so that they can decide for the class of the watch themselves. This is what also made it a watch for everyone. Tissot Vintage Powermatic 80 18k Gold – an important member of the Tissot T Gold collection - brought a bit of antiquity to the T gold with a yellow or rose gold case and Arabian numerals, designed and inheriting all the properties of Powermatic 80 of Tissot T classic. It was designed for the customers who are more of a collector of luxuries like this. With all the gold in it, the design is kept pretty simple.

Vintage Quartz NBA Special Edition 18k Gold was launched in the shadow of NBA to lure the basketball fans and introduce them to a brand like Tissot. It was designed specially to introduce at the partnership event with the NBA. On the other hand, the renowned Fascination 18k gold has Tissot's dignified coat of arms, a mark of respect and acknowledgement at its backside. It is another design launched in the Tissot T Gold collection for the collectors of defined and detailed design. Rose dream 18k gold brought a simple design to the table with its leather bracelet and gold case. It has an evergreen design and so you can buy it and pass on to generations because it is never going to be out of date.

Goldrun Haselite 18k was introduced with the same purpose as that of sapphire 18k, that was to bring a more appealing gold watch for men. Prestigious lady 18k gold comes with a rectangular case with an alluringly chic look and is diversity especially included for the women out there. Its design is inspired by the golden ’20s, the post-war period when new designs were celebrated. It is the best combination possible of all the intricate and contemporary designs. The Tissot gold watch was made in a way that no women can say no to. It's light design acts as another perk to the name of the brand.

Gold watches for men was first introduced and then the designs were altered to reach the female fanatics as well. As a result, you can find a range of designs from heavy to light, fancy to simple and expensive to inexpensive to buy the watch that you want and the brand itself is a portrayal of collections bringing the attention you want for them.

Joining the Swatch group introduced Tissot to an international market of finished watches, jewellery, watch movements and components but introducing the Tissot T gold is what brought watch fanatics to the stores. The Tissot T gold collection has brought the brand to the level where it stands among the best in the watch business. Most of the members of the Tissot T gold collection are introduced with a better and elegant design than the ones that came before it. The changes made in the Tissot T gold collection are very small but they resulted in a wide variety of audience because of the affordability that the changes would offer. The fame at which the Tissot gold watch stands today is a result of the perfect balance between luxury and the availability of the watch for every type of buyer – so what is this buyer waiting for?

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