Tissot T-Trend Watches

If something new is what you have been looking for – then the Tissot T Trend is for you. A collection which was crafted in order to target the women segment of the market, it has worked its wonder and enchanted a wide number of people owing to the skill and quality with which this watch has been crafted.

With copious options available at the disposal of the users, these watches have lived up to the modern standards while keeping a traditional touch which is not to be forgotten. Class flows yet again through the bloodstream of these Tissot ladies watches – which are not something to be missed out.

※ Depending on the availability status, the manufacturer's genuine box may not be included. In this situation, the watch will be shipped with our company (TWC) watch box. Please contact us if you have any questions.

New Tissot T-Trend Watches

History of Tissot T-Trend Watches

Tissot is a line of watches that intends to be a partner in all of your expeditions – since they have manufactured timepieces which are catered to the needs of customers who have distinct tastes. When the present trends demanded that the brand plays with flashy colours – it did so. Ever since it has established its tagline “Craftsmanship and Innovation since 1853”, there was no scope of budging from this proposition – they have abided by it.

The world witnessed their innovation on a larger scale when they merged with the Swatch Group in the year 1998. That is when they introduced the RockWatch – the first ever watch to have been crafted by employing a natural stone. On the same lines, they introduced the world to the WoodWatch and the PearlWatch. The company desired to expand as much as it could and they wanted to leave no stones unturned. Thereby, they decided to tap the marketing industry. This is where the brand came up with innovative slogans and taglines which attracted people in huge amounts.

Since their zeal for innovation and making watches that were a class apart was endless – they also came with a special something for the women and that was the Tissot T Trend collection – nonetheless, there are some timepieces which have been assembled especially to meet the expectations that have been set by the men. The watches of this collection are truly elegance redefined. Also, given that this brand has been in operation since as long as we can remember, we cannot deny the fact that they are going to work towards precision and accuracy – without even mentioning it. These watches have been created by burning the midnight oil so that they can stand through all the tests that may come their way. Well, that is not only true for this collection but for various others as well.

The amount of time that goes into detailing these watches is not something that can be understood by a person who is not a watch enthusiast. However, for the ones who are not – they can clearly observe the impeccable design and operation of the watch because it does not take a hawk's eye for observing a trend of the sorts.

The inner beauty and the movement of these watches cannot be overlooked – no matter how hard you try. The variants of the Tissot Couturier make for fine Tissot watches for women. While this watch is also equipped for a chronograph in the model which has been crafted for women, it has – also – been materialized in a very elegant version. For the latter, Tissot has provided for a simple dial which comes with 12-hour markers and a date aperture at the 3 o clock position. Our personal favourite is the one with a blue leather strap.

The watches in this collection have been crafted after putting in a lot of time. The watchmakers have realized that the watch must be water resistant for use on a regular basis; thus, the brand has ensured that the timepieces can stand against a water pressure of up to 10 bars. A few of these Tissot women watches have been adorned by a mother of pearl dial – which was exclusively created by Tissot, to pay heed to the innovator in them. On similar lines, a few of these watches have been powered by the Powermatic 80 movement.

The grace that this collection is capable of conferring has rendered various people speechless because they had never encountered a watch which was elegant and simple at the same time. Tissot has definitely worked its magic. People have come to understand that Tissot is a company which is for the people and that is why no matter what sort of a watch they are in need of – they immediately flock to the brand and get their demands fulfilled.

The qualities that the brand embodies cannot be found elsewhere and that is the charm of the brand. T Trend's charm is undeniable because it is smart and sophisticated – all at the same time. Nonetheless, that does not mean that the intricacies of these watches have not been paid attention to. The watches in this segment were well researched upon in order to meet the demands of the people since the ladies watches are not equipped with leather belts but they have also been adorned with jewellery bracelets – which is a clear sign of diversity and indicative of the fact that there are not particular gender roles attached to this collection. Also, the features of the collection emanate so beautifully that you will not be able to defy being a part of the Tissot family.

So do you think that a timepiece from the T Trend collection has especially been crafted for you? If yes, then what are you waiting for?

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