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Tissot T-Lady Watches

Tissot – the watch brand that has got elegance written all over it. With innovation on their mind, they have put in ample amounts of hard work to bring about an in-house movement that is going to breathe life into the watches. The amazing Tissot T Lady collection is the definition of beauty because of how wonderfully its feminine features have been woven together to produce a timepiece that is unbeatable.

The Tissot T Lady collection has been designed keeping in mind the various occasions that women need to be a part of and how they would like to doll themselves up with a matching accessory. Thereby, Tissot T Lady is your perfect partner!


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History of Tissot T-Lady Watches

The Tissot brand which is this rich in terms of its collection is bound to have a rich history of hard work. Establishing a brand of the sorts requires a lot of work to be put in and it cannot be created overnight. It was back in 1853 that Charles-Félicien Tissot and Charles- Émile decided to join hands and combine the expertise that they possess. The brand began as "Charles-Félicien Tissot & Son". The dedication with which they created their work of art was appreciated all around the world and why not? Passion can lead you anywhere, right?

Tissot watches were worth everyone's while. The brand is capable of providing two very important attributes which is exactly what the consumers have a look into while purchasing a watch and that is quality and value. The meticulously made watches have been something that has always been appreciated. Since the early 1900s, the world has been a witness to Tissot women watches.

Being a luxury brand, the watches were crafted out of gold and platinum which were adorned using diamonds. Thereafter, the brand also crafted timepieces especially addressed to men. Like all other brands, Tissot was motivated by the current styles; however, to stand out and to fetch that extra piece of cake – they made sure they left no tables unturned – therefore, they excelled at innovation. The vigour with which they were operating was great – to the point that, in the year 1917, they produced an in-house movement.

Well, the innovation had to be marketed and that could not have been done unless a plan would lead them to do so. Therefore, a special plan of action was crafted by Paul Tissot. The brand had to grow and spread its wings and for doing so they devised several strategies. The Tissot brand offered its customers a one-year guarantee – even if the watch is accidentally messed with, Tissot was willing to mend it. That immediately became their selling point – well, of course, it was not limited to that but for the time being; it played a huge part.

Tissot watches for women were the pioneer watches of the brand and it was something that the brand wanted to excel at it to become the best watch brand for women. Tissot understood that women had to find something for themselves that matched with their feminine qualities. Thus, to cater to this demand – the Tissot watches were advertised in a similar fashion by utilizing "A young woman and 3 watches". For instance, a woman would like a watch equipped with a leather strap for instances which call for physical activity while elegant bracelets can be relied upon in professional circumstances. Also, to cater to the needs of the male segment the brand came up with chronographs and Tissot automatic watches. Basically, Tissot wanted to diversify as much as it could in order to become the best everyday watch – no matter what purpose you aim to serve, it would become your go-to brand.

Speaking of diversification, the brand made its attempt at targetting the teenagers in order to meet their demands as well – and brought about something that was chic yet distinctive. They made sure they made use of material which would otherwise not be used while making regular watches. Also, during the times when the brand was trying to revamp itself – they come up with peculiar timepieces. For instance, the Rockwatch – which was crafted using natural stone. It also crafted the PearlWatch and the Woodwatch.

During this period of time, wherein the brand was trying to resurrect itself – it created extremely feminine models and that was when we saw the birth of the Tissot lady. The collection that was going to change how the female watch enthusiasts viewed the watch industry. Since the company's slogan states "Innovators by Tradition" - they have been as innovative as they could get. For instance, they introduced the Tissot T-wave in the Tissot T Lady Collection. Since it is a well-known fact that the dial of a watch is what entices the consumers – regardless of what happens underneath – the company made sure that the dials get as exciting as possible so that the consumers immediately like what they see.

The watch collection has been crafted in a practical manner – keeping in mind its customers. Thus, affordability is a decisive factor which has led to the advent of Tissot T Lady. From basic to luxury watches, the Tissot T Lady collection has got them all. The elegance of the collection emanates from each timepiece that you have a look at. However, it must not be forgotten that it is a quality that is intrinsic to the brand – regardless of what collection you have a look at.

With the rich history of Tissot – we are sure you feel a lot closer to the brand and think that it is the brand that is your go-to.

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