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Tissot has been concentrating on the evolution of some unique watches which are a combination of both - present and past specifications and culture.

Tissot was first formed in the city of Le Locle, Switzerland. Charles – Felicien Tissot and Charles Emilie Tissot together founded what would become one of the oldest watch companies in the world. In the '30s, the Tissot along with Omega were merged and they let out some of the most famous collections of all time.

Ever since the Tissot came into existence, it took a lot for Tissot to earn such goodwill and quality products like the Tissot Heritage series such as: Tissot Visodate, Tissot Heritage Visodate, Tissot Heritage 1948, Tissot Heritage 1936 etc..


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History of Tissot Heritage Watches

Tissot has been a subsidiary of the Swiss Swatch Group from the year 1983, the largest ever watch producer and distributor in the whole world. It has been marketed in 160 countries out of 192 around the world.

Tissot has travelled back in time to launch the exclusive Tissot collection, with the spice of classic elegance. In 1943, Tissot launched its first automatic watch and it was astonishingly ravished with the sword patterned minute and hour hands which made it truly attractive at the first glance itself. Its reference of "antimagnetic" under the logo defined the watch as competing with the current watch trends and stylish but healthy rivalry.

There was something very unique and interesting about the Tissot watches, that they always combined their efforts to become a unique watch brand. They concentrated over styling and enhancing the watch designs with a differentiated style which could make it stand out, rather than copying the current trend. But in addition to that, Tissot always maintained the updated technology from the background in order to keep itself trendy but classic.

Tissot Heritage collection clearly suggests that Tissot has always been proud enough for making itself grow from the historical pattern and ideas, and hence it is clearly visible in the products it manufactures.

As long as we talk about the history of Tissot watches, it is clearly visible that one longs to purchase it because of its classic view, extravagant quality and the historical trend touch and finishing. Tissot has managed to attract the male customers from their 30s and has challenged them to invest in itself in consideration with the class and feeling it offers.

It was clear to Tissot that classic watches are a sign of grace and luxury to men. Besides all the ornaments available, they prefer a trendy and classic watch to flaunt their persona. A good and attractive watch adds to their confidence and Tissot has been an opportunity creator rather than a seeker. Their historical touch and evolution of watches are drool-worthy and they keep updating their stock with new ideologies and inventions. Every single watch from the Tissot Heritage collection has offered a broad idea of making the customer feel handsome about himself. The quality of a sapphire glass over the various watches in the collection and its uniquely designed hour and minute hands contribute to each ticking microsecond. Its comfy leather belt helps emanate a more classic look and experience.

Tissot has always been very careful about the emerging experience of each customer to make sure that – time and time again – men consider Tissot as the brand to make an investment in. Tissot Heritage collection has also been an excellent present for the special ones because it lasts longer than all of the gifts. Tissot has amazingly maintained it's calibre all throughout from 1853 till date.
Let’s have a closer look into the Tissot Heritage collection:

Tissot Heritage Visodate automatic
Back in the 1950s, Tissot decided to integrate the date function of the watches with an automatic mechanism, and this was termed as Tissot Visodate. the watch comes with Domed scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass over it. The watch is Swiss-made and is equipped with a warranty of two years. It's a watch for men with the round shape which is water resistant up to a pressure of 3 bar. it has a stainless steel case of length 40 and width 40 with lugs 20 along with thickness being 11.6. The Tissot Heritage watch owns an HMSDD dial and power reserve of thirty-eight hour and flaunts a classy leather strap with embossed cow leather alligator look with the butterfly clasp.

Tissot Heritage 1948
It is a vintage inspired chronograph based off a similar watch from straight 1948. In hand with embracing the vintage trend in 2017, Tissot has also decided to make a return to contemporary sized watches. This Tissot automatic watch has a 39.6 mm case, which is comparatively smaller than the watches available today which is exactly what makes this watch stand out. There are other elements that make this watch different like- the twisted, slightly flared lugs and the leaf-shaped hands, and polished, angled bezel which probably wouldn't work well in a larger case. the case appears like a traditional 3 part construction but it is polished all around. The Tissot watch has ravished rectangular chronograph pushers and a slighted, thin, fluted crown. The crown especially covers a long route in the way with the amplifying vintage look.

Tissot Heritage 1936
The craftsmanship that appears on the dial is praiseworthy. Also, the Breguet style hands, in hand with the Tissot logo at the black, pop on the two-tone dial. In addition to it, the second's sub dial comes another nod to a common design element in early trend watches.

The Tissot Heritage collection is all that you have been looking for since it matches you need – so how are you managing to keep your hands off it?

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