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Tissot Touch Collection Watches

From having dual dials in their classic watches to having a solar charging option, barometer, compass, alarm, the touch screen on normal sapphire crystal glass, synchronisation, and chronography, Tissot has come a long way through in an impressive trendy finish.

For instance, having a Tissot Visodate was a great achievement back then, but in these modern digital quick days, the Tissot brand has introduced variants to meet the demands of the new generation and has provided with all the latest features and requirements. Thus, the collection which has especially been crafted keeping the modern era in mind is none other than the Tissot T Touch collection.

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New Tissot Touch Collection Watches

History of Tissot Touch Collection Watches

The combined work of Charles-Félicien Tissot and his son Charles-Émile Tissot led to the advent of the company "Charles-Félicien Tissot & Son" which is now popularly known as Tissot. The history of the brand is affluent if you get on to dig deeper. The quality that the father-son duo embodied was hailed throughout the globe because of the accuracy and precision with which they crafted their timepieces. Hoping to become class apart – the two were willing to go to unfathomable lengths. They crafted Tissot watches for men and women to diversify as much as possible. The zeal for innovation was immense since the brand started manufacturing an in-house movement.

Tissot wanted to attract as many people as it could; thus, it did not restrict itself to just innovation – it made sure that it marketed its products in a very well manner. The marketing campaigns that they launched were perfect and good to go with the products. People were definitely getting attracted to the brand because it has come a long way from what it had started, right?

It is needless to say that the brand laid hands over the most creative minds in the market since it has innovated beyond ineffable lengths and one such example of their creativity at work is the Tissot Touch. One of the most intriguing watches of the collection is the Tissot T Touch solar which comes with the option of solar charging and screen touch operate. The touch watch was a result of creativity since wanted the consumers to be away from the hassles of getting the watch’s battery changed – time and time again. Therefore, the solar watch addition. The watch consists of three buttons at the right end of the watch - the middle right, upper right, lower right. The middle right button duly activates the screen touch option and later it can be converted into a total smartwatch – upheld as the Tissot smartwatch.

It contains ample of features such as compass direction and weather determination. The fluctuations of the hands in the subdials can determine the direction and weather easily and precisely which makes it a special and unique kind of watch. The smartwatch comes with the detection of longitudes which remains really helpful to fuel the dreams of the adventure seeker in you. The Tissot watch is also equipped with the facility to set alarms that are strong enough to generate a sense of alert to wake the person at the right time. It facilitates the setting of alarms for different days. For instance, one can set an alarm for 6 am for weekdays and 9 am for weekends.

All the watches of Tissot comes up with a perfect combination of historical touch and contemporary invention making Tissot a reliable and trustworthy brand. Speaking of the Tissot Touch collection with respect to the innovation, it not only entails Tissot T Touch Expert Solar but is inclusive of the Tissot T Race Touch, Tissot T Touch II, etc. These watches have been crafted to tap into the market whose gaps were yet to be filled; thus, reflecting the amount of research the brand puts in concerning the demands of the consumers.

Although Tissot mostly comes up with men watches, the Tissot T touch collection wanted to be as diverse as possible; thereby, it led to the introduction of a watch which was specially crafted to cater to the needs of the female segment. Tissot is counted as one of the most luxury and classy watches to choose and reliable ones to buy. The aesthetics of the watch are impeccable and they impress the onlooker to the point that it increases their willingness to come back to the brand to make an investment which is going to be memorable.

Customer satisfaction and loyalty building have always been an important factor for Tissot. Also, the service centres of Tissot has been trustworthy and reliable in terms of warranty and guarantee period. Having a Tissot Heritage range or Tissot T Touch range watch is no less than having a special ornament in your wrist. It comes with 2 years of the warranty period and you are going to be assisted with the utmost levels of care.

Thinking big is what the Tissot watch makers have done throughout – they made sure they lived in the present and catered to the needs of the present. While they were doing so – they made sure that they set ample amounts of milestones to look back to. They have revived their collections to allow people to reminisce them. However, they never forgot that they had to keep moving and they always did. The Tissot T Touch is an example of the same – the motivation to stay in the present. However, they have a clear mind that when the trends change they are going to make sure that they innovate and keep pace with the present.

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