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The Swiss watch brand Alpina is probably most known for its mountaineer field watches and the emblematic red triangle mark. Holding up a proud heritage of more than 130 years, Alpina has achieved numerous significant successes and gained worldwide fame with its patented innovations and in-house calibers during its rich history of heritage.

Traced back to 1883, Alpina has already been dedicating itself to horological innovation from the very beginning. The brand has always strived to control and improve the quality of their watches, including its most well known tool watches for land, air and sea. Under the umbrella of the Alpina Land series, the Alpiner line is created for the explorers and adventurers. This Aplina Apliner watch has inherited the spirit of the brand’s original Alpina 4 model and offers its exceptional features: a robust stainless steel case, antimagnetic capability, anti-shock protection, and water resistance.

New Alpina Alpiner Watches

History of Alpina Watches


Originally established in 1883, Alpina is a Swiss watch brand that specializes mainly in sports watches. It is generally recognized as one of the best luxury entry watch brands like Oris, Tissot and Hamilton. 

Owned by the renowned Japanese watch company Citizen Holdings now, Alpina continues to produce promising timepieces and occupies a stable position in its segment. 


To recall the heritage of the brand, we should trace back to its roots in 1883 when the Swiss Watchmakers Corporation was established by Gottlieb Hauser. It was aimed to gather some of the world’s best watchmakers to join forces and develop their own watch calibers and components. 

Amongst these highly skilled experts, the Alpina Ebauche Factory from Geneva created Ebauches as the base of their calibers, which eventually played an essential role for the development of the first Alpina movements later in 1912.


With the release of its famous self-manufactured chronometer Ebauche with a Glashütte escapement, Alpina had soon come up to the international market and started to gain its name with quality watches. Ever since 1921, Alpina began to develop deep relationships with military units by supplying timekeeping instruments. The Alpina pilot watches were equipped with custom-designed straps that would easily attach over the top of a military uniform. The brand has also developed its own crown which was to screw down to reduce dust through the gap. The brand patented these practical and groundbreaking features, and its watches had become an indispensable tool for the military. With a widely spreaded reputation in the professional area, the brand had decided to enter the civilian market with its first sports watches. 


Surviving after the serious quartz crisis from the 1970s to the 1980s, Alpina has retreated from the market. It was until 2002 when the Alpina brand was acquired by a rising luxury brand at the time, the Frederique Constant of Geneva. Their owners Aletta and Peter Stas, had a vision to rebuild Alpina and set up workshops and offices in Plan-les-Ouates as the new “Alpina Watches International SA”.


Eventually, Alpina returned to the market with a complete lineup at 2003 Baselworld and instantly raised massive discussion amongst watch enthusiasts over the globe. Since then the brand has started to grow and developed its own movements that are highly regarded. 


The current Alpina range is divided into three main categories for different purposes, including Air, Land and Sea. Each of these lines holds a rich history and legacy that carry the brand’s best watchmaking advancements and craftsmanship. These Alpina watches for men and women are a reliable pick for mountaining in tough conditions, aviating in the skies, and diving in great depths. 


The released of Alpina Alpiner


Its popular models such as Alpina Seastrong Diver, Alpiner, and Startimer collections remain highly desired and continue to bring fame and success to the brand. The Alpina Alpiner collection is amongst its best models. In 1938, Alpina set the standards of the modern sports watch by unveiling its Alpiner

4 watches with key strengths: anti-magnetic, anti-shock, water-resistant and strong stainless steel. Inheriting from the ancestor, the current Alpiner collection is a versatile house of a series of strong and sturdy watches carefully crafted to resist the toughest conditions whilst performing perfectly. 


The Alpina admirers, usually nicknamed as Alpinists, are mainly fond of the reliability and practicality of their sporty watches designed to perform perfectly in challenging outdoor environments. With a number of professional skiers, snowboarders and deep-sea divers being their official ambassadors, the brand has garnered a solid reputation in the professional fields. 


Popular Alpina Alpiner Watches

Carrying its core “4” concept, the brand has been putting the best effort and technical advancements to the Alpiner collection. Continuing to offer the best quality for engineers, sports players and adventurers, the high-performance Alpiner watches are all well crafted with rugged and reliable designs. Here are some of the most known models from the Alpina Alpiner collection. 


Alpina Alpiner 4 Automatic

This flagship collection is revamping their sports watches with some new models including an automatic version and a GMT version. Being one of the two new models of Alpiner sports watch models, the new Alpina Alpiner 4 Automatic features Alpina’s important concept of “4”, which every Alpina Alpiner sports watch emphasis: robust stainless steel, anti-shock, anti-magnetic and water resistant. 


Alpina Alpiner 4 GMT 


Another modern model of the collection, the Alpina Alpiner 4 GMT Business Timer also offers the brand’s iconic concept of “4”, which are: stainless, anti-shock, anti-magnetic and water resistant. This watch offers water resistance up to 100 m and anti-magnetism which is certified according to the ISO 764 norm. It proved that the watch could be able to resist exposure to a magnetic field of 4 800 A/m and still perform perfectly. Capable to handle any extreme circumstances, the Alpina GMT watch is a wonderful companion for your travel. 


Alpina Alpiner Heritage

Inspired by the vintage models distributed to the German military from the 1930s and the 1940s, the Alpina Alpiner Heritage collection has held up the golden era of the brands just as its name suggested. 

This modern reinterpretation of the brand’s old models has skillfully incorporated the best parts of the brand into the contemporary design. Powered by a Frederique Constant based movement, the Alpina Alpiner watch is classic and timeless that you can enjoy all day. 


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