Alpina Seastrong Watches

Begun its watchmaking journey in 1883, the Swiss and German watch brand Alpina has made their global success with exceptional sports watches. For over a century, Alpina has strived to create some of the most recognised watches in the industry, and the Alpina Seastrong collection is one of the brand’s notable watches.

As one of the pioneers in the watchmaking industry, Alpina is well renowned for its sports and tool watches for land, sea and sky. The Alpina Seastrong is amongst its most sought-after dive watch series. Paying tribute to the popular Alpina vintage model of the 1970s, the Super Compressor, Alpina Seastrong is a collection housing a number of impressive diver watches. These Alpina diver watches are all equipped with high technical advancements for the best readability and functionality underwater. With their classic sporty diver watches, the Alpina Seastrong has become a favorite watch among the diving and sports lovers.

New Alpina Seastrong Watches

History of Alpina Seastrong Watches

Despite some ups and downs during its journey, the Swiss watchmaker Alpina has been steadily evolving and producing high-quality watches ever since the establishment of the company. Alpina has been closely observing the way the horological industry progresses. 


Throughout the years, Alpina has been focusing on producing reliable and practical sports watches for specific purposes. With the “Alpina 4” concept released in 1938, which is stainless, anti-magnetic, shock resistant and water resistant, the Alpina watches are well recognised as some of the best tool watches all sports lovers need. Such a standard has also set a benchmark for all other sports watches to follow up to this date. 


For decades, Alpina has been leading in the sports watch category among the entry level luxury watches. The Alpina Seastrong is one of those notable models standing out from other competitors in the diving watch niche. The first Alpina Seastrong diver watch was released in 1969 as a professional diving watch that was well crafted to be ahead of its time. This 10 Seastrong Diver watch offered a superior water resistance of a depth up to 200 meters underwater, with antimagnetic and anti-shock protection. 


Nowadays, the Alpina Seastrong watch has already been upgraded to a water resistance up to 300 meters in depth. It can perform perfectly well under the pressure and depths of the sea for any water sports such as snorkeling or scuba diving. These robust and reliable diver watches are a must have for you to enjoy the water sports excitement. 


Popular Models Alpina Seastrong Watch Collection


With over a century of watchmaking experience, Alpina never disappoint the watch enthusiasts to deliver high-utility watches that suit every sports watch admirer. The Alpina Seastrong collection carries the brand’s passionate goals for creating timepieces that transcend beyond land. 


Holding up their core “Alpina 4” principles in sports watches, the Swiss watch brand successfully developed its iconic models such as Alpina 4 and Alpina 10 Super Compressor in the 1970s. Within these pioneer models, the highly acclaimed Super Compressor is the one which later inspired the creation of the Alpina Seastrong collection. The new Seastrong diving watch is a faithful re-edit of its popular old model while incorporating more advanced complications. 


Alpina Seastrong Diver 300


Alpina has been dedicating itself to deliver the most robust and accurate sports watch to the world. The Alpina Seastrong Diver 300 is one of its best diver models to demonstrate an impressive example using Alpina’s main principles for sports watches. The 4 Alpina core concepts are shock resistance, water resistance, anti-magnetic capability and stainless steel case. With these magnificent functionalities, the Alpina Seastrong diver is the perfect pick to accompany you to any harsh conditions. 


The Alpina Seastrong Diver 300 is a solid sports watch equipped with a large 44 mm stainless steel case and an easy to read dial with luminous hands and numerals. As an updated model of its ancestor, the Alpina 10 and Seastrong Diver Heritage, the Alpina Diver 300 watch is powered by the modified AL-525 automatic caliber. As stated in its name, this Alpina dive watch is water resistant to a depth up to 300 m, in order to stay in a good condition underwater. 


Alpina Seastrong Diver GMT 


Amongst the wide variety of Alpina Seastrong models, its Diver GMT is equipped with the brand’s most innovative materials and watchmaking advancements. This watch is considered as one of its fully developed versions. 


While carrying almost identical profile and build with other Seastrong Diver series, this 44 mm stainless steel watch is made with a titanium PVD coating. It has enhanced the watch’s robustness and durability with the strong rubber straps. Besides, the bezel is another attractiveness in terms of design. The eye-catching bezel with luminous markers is well polished so that people will lay eyes at the first sight. Although it is not an automatic watch, the diver GMT watch is fitted with an AL-247 quartz caliber, which the battery life can last up to 2 years without changing. 


The Seastrong Diver GMT is available in variations of dials colors including blue, gray, and orange. The blue and the gray versions are more to be worn at formal occasions while the orange one is meant to turn heads. 


Alpina Seastrong Diver Comtesse


The Alpina Seastrong Diver Comtesse is a more minimalist option that offers additions of flexibility in style. With a smaller case of 34 mm, this stainless steel watch is crafted to be a Alpina sports watch for women. This Alpina Comtesse watch has taken a fine balance on a sporty look and feminine elements. There are options on dials such as the classic lady mother-of-pearl-dial and timeless silver dial for all occasions. For ladies who are looking for a durable everyday watch or a reliable tool to enjoy water sports, the Alpina Seastrong Diver Comtesse watch is the ideal pick. 


The Alpina Seastrong diver is a versatile collection that exudes freshness and exceptional quality in each model. Durable, stylish and, at the same time, affordable, the Alpina Seastrong collection truly shines as a sports watch that wearers can enjoy and take pride in owning one in their collection. 


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