Alpina Comtesse Watches

Having been producing Swiss-made watches for over a hundred years, Alpina is indeed one of the well-esteemed watch brands in the global market. With the great success brought by its reliable sports watches, the brand has further developed and expanded its into a versatile family housing more different styles including the Alpina watches for women since the 1920s. 

In the 1960s, Alpina began to launch its lady watch series, the Alpina Comtesse. Carrying the brand’s core essences, practicality and reliability, these Alpina women’s watches are, at the same time, classic and timeless with feminine design for the ladies to turn heads on every occasion. Descended from the brand’s first ladies’ watches,the current Alpina Comtesse collection is skillfully incorporating modern taste and style to cater the needs of all the lady watch lovers today. Sporty yet feminine, the Alpina Comtesse watches are definitely a lovely choice as your everyday watch. 

New Alpina Comtesse Watches

History of Alpina Comtesse Collection


The history of the brand Alpina could be dated back to 1883 when its founder, Gottlieb Hauser, started “Alpina Swiss Watchmakers Corporation” and gathered some of the best watchmakers in the city at the time. Gottlieb and his team crafted their own timepiece and even invented important components for their own in-house calibers. 


By the 1920s, the Alpina own timepieces had brought mass success to Gottlieb with over 2,000 selling points. His company continued to grow and became a trusted supplier for the military around the 1930s and 1940s. Despite the ups and downs of its business due to the famous quartz crisis, the brand has successfully survived and it is still striving for its best under the lead of its parent company, the Citizen Holdings. Seeing its steady growth, we can expect a grand 140th anniversary celebration of the brand with no doubts. 


Even though the brand is mostly known for its highly performing sports watches, Alpina is also developing a wide variety of styles with the ground of the exceptional “Alpina 4” core values. The Alpina 4 concept refers to the 4 qualities that the brand emphasizes for their sports watches: anti-shock, anti-magnetic, water resistant and stainless steel. These standards have become Hauser’s watchmaking legacy that set the benchmark for every sports watch. They are still followed by many other sports watch brands up to this date. 


The Alpina Comtesse Collection arrived in the 1960s as the brand’s first official female watch collection. Striking a perfect balance of functionality and femininity in an elegant look, these Alpina watches for ladies received overwhelming responses when launched. 


The Alpina Comtesse ladies’ watches are also well crafted with its main principles: Swiss-made, Reliability, and Simplicity. Featuring a subtle yet elegant design, the watch is meant for everyone without worrying to carry its style. These refined timepieces are available in different feminine embellishments and color options in order to suit all styles of women. Inside the watches lies the brand’s in-house AL-240 quartz movement which is highly acclaimed for their accuracy and durability. A robust watch with a timeless look, the Alpina Comtesse watch is a true companion for women for sports or any formal occasion. 


Popular Alpina Comtesse Models

Debuted in 1963, the Alpina Comtesse collection has already garnered numerous female admirers for the brand. Alpina has well understood the multifaceted nature of women and it keeps on exploring to deliver the most decent sports watches to women all over the world. The collection houses a wide range of variants, from the classic dressy watches to full sporty watches. They are all good picks to accompany you to mountaining, adventure or a formal business meeting. 


Alpina Comtesse Classic Watches 


The Alpina Comtesse Classic series is made as a luxury sports watch for the classic ladies. It is considered as the brand’s more dressy line while keeping Alpina’s core reliability and robustness. The watch features a strong stainless steel case in a lady size of 34 mm and offers a water resistance of a depth up to 100 meters. It is powered by the in-house Alpina AL-240 movement with a date display complication. 


The lineup is offering several feminine and premium options such as elegant Mother of Pearl dials and steel and gold two tone versions. Simple, classic yet sporty, no matter if you are having an active outdoor lifestyle or keen on business, the Alpina Comtesse Classic is a watch that can be worn and shine everywhere. 


Alpina Alpiner Comtesse Watches


The Alpina Comtesse actually houses numerous lady versions of the brand’s most popular sports watch models. The Alpina Alpiner Comtesse watch is one of the most sought-after ones. This Alpina Alpiner watch for women is 36.5 mm diameter, which is slightly bigger in size when compared to other Comtesse models in 34 mm case size. 


Equipped with every advanced essence that the brand flagship model Alpiner has, the Alpina Alpiner Comtesse is a highly performed timepiece that has garnered the hearts of many female watch lovers. 

Alpina Seastrong Diver Comtesse Watches

On top of Alpina pilot watches, there are also women's versions of the renown Alpina diver watches in the Comtesse collection. To cater the demands of female divers, the collection also released the Alpina Seastrong Diver Comtesse watch. 

The Alpina diver watches for women were actually released decades ago already and they keep evolving to catch up to the needs of modern women. The new Alpina Seastrong Diver Comtesse is a true diving sports watch for women, which offers a water resistance up to 300 meters. This watch is fitted with the brands in-house AL-240 caliber and every feature a diver would need including unidirectional bezel and luminescent hands and numeral. High performing and easy to read underwater, the Alpina diver women’s watch is a reliable companion for your diving and water sports activities. 


Luxurious, sporty and reliable, the Alpina Comtesse diving watch comes with several alluring designs and color options for ladies with different tastes. 


For land, sky and sea, Alpina does not only serve for men but also women with its exceptional Comtesse collection. No matter which kind of sports or adventure you are into, a Alpina Comtesse watch would certainly be a satisfying choice to go with your journey. 


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