Ball Fireman Watches

Originally invented to improve the trains and railroad systems in the United States, the foundation of the Ball Watch Company is undoubtedly an important milestone to both railroad and watchmaking history. Although it seems to be a basic standard to a timepiece nowadays, the highly precise timekeeping of the Ball watches have ensured safety and timeliness of American railroads at the old time. It was a heroic success to the industry and of course the brand. 

Playing a significant role in railroad history with its reliability and exceptional precision, the Ball watch has always been highly acclaimed amongst watch connoisseurs from all over the world. For over a century, the brand has already developed a versatile watch family that houses countless distinctive pieces for everyone. The Ball Fireman watch is one of the notable collections of the brand that modified from classic railroad watches into a modern everyday watch. 

New Ball Fireman Watches

History of Ball Fireman Watches


The Ball Watch Company was founded after a tragic railroad incident and its full investigation in 1891. Called the Great Kipton Trainwreck, its was a horrible train crashing accident due to miscommunications between conductors and improperly functioned timekeeping watch. At that time Webb C. Ball was assigned as the Chief Inspector to review and determine the whole railroad scheduling operations. He had effectively regulated the railroad schedule and system, and further avoided such train accidents to a great extent. It played an essential role for a safe and smooth railroad system in the States by implementing time zones and highly accurate timekeeping watches. And then, he founded the Ball Watch Company, with a goal to provide the most accurate timekeeping watch for both train conductors as well as the masses in the civilian market. 


Holding one of the richest heritage and history in the watch industry, the brand’s collections have expanded from functional railroad watches to a diverse range of innovative and high performing watches. The brand has pushed forward in watchmaking innovations and released a number of practical yet stylish models for many sports watch lovers. 

Inspired by its renowned railroad watches, the Ball Fireman collection was introduced in 2013 as a modern interpretation of the Ball vintage models. This series of new railroad watches have held up the rich heritage of the brand and at the same time keep up the modern trend of this new era. 

Without too many cluttered features and embellishments, the Ball Fireman has set a great example of a timeless tool watch with its simple yet refined build. It is not just about telling time, but a reliable companion that you do not need to worry about its performance even under extreme conditions. Precise, functional and on the other hand, unbelievably affordable, the Ball Fireman watch is a quality watch that you can access at an approachable range. It is certainly a fine addition to the collection of every watch lover, in terms of both its value in horological history and the watch’s quality itself. 


Popular Ball Fireman Watch Models


The Ball Fireman collection is considered one of the iconic Ball watches that represent the brand’s core value and quality. The watches in this new Ball railroad watch collection are fitted with the in-house automatic caliber BALL RR1103 movement. It offers exceptional performance that allows the Ball Fireman watches to function smoothly for around 48 hours without winding. There are several popular models in the collection that are worth your attention. 

Ball Fireman Classic

As stated in its name, the Ball Fireman Classic keeps the vintage look of the Ball railroad watch as much as it can. Taking many design elements of old-school luxury watches, the Fireman Classic has been a hot topic amongst many vintage watch fans ever since its first launch. The watch has followed the blueprints of its ancestors and modified them with the modern design senses. It is no doubt a contemporary timepiece while staying true to its origin that retains a close resemblance to the Ball railroad watches of the early days. 


Most Ball Fireman Classic models mainly feature a robust 40 mm stainless steel case and a matching steel bracelet. It is mostly paired with very simple dials and features while offering a few class dial color options. Meanwhile its functionality and specifications are fully equipped. With its sturdy case and secured crown, it has 100m watch resistance and 5000Gs shock resistance. Its 14 luminous micro gas tubes on the hour markers and hands have ensured high visibility in the dark. This fully developed watch is a good looking companion that would suit everyone well to almost any occasion. 


Ball Fireman Victory


The Ball Fireman Victory is another stellar model in the Fireman collection that is available in a wide variety of options in dial design and colors. The dial color options of this watch are mainly the classic hues including black, silver, and blue. As for the dial design, there are also different dial patterns to choose from such as a sunburst finish and an engine-toned with a special sunken dial center. With these alluring versions, you will be for sure able to get a perfect fit for your own style and personality.


Despite the dial options, the Ball Fireman Victory models are mainly fitted with a sturdy 40 mm stainless steel case which offers a watch resistance up to 100m. These watches also feature the same design details such as the thine hours and minutes hands, as well as the rectangular shaped indices. The hands and indices are all coated with 14 luminescent micro gas tubes to ensure readability at night. 


Ball Fireman Racer


The Racer models of the Ball Fireman series is one of the most sought-after lines of the collection, The current model is available in two variants, one is a black version with striking red numerals and a classic white version with black indices. The hours and minutes hands and indicators are in silver for both variants are all in silver, while the 3, 6, 9, and 12 numerals are in red or black color depending on the variant. Just as suggested by its name, it is a racer watch for manly figures like a fireman. The Ball Fireman Racer watch is a rugged and sporty model that is highly popular amongst many masculine sports watch lovers. 


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