Engineer III

Ball Engineer III Watches

Playing one important role in railroad history, Ball Watch Company has been one of most renowned American watch brands that always catch the eye of watch connoisseurs. The Ball watches are all equipped with the brand’s refined and avant-garde inventions that established the new horological standards in the industry. Ball has always put precision and functionality the top priority when manufacturing their watches. The Ball Engineer III watch is one of the notable collections that the brand takes pride of. This lineup is a solid example to show how remarkable the Ball Watch Company is in crafting their reliable and durable timepieces. Built specifically for all watch lovers to wear on specific sports activities, the Ball Engineer III watches are equipped with the brand’s advanced technology to offer their wearers the best experience and performance that can withstand any extreme outdoor condition. The brand has incorporated a number of their patented inventions including the Ball Amortiser® and SpringLOCK® anti-shock property to protect their watches all round from any external shocks that would cause crush and harm. With such exceptional quality, these Ball watches have garnered high reputation amongst many dedicated enthusiasts.

New Ball Engineer III Watches

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