Ball Trainmaster Watches

With its rich history on railroad timekeeping, Ball has been keeping a strict standard of quality for all its timepieces. Traced back to the Ohio train incident a century ago, the Ball Watch Company’s founder Webb C. Ball effectively regulated the American railroad system with a modified train schedule and highly precise timekeeping watches. Grounded with such achievement, Ball released a series of reliable watches for both the train industry and the mass watch market. These Ball watches are all incorporated with the company’s tested measures and formula to keep track of the time consistency and precision. 

The Ball Trainmaster collection is one of the most notable models that garnered a reputation for their reliability and distinctive design. Holding up the brand’s legacy of safety and practicality, every Ball Trainmaster watch is equipped with precise timekeeping capabilities that follow the strict principles used for the regulation of American Railroad systems. On top of accuracy, these Ball railroad watches are also well known for their robustness. Featuring sturdy stainless steel cases, highly protective sapphire glass and cohesive dials, they are capable of performing perfectly on any tough or unpredictable condition. Carrying the proudful name that the brand is mostly renowned for, the Ball Trainmaster is no doubt one of the most developed models that reveal the best of a Ball watch. 

New Ball Trainmaster Watches

History of Ball Trainmaster Watches


The Ball Watch Company was actually founded after the tragic accident due to the train’s malfunctioning timekeeping watch in 1891. At the time the chief time inspector Webb C. Ball was appointed to investigate and determine the whole American railroad schedule and system. 

In 1891, a tragic collision between two trains in Ohio occurred due to an engineer’s malfunctioning watch. To prevent such accidents from happening again, chief time inspector Webb C. Ball set up a new standard for all timepieces used in the railway. The new principles that Ball set were strict and precise in order to maintain a safe and accurate American railroad system. With the hard effort of him and his team, the American trains and railroad have become safe and consistent with the improved schedule and timekeeper. Backed by this significant achievement, Webb C. Ball founded the Ball Watch Company and produced the highly precise Ball-standard timepieces for all individuals from the railroad industry as well as from the mass market. 

Inheriting the rigid standard that the Ball train watches carry, each and every Ball Trainmaster watch is well built with the highest quality parts and materials. The Trainmaster models are encased by a strong stainless steel case that secures a standard water resistance for the wearers to enjoy most water sports. These watches did not use Superluminova like some of the other luxury watch brands, instead they used the brand’s own tritium luminescent gas tubes on the markers and hands for a bright yet comfy visibility. 


The Ball Trainmaster watch is one of the representative models that perfectly showcase the brand’s two key strengths: reliability and durability. While keeping classic design aesthetics, this new Ball train watch has assured the Ball watch lovers the best the company could offer. With its consistency and exceptional quality, the Trainmaster is capable to go through all kinds of outdoor sports and adventures with its wearers. 


Popular Ball Trainmaster Watch Models


The Ball Trainmaster collection consists of an impressive series of versatile timepieces. Practical and at the same time stylish, these emblematic Ball watches make good tools for timekeeping on both professional occasions as well as daily use. Carrying a name that the brand has been proud of for its heritage, there are a number of Ball Trainmaster models are highly acclaimed and desired in the market. 


Ball Trainmaster Standard Time Watches


As stated in its name, the Ball Trainmaster Standard Time is the collection’s classic and basic model that represents its core design aesthetics and functionality. Inspired by the early Ball train watch models, the Trainmaster Standard Time sports a more vintage look and reliable functions that follow the impeccable standards that the Ball company has been insisting. Deeply rooted in both railroad and horological history, the Ball Trainmaster Standard Time is a timeless pick for any occasion. 


Ball Trainmaster Moon Phase Watches

We can see that this Ball Moon Phase watch is one of the collection’s most complicated models. While featuring a simple and clear dial, the watch is equipped with a sophisticated moon phase indicator that makes the dial more dressy and eye-catching. It is considered as a higher level dress watch among the Trainmaster collection. 

This refined Moon Phase watch is equipped with a 40mm case made from stainless steel. With such a steady case, secured crown and scratch-proof sapphire crystal, the watch offers a standard water resistance up to 50 m and a 5000G shock resistance for any daily activities. There are several options for the dial color including the classic black, blue and silver. 


Ball Trainmaster Cannonball Watches


The Ball Cannonball watch is a model amongst the most practical watches of the brand. Crafted with a number of splendid complications in an ageless profile, this Ball tool watch is especially popular among the watch connoisseurs who value robustness and utility highly. 


This innovative Ball watch is fitted with chronograph attributes including a second indicator sub-dial and a 45-minute counter. It can always precisely keep track of time even to a second unit. This watch is for sure a trustworthy companion for timekeeping. 


Ball Trainmaster Eternity Watches


As suggested by its name, the Ball Trainmaster Eternity watch sports a timeless design and function that would never fade. The minimalist aesthetics give both the case and dial a clean and smooth look. 

This legible Ball watch is capable of matching well with any outfit no matter if it is sportswear or formal suit. Without compromising on its design aesthetics, the watch is encapsulated with all the practical features that a high quality watch would need. 


Carrying the rich heritage of its ancestors, the vintage Ball train watch models, the Ball Trainmaster is well crafted with the highest timekeeping principles and innovations of the brand. Just as many iconic watches we are familiar with, the Ball Trainmaster watch is one of the brand’s masterpieces that is worth owning for everyone’s collection. 


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