Momentum Watches: The Underrated Canadian Brand

Apr 07, 2022
Momentum Watches: The Underrated Canadian Brand

In general, watches that originate from countries besides Switzerland, Japan, and Germany tend to be quite underrated. Since most of the top brands in the industry are from these three countries, it has led to Swiss, German, and Japan-made watches developing a certain, highly-recognised reputation. Watches from other countries, as a result, can be somewhat neglected.


A prime example of one such underrated watch brand is Momentum. This microbrand was founded in Canada in 1980, which is a fairly unusual country in terms of watchmakers since there are not many Canadian watch brands around. Nevertheless, Momentum has managed to break down these barriers. Despite being a little overlooked, the brand has established a firm footing in the market with its reliable, diverse range of Momentum watches. Without further ado, let us go over everything you need to know about Momentum watches.

Momentum Watch Collections


Momentum Wayfinder

The Momentum Wayfinder series is a collection of GMT field watches that are perfect for those who enjoy nice vintage-looking pieces. With their old-school military influences and history, field watches today provide simplicity and a lovely rustic style. They do not have the extravagant bravado of dress or dive pieces, but field watches are excellent for casual use, and the Momentum Wayfinder is a great representation of that. 


The Wayfinder collection is inspired by the classic field watches first used by the military. It consists of three models: 40mm white dial with full lume, 40mm black ion case, and 40mm black dial with a polished stainless steel case. These three Momentum watches offer different combinations of dial and case colourways, with each managing to maintain a quintessential, traditional charm.


Momentum Atlas

Next up is the Momentum Atlas collection. These Momentum watches are notable as they boast the use of solid titanium as their main selling point. As far as metals go, titanium is an incredibly strong, scratch-resistant metal that is also very light. The use of lightweight titanium ensures that, no matter what size your Momentum Atlas watch is, you will have no trouble carrying it around all day. 


Momentum Atlas watches also offer very straightforward styles, as they are designed for optimal utility. For instance, the Momentum Atlas timepieces show off simple and highly legible dial designs, with large pronounced Arabic numeral markers and simple rectangular date apertures. The Momentum Atlas timepieces are not as extravagant or flashy as watches from brands like Longines or Patek Philippe. Nevertheless, these Momentum watches do a remarkable job of being robust timekeepers that are built to survive any sort of harsh conditions or shocks. 

Logic Chrono

Momentum Logic Chrono

The Logic (or Logic Chrono) series is the go-to watch collection if you are looking for something with a bit more class. Of course, Momentum watches are ultimately designed for everyday use. As such, the Logic Chrono pieces do not have quite the same degree of elegance as models from designer brands like Montblanc or Cartier. Nevertheless, the Logic Chrono watches have a certain flair that emulates the likes of the aforementioned brands.  


The Logic Chrono line consists of two different types of watches: chronograph models and simple date timepieces. The Logic Chrono pieces with simple date complications are quite similar to the Rolex Datejust, especially since they also come with a magnifying lens on top of their date apertures.


The Logic Chrono chronograph watches, on the other hand, offer a bit more utility. Each model comes with a chronograph function on top of its simple timekeeping abilities. The dials of these chronograph variants comprise bar-shaped hour indices, luminous blunt hands, a compact date display, and two chronograph sub-dials, which allow you to keep track of how long your activities take. On the whole, the Momentum Logic Chrono’s elegant, refined watches will surely fulfil your desire for classiness.


Momentum Aquamatic

Much like the Logic Chrono collection, the Momentum Aquamatic is clearly inspired by the designs of the Rolex Submariner. It is almost a one-to-one copy of the Submariner, with its chunky unidirectional rotating bezel with bold white markers, its 200-300m of water resistance, and its automatic movement. One difference, however, is that the Momentum Aquamatic’s crown is located, unusually, at 4 o’clock, whereas the Submariner’s crown is positioned at 3 o’clock. Placing the chunky crown at 4 o’clock ensures that it rests at an angle against the wrist, so it is less likely to dig into your skin and cause you any discomfort.


Overall, the Momentum Aquamatic watches are great watch options for those seeking affordable alternatives to the Rolex Submariner.

Square 2 Chronograph

Momentum Square 2 Chronograph

If you are into square-shaped watches, check out Momentum’s Square 2 Chronograph watches. They show off robust, chunky square-shaped cases made of stainless steel, which enhances the stylishness of the Square 2 Chronograph timepieces. In addition, these Momentum watches also come with chronograph capabilities, providing you with a great blend of form and function. On the cases of these watches are slanted push buttons, which you can use to navigate their chronograph features. 


The dials on this watch tend to show off more intricate, contemporary designs. They come with sleek and handsome blue, black, or white dials. These dials are furnished with luminous, baton-shaped hour indices, date windows, and chronograph sub-dials outlined in stainless steel for a greater contrast against the dial’s surface. The Square 2 Chronograph collection is definitely a great choice for those who enjoy fashionable everyday watches with a bit more modernity.


Momentum Fieldwalker

The FieldWalker collection is another rendition of the Wayfinder collection. The only difference is that the Momentum Fieldwalker collection comes with upgraded durability and does not have GMT features. Each Momentum FieldWalker timepiece comes with a 316L stainless steel case that has been bolstered by a layer of DLC-coating, allowing for greater strength and scratch resistance. With these cases, you will never have to worry about these Momentum watches being damaged by blunt forces. The Momentum FieldWalker models also come with double-domed sapphire crystals that provide the dial with additional protection. 


There are two contrasting models available in the Momentum FieldWalker series. One comes with a jet-black dial, while the other sports a clean white dial. Both variants show off simple and clean dial layouts, adorned with Arabic numeral markers in a neat typeface, thick sword-shaped hands, and compact date displays at 3 o’clock. Sturdy enough to tackle any challenge and legible enough that you can read its face with a glance, the Momentum FieldWalker is the perfect watch to take on an adventure.


Momentum Torpedo

The last collection in Momentum’s arsenal is the Momentum Torpedo line. The fact that Momentum has two different dive watch collections is a testament to how passionate the brand is about watchmaking. Plus, Momentum clearly knows what sells in the industry, especially since dive watches have remained at the top of the market for decades. The best part about the Torpedo Collection is that it comes with top-notch engineering, ensuring its functionality underwater. These watches are durable, stylish, and reliable under any circumstances. 


The Momentum Torpedo timepieces are presented in hardy stainless steel cases with unidirectional rotating elapsed time scale bezels, so wearers can track the amount of time they spend in the ocean. These watches are coupled with thick, ridged rubber bracelets. They offer greater protection to your wrists so you are less likely to get scraped, bruised, or break your watch strap while underwater. On the dial of the Momentum Torpedo, you can find luminous hour indices, arrow hands, and a magnified date window that make up a clean, easy-to-read watch face.

Best Momentum Watches

1. Wayfinder GMT 40MM

The Wayfinder GMT 40MM is a military-inspired field watch that excels in providing a clear reading of time. This watch utilises a 40mm titanium case, which is as durable as it is lightweight, and a handsome brown leather strap. Fitted on top of the case is a luxurious sapphire crystal that protects the dial from scratches while also giving wearers a clear view of the watch face. With its screw-down crown and caseback, this watch has a substantial 100-metre depth rating, which is quite good for a field watch. 


The dial of this watch manages to be highly readable, while also providing a more vintage air with its soft beige finish. As a GMT watch, this timepiece has 24-hour indicators in the form of Arabic numeral markers. This is coupled with huge, pronounced numeral hour markers at the rim of the dial. This dial is also furnished with a small date window, syringe hour and minute hands, and an arrow-headed GMT hand in black and red, which adds a hint of vibrancy to this watch face.


Driving this watch is a quartz Ronda 515.24H calibre. This reliable Swiss-made quartz movement has an incredible 45-month lifespan, so you do not have to worry about replacing its battery anytime soon. 


The price of the Wayfinder GMT 40MM starts at $235 USD.

2. Torpedo Pro 44MM

For a sleek and robust dive watch option, check out the Torpedo Pro 44MM. This watch comes in a 44mm stainless steel case and a three-link stainless steel bracelet. A chunky screwed-down crown can be found at the 4 o’clock position, with short crown guards protecting it. This design scheme promotes comfort for the wearer since it ensures the crown will not get in the way of your clothes or dig into your skin. Placed on top of the case is a jet-black elapsed time scale bezel. With its secure screw-down crown, this watch has an impressive 200-metre depth rating.


This Torpedo watch also has a black dial, which complements its bezel perfectly. It is adorned with luminous hour markers in various geometric shapes, along with small arrow-headed hands. At 3 o’clock, you can also find a small date aperture, with a white background to better contrast against the black dial. Powering this watch’s functions is an Epson VX32G calibre. This Japanese quartz movement has whopping 5-year battery life. 


Like the Wayfinder GMT 40MM, this dive watch retails at $235 USD.

3. Square 2 Chronograph White 39MM

Square-shaped watches have always been regarded as somewhat exotic due to their unusual shape. With its fashionable modern aesthetic, one of the best Momentum watches on the market is easily the Square 2 Chronograph White 39MM. 


This watch is housed in a 39mm stainless steel case with a relatively bulky thickness of 12mm. On the right side of the crown, you can find a stout, grooved crown surrounded by two slanted push buttons on either side. These push buttons are used to control the watch’s chronograph functions. A stainless steel mesh bracelet completes the stylish, contemporary look of the Square 2 Chronograph White 39MM. 


This watch shows off a stark white dial, which blends well with its all-silver exterior. On the rim of the dial is a circular ring of alternating hash marks, creating an intriguing visual effect that makes the dial look busier and more sophisticated than it is. This dial also comprises slim, luminous hour indices, slender sword hands, a rectangular date complication at 6 o’clock, and two chronograph sub-dials outlined in dark grey. Underneath this watch face, you can find a Japanese Miyota 0S21 calibre. Miyota is one of the best sources of watch movements in the industry, so rest assured that the reliability of the quartz Miyota 0S21 calibre is beyond doubt. 


You can purchase the Square 2 Chronograph White 39MM for approximately $315 USD. 

4. Torpedo Blast 44MM

The Torpedo Blast 44mm is yet another rendition of the Torpedo series. This is a great option for those seeking Momentum watches with a more casual, youthful appeal. Its relaxed, funky design caters to younger audiences, making this a viable watch option for your next recreational sports activity or school outing. 


This Momentum watch uses a 44mm 316L stainless steel case with a sleek brushed finish, along with a rugged black textile strap. On the right side of the case, you can find a thick screw-down crown that is protected by crown guards. Meanwhile, fitted on top of the case is a black unidirectional rotating bezel, with large white indicators for the elapsed time scale. With a solid steel screwed-down caseback and crown, this dive watch has a substantial 200-metre water resistance capacity.


The dial of this watch also comes in black, complementing its bezel and strap. This dial is very easy-to-read, with huge, bolded Arabic numeral markers, hour indices, and broad sword hands. At 3 o’clock, you can find a small date window outlined in yellow for a stronger and more legible contrast against the black dial. The rim of the dial also bears a minute track in a bright yellow hue, adding a vibrant and lively edge to this watch’s face. The hands and hour markers of this watch are covered in extra-luminescent coatings, which ensures optimal readability even in the dark ocean depths.


Like the Torpedo Pro, this Momentum watch is equipped with the Epson VX32G. This Japanese quartz movement is Momentum’s top choice when it comes to diving watches. 


The Torpedo Blast sells at $135 USD, making this one of the most affordable Momentum watches available.

5. Aquamatic III Two-Tone 43MM

The last watch on this list is the Aquamatic III. This is arguably Momentum’s best dive watch. Not only does it have top-notch diving capabilities, but it shows off an elegant design that allows it to compete with other, more expensive luxury dive watches in the market. The Aquamatic III might not be on the same level as Rolex, but it is an undeniably great alternative if you are on a limited budget.


This watch is presented in a 43mm gold ion-plated stainless steel case, complete with a two-tone stainless steel bracelet with gold-tone centre links and silver outer links. Placed on top of the case is a gold ion-plated bezel that has been fitted with a gleaming blue elapsed time scale insert. The interplay of this blue bezel with its golden base and elapsed time scale indicators add to the handsome, exquisite aesthetic of this watch. In addition, it boasts a 300-metre water resistance capacity, making this the most powerful dive piece out of all the Momentum watches in this article.


The dial of this watch also comes in a gorgeous sunray blue hue. It contains thick luminous hour indices and sizeable sword hands that are all outlined in gold. At 3 o’clock is a magnified date window, which can also commonly be found on the Rolex Datejust models. Unlike the other Momentum watches on this list, the Aquamatic III is actually an automatic watch. It runs on the Seiko NH35A self-winding calibre, which can last for up to 41 hours. 


This watch has an estimated price tag of $595 USD. As an automatic piece, it is one of the more expensive watches in Momentum’s catalogue.

Final Thoughts

Despite being a lesser-known brand, Momentum manages to pull through with its expertise and passion. While Momentum watches are still very underrated, the brand can easily hold its own against other mid-tier watchmakers. If you are looking for a nice, affordable everyday watch, then Momentum should definitely be on your radar.


All images courtesy of MomentumFeatured image courtesy of Momentum


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